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Is there such a thing as “I have no life” traits? Many believe so. Here’s a list of people’s responses to what classifies as an “I have no life” trait. Discover if you have any of these traits to stop doing them.

Constantly Trash-Talking Others

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A user said, “Only ever talking badly about other people. Had some coworkers like this once and being around them 8 hours a day was draining…”

Imagine being stuck in a toxic talk show for 8 hours. Only people with nothing worthwhile can have so much time to discuss with others. 

How about some good noise-canceling headphones to block out the drama and keep your vibes up?

Tracking Others’ Every Move

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Oh boy, some people can become real “time-cops.” They may need a hobby or a life outside the office. 

In all seriousness, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and sometimes that means stepping away from your desk for a few minutes to recharge or take care of personal tasks. 

“The guy in my office who monitors how long everyone has been away from their computer,” another user remarked. 

Being Passive Aggressive

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A user commented, “In addition, the person in the office who pays attention to when people go home makes snarky, passive-aggressive comments any time someone leaves before them. “Oh, you’re leaving? I wish I could go home; I still have SO much work to do.”

Some people’s life revolves around making sure that others are as miserable as they are. They think others don’t either because they don’t have a life. The best revenge is simply living well (and leaving work on time for your personal life.)

Stopping Acts of Entrepreneurship

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“Calling cops on kids with a lemonade stand.”, one user said.

The children are just trying to do something good. It could be for fundraising, or they were learning financial lessons. We believe this was a bad way to encourage financial responsibility!

Oversharing on Social Media

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Another user commented, “Posting everything about your personal business and drama on social media.”

Some people have turned social media into their reality shows. Don’t they realize nobody wants to hear about every detail of their personal drama? It’s like they have no life outside of their online presence.

Being Critical About People’s Choices

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Someone remarked, “As a parent with kids in school, definitely the Facebook Moms group.”

There’s always someone ready to pounce and criticize any parenting decision not exactly in line with their own. 

Just help a woman out! Some people have time to create a new drama. It’s like the ultimate case of “mommy shaming” on steroids!

Demanding Too Much Control

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Looks like we have a winning behavior that screams, “We don’t have a life,” or they are just obsessed with a person to follow their every move? I suggest they be equally obsessed with improving their lives.

“My husband’s family added me to their Apple family when we got married. Until about a month ago I had no idea they were using it to track me. I turned it off when I realized it and got a call from my sister-in-law asking me why I turned it off. Turns out they were calling my husband and telling him my every move. He didn’t care and told them it was my business but no one ever told me. Had to figure it out on my own.”, commented a passionate user.

Hobby Shaming

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“Making fun of other peoples’ hobbies,” a user commented.

Hobby shaming is such a toxic and unnecessary behavior.

Some people think that their hobbies are the only “cool” or acceptable, and anyone who enjoys something different is somehow inferior or weird. Not only is this attitude hurtful and judgmental, but it can also impact a person’s mental health and self-esteem.

Can Gaming Excessively Be Good?

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At the end of the day, when you realize the total hours you have spent on video games might make you think you don’t have a life. While you may have dedicated some of it to your physical health or job, it’s better than bringing someone down. All one need is a little balance.

“All the collective hours I have on video games,” someone commented.

Pursuing Personal Interests Without Judgment

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“Y’know I want to talk about the exact opposite of this: what screams “I’m living life the way it’s intended to”? Well, I have a buddy who I think is a pretty great person. He never gets into any drama, always does what he has to do on time, and plays the games he enjoys in his spare time. Life throws **** at him sometimes, but he just deals with it, and continues to just do whatever he does as if nothing happened.”

Sounds like the ultimate master of Zen! Pursuing your interests without any judgment or criticism is such a liberating feeling. It’s like you’re free to be your true self and explore the things that bring you joy without worrying about anyone else’s thoughts.

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