Write For Us

Are you as passionate about personal finance as we are? If so, you’re at the right place. Our team is always on the lookout for talented writers who want to spread good advice to the Financially Well Off community—advice that’ll motivate readers to step out of their comfort zone to reach financial independence.

All we ask is that the content you provide puts our readers first and is not for the sole purpose of self-promotion. Our team will manually check the content to ensure it is unique, so if your content isn’t original it will automatically be rejected without further notice.

Guest posts submitted to us will be peer-reviewed before they’re published. We reserve the right to reject submissions that don’t resonate with our brand or readers.

To ensure your content has the best odds at getting approved here are some insights about our blog:

Popular content:

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Things we love:

  • Interviews
  • Content that strays away from the ordinary
  • Personal advice that’s unique from what’s already online (i.e. 10 boring ways to save money)

Guest posts

If you have a guest post idea you’d like for us to review and potentially publish, please reach us at contact@financiallywelloff.com and title the email subject as “Guest Post Pitch.”

Guest Post Requirements:

  1. Any advice must be backed up by research or personal experience.
  2. Limit up to two links per post and links must support facts in the article (no self-promotion allowed.)
  3. Article topic must be approved before the article is written. We recommend you reach out to us with three article topics you’d like to write about beforehand.
  4. Must provide past writing portfolio or current blog before approval
  5. Articles must have a minimum of 1500+ words and be proofread for grammar
  6. Provide the author name, profile picture, and short (1-3 sentences) author bio for Financially Well Off to give proper credit.