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College tuition is only getting more expensive.

Most students can only hope they have enough loans to cover tuition. However, some are fortunate enough to have their entire college tuition paid off in advance.

Someone online shared her story and mentioned having this privilege only for it to be shattered by her parents.

Let’s dive in!

The Value of Education

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The original poster (OP) had a great-aunt who set up savings accounts for her female relatives to use for college.

OP’s culture doesn’t value women going to college. Despite this, OP’s great-aunt had the opportunity to attend college and become a doctor.

Giving Back to the Family

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After OP’s aunt married a British man, they moved to the United States, where she had a great life.

Unlike most people, OP’s great-aunt was unselfish and decided to use her money to fund her nieces’ education.

Family Inheritance for All Women

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After OP’s great-aunt passed, her wealth was distributed among many female relatives.

However, despite OP’s great-aunt distributing her wealth fairly, things went downhill.

Broken Promises

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Time passed, and it was eventually graduation day for OP.

OP decided to go to the bank to make a withdrawal, but she was surprised. There was only $13,000 left.

A Messy Surprise Awaits

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OP quickly asked if her parents knew what had happened to her money, and their answer left OP shocked.

They had spent most of OP’s money because “they needed” it.

Bad Money Management?

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Apparently, OP’s parents had access to the savings account her great-aunt had set up for her and her sister.

With most of OP’s savings gone, it must have been used for a good cause, right?

Thanks, Sis

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OP’s parents used her and her sister’s inheritance money to pay for their brother’s wedding.

OP’s sister didn’t mind since she was married shortly after graduating high school and had no plans of attending college.

The Disheartening Journey of a Student

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Having too little money to pay for college didn’t sit well with OP.

Shortly after finding out how her parents had spent her inheritance money, she moved out and applied for student loans.

Family Feud Escalates

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Frustrated with her situation, OP decided to sue her parents for spending the money her great-aunt had left for her to pay for college.

Now, OP’s entire family is against her, and they believe she is putting money ahead of them. 

Sorry, I Can’t Help You

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OP’s brother offered to pay for the wedding, but they couldn’t come to an agreement. 

“My brother called me up and offered to pay for my university if I drop the lawsuit. I agreed as long as we had a legally binding contract. He said I was being an a****** for not trusting him. I said he should not have accepted my money for his wedding. It is causing all kinds of embarrassment in our community.”

The Raw Reality

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“Your parents didn’t borrow your money. They stole it. I hope you have all the documents to show that money was yours. Your brother is also the AH for trying to get you to drop a lawsuit with what is most likely a lie.

“If you have a chance to start life without student debt you do whatever you can to do that. Your parents, and I’m sorry but their culture, sound completely toxic. I’m glad you got out.”

What People Think About Spending Someone Else’s Money

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“And you aren’t the one putting money ahead of family. They did when they stole your money. They already showed you how little they think of you or respect you or love you as a family member when they screwed you over.”

Bold Truths Unveiled

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“Your parents and your brother had the opportunity to keep this a private matter when you told them you would sue them if they didn’t return the money or pay for your schooling. 

“Since you have already been betrayed by family members you trusted, your brother should not be offended that you want a written contract.”

The Ethics of Taking Legal Action Against One’s Own Parents

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“I am somewhat ashamed to be doing this but I don’t want to have this debt I should not have.”

Victory doesn’t always feel good. Based on the opinions of these commenters and OP’s situation, OP’s parents stole the money that should’ve been used to pay for her college tuition.

Ultimately, this isn’t what OP’s great-aunt would have wanted.

Now OP is left feeling ashamed for wanting to sue her parents and frustrated about having debt that wouldn’t exist if they’d left the inherited funds alone. 

What’s the best route to take in this situation?

Source: Reddit

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