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Do you ever look at those lottery tickets and wonder if someone’s won them? What do they do with all the money?

An online user wondered the same and posed this question in a popular online forum. The experiences people shared about lottery wins may surprise you!

You Won’t Believe What This Sixty-Something Neighbor Did With His Lottery Winnings!

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“My neighbor won the lottery in his sixties, it was something like 1.2 million in the late 90s. We lived in a trailer park in a rural part of the US, a pretty low-cost-of-living area, so the money stretched pretty far. He bought his trailer and land outright with the money and pretty much just spent every day drinking on his porch and yelling at his goats…”

Winning a million dollars can change someone’s life.

However, some people stay humble and choose to enjoy every day with simplicity with their loved ones.

Parents Won Hundreds of Thousands in the Lottery

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“Technically, a kid from school’s parents won a few hundred thousand. His parents were chill, acted like they had the same money as before. But the kid was acting like a baller.”

If you’re in school and your parents win the lottery, it’s natural to feel like a king.

Even if the parents don’t let the money get to their heads, children are can be the exception. 

The Unbelievable Luck of a High School Woodwork Teacher

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“A woodwork teacher from high school won the lottery twice, I think it was [only] around 250k each time, so he didn’t quit his job – but he completely gave up on trying to keep the class under control, he’d usually just show us YouTube videos of him racing superbikes in the countryside.”

What’s better than winning the lottery once? Winning it twice. 

Still, some would prefer to stick to their current jobs even when they are not financially obligated.

The Incredible Impact of Winning $33k on a Scratch-Off

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“My MIL won 33k on a scratch-off, she paid off some debt and got new windows installed on her house. The new windows in an 1890s farmhouse are amazing, don’t think I’ve seen a happier woman!”

A smart way to spend your lottery money is by investing it in your property.

Clear your debt, give your home a makeover, and just enjoy each day to the fullest!

One Lottery Winner Built Upwards and Transformed Their Home

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“Yeah. 8 figures. They stayed in the same house. Added a second story to that house. Put a lot of statues in the yard.”

Most people make drastic lifestyle changes after winning the lotto.

Others prefer to maintain their current lifestyle and give back to their community.

How Two Friends Won the Lottery and Changed Their Lives Forever

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“Two people, actually. One was a friend of mine in high school who won $15k on a scratch-and-win. She rented a house downtown and threw a party.”

For some people, winning the lottery means having a lot of parties.

They dive into the Hollywood lifestyle and party the money away. At least they let their friends enjoy their windfall money too!

The Life-Changing Moment Two People Won $30 Million Each

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Imagine waking up one day and discovering you’ve won the lottery!

The next thing to do is to buy a home, pack your bags, and travel to France. 

“I know two people that won $30 million each – a coworker of my dad (my dad had to cover his shift when he didn’t show for work – turned out he was at the lottery office claiming his win) and my sister’s former assistant (she is still in touch with her – she built a home in and moved to France with her husband).”

The Incredible Story of My Friend’s Family Winning $3 Million in the Late 70s

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“When I was 10 in the late ’70s my friend’s family won 3 million. I went to his house to see if he was coming out. The house was empty and they were gone and I never saw him again.”

With money amounting to millions, some people don’t want to wait for another second to give their lives a 360-degree turn.

For them, it’s a blank slate, a chance to start over in life. 

What It’s Really Like to Win $36 Million

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“My aunt’s husband won $36 million. They bought property and traveled. He liked to fish and drink and build stuff. He passed away 3 years ago, but he was an awesome dude.”

The list of things you can do with lottery money is endless, but traveling comes at the top.

Some people prefer to live a simple lifestyle with an added touch of traveling and owning a property.

How Two People Won the Lotto and Transformed Their Lives Overnight

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Winning the lottery changes your life overnight.

“First guy won $100k back in the early 2000s. Him and his wife agreed to split it between them. She bought a car. He slowly lost most of his half over the course of a couple of years playing in poker tournaments.

Other people aren’t friends, but I see them a few times a year. They won $61 million in 2013. “

Achieving Financial Freedom With 1 Million // Shutterstock

“Friend won 1 million. They paid off their house. Saved for their kids education and basically don’t live paycheque to paycheque anymore. Both of them still work full time.”

No Big Changes Over Here

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“I met a girl at a party shortly after covid who won 1 million pounds, she won it about 6 months before covid hit. Her parents are already millionaires and her dad convinced her to put more than half of it into reliable stocks.”

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Winning the lottery surely seems surreal, changing your life overnight.

If one day you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do?

This thread inspired this post.

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