12 Weirdest and Craziest House Rules Guests Have Ever Encountered

Awkward is the word. Have you ever had such a moment at a friend or relative’s house where they bring up a weird house rule that you have to abide by? You can’t leave immediately because it might seem offensive, and you can’t also exclude yourself from their activities, so you just try to play along till you get fed up. Of course, one person’s weirdness is another’s normal, so unusual behavior can be relative. Everyone has a different perspective on life and how they approach things. But, even at that, some situations border on the extreme. A behavior most people can look at and confirm to be unusual. In an online platform, netizens share stories of weird rules in houses they once visited.

1. TV and Beer

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A user talked about a weird experience they used to have when they visited their friend as a kid. Their friend’s dad used to make his kids line up on the couch and just sit there silently while he watched TV and drank a beer. When the friends were visiting, they had to do it too. When the user’s mom heard about it, they weren’t allowed to go over there when he was home. She knew an abusive weirdo’s behavior when she saw it.

2. Baby Bottle

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In another weird story, a user said that when he was eight, he went to a friend’s house for a play date/dinner after school. When he asked for a drink, her mom handed him a baby bottle to drink from. He laughed at first because he thought it was a joke, but she wasn’t laughing with him. The friend took her own bottle and started drinking without any fuss. He asked the mom if he could have a cup instead, but she declined, saying that in their house, children drank from bottles. He never went there again.

3. Wine

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Following up on the comment above, a user shared her own experience with a weird parent. She was supposed to go to her friend’s house for a sleepover, so her friend’s mom picked them up from school and drove them both to the house. She made dinner for the kids. Then, just like that, she handed the kids a bottle of wine, told them to have a good night, and said she’d be back in the morning. The user went home the next morning and told her mom, who instantly forbade her from going back there.

4. Mailbox

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One user, not giving any hint or preamble as to where or when this happened, simply said, “If you need to pass gas, you have to go outside all the way to the mailbox.” In a funny response, a commenter remarked that the neighborhood probably wondered why on earth that family kept checking their mailbox.

5. Not Your Chair

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In one of the weirdest stories, a user talked about something that happened when she went to visit her friend in college. Her friend’s parents weren’t home, and they went into the living room for a talk. There were four recliners in the living room but no couch or other chairs. Her friend sat in one recliner, and she sat in another. Her friend asked her what she was doing and then told her she was sitting in her dad’s chair. The remaining chairs belonged to her mom and brother, so where was she supposed to sit on the floor?

6. Bed Time

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As if the story above wasn’t weird enough, the user further expanded it in a comment. Her friend’s bedroom was upstairs, and her parents’ room was downstairs. They were sent up to bed at 8:30 pm, and when the user wanted to go brush her teeth in the only bathroom downstairs, she was told by her friend that once they were upstairs, they had to stay there until breakfast time. There was also a bucket for emergencies. So two college students were given bedtimes and had their movements restricted in one house. Weird.

7. Invasion

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A user said that in his dad’s house, he can’t sit on the couch because his dad’s wife would feel “invaded.” So she had to have the whole couch to herself, and he’d sit at the dining room chair.

8. Boot Camp

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In high school, a user had a friend whose dad was in the military. Whenever she was visiting or slept over at her friend’s place, he made them do house chores like cleaning, washing dishes, and the like. He also woke them up by 6 a.m. by banging pots and pans so that they could run around the neighborhood. He called it “morning boot camp.” Needless to say, the user didn’t sleep there much.

9. Spirits

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Someone said the most bizarre house rule they ever saw was at a friend’s house. They had a strict “no talking while eating” policy. But they did this not really for health or traditional reasons but simply because their elderly grandmother believed that a mischievous spirit living in the dining room would learn their secrets and cause chaos.

10. No Radio Waves

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One user said they once stayed at a friend’s house where they had a strict “No Radio Waves After Dark” rule. After sunset, the WiFi was shut down, and phones were powered off. Even the microwave was no longer used. They believed that radio waves interfered with sweet dreams. The first night the user was there, they felt like they time-traveled to the pre-internet era. A commenter responded by saying, “Unless they lived in a Faraday Cage, I have some bad news for them.”

11. Guests Eat Last

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Someone on the platform said her aunt’s ex-husband used to make them sit and watch everyone else eat before they could be served. It was the complete reverse of a normal situation because guests were supposed to be made to feel welcome and loved. If that meant serving them first, then it should be done. Keeping them watching while everyone else eats just signals to them that they are unwanted. Makes no sense.

12. Adults First

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In a similar situation, another user said he had a friend whose house he’d sometimes visit. But they had a weird eating set-up whereby the kids couldn’t eat at the table at the same time as the adults. The user, his friend, and siblings had to wait for them to finish eating and leave the table before going over to eat.