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Wedding photographers witness many moments—from true love to questionable romance. Here are a few moments when photographers felt couples would not last. Prepare to be shocked by what happens before couples get married.

1. Don’t Check Anyone Out

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Would you visibly flirt with other guests at your wedding? Apparently, some people do—even if they try not to be noticed.

One user said, “I’m a videographer and the groom called me a couple days after the wedding. He wanted me to make sure I didn’t include any footage of him checking out the women at the wedding.”

2. I Need a More Expensive Ring

Rasulov // Shutterstock

A user mentioned having a friend who bought his girlfriend not one but two engagement rings before she said yes.

“I’ve photographed a few weddings but this comes from a time my friend bought his girlfriend a ring for Christmas. It was obviously an engagement ring. But she claimed it was just a Christmas gift. My friend agreed. We all knew he was lying,” another user remarked.

3. I Know You!

Man shocked on seeing mobile
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One photographer was swiping through a popular dating app and stumbled upon the groom’s profile. After quickly recognizing the groom, he must have had doubts about the strength of the marriage.

4. Unexpectedly Snooping

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“While shooting video, I attached a microphone to the groom for audio and proceeded to prepare for the ceremony. Just as I was about to adjust my audio settings, the groom stepped into another room with a friend. 

“As I put on my headphones, I overheard the groom confiding in his friend, describing the wedding as a “wedding of convenience” and reassuring them not to be concerned about what would happen in their relationship,” one user said.

Apparently, some people still marry for convenience. That’s what this photographer discovered as he was adjusting his audio settings, at least. 

5. No Eye Contact

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It’s true that some people have a hard time looking at another person’s face. One photographer witnessed no eye contact from the groom during a wedding and had to make over-the-top edits.

The user commented, “Groom would not make any eye contact with the bride. So many photos where she is gazing lovingly at him, and he’s just like 10 yard stare right over the top of her head. Was a tough edit.”

6. Let’s Try Again

Monkey Business Images // Shutterstock

Someone remarked, “He got one look at her from the top of the hill and vaulted the cart, ran down the hill, picked her up and twirled her around to tell her how gorgeous she was. We caught it all.”

“Once he set her down she straightened herself and looked back to us. “Okay, I don’t want that. Let’s do the golf cart now.” And she sent him back up.”

7. I Give Up

BublikHaus // Shutterstock

Imagine attending a wedding so bad that you were forced to change careers. One photographer recalls seeing both the bride and groom looking miserable. He never understood why they proceeded with the wedding, but it made him reevaluate his choice of work.

“During the toast, the bride ran off to the bathroom for about 30 minutes and came back wiping her tears with her eyes red and puffy. Neither of them had any chemistry at all, [and] it made no sense why they were together to me. That was the last wedding I shot,” commented a passionate user.

8. Welcome Back

Steve Ikeguchi // Shutterstock

“Third wedding and the best man, the groom’s brother, starts his speech…. ‘Well, welcome back everyone. Good to see some new faces and some old ones.’”

Every wedding is a gamble for marriage, but imagine being married three times. A photographer recalls hearing an unforgettable speech from the best man welcoming guests from the groom’s previous weddings.

9. Too Proud to Speak?

HBRH // Shutterstock

“The couple was in from out of town because she had just taken the bar exam to become a lawyer. At the end of the session, I gave them a prompt to share with each other what they were proud of each other for. He couldn’t think of a single thing.”

Can you be offensive even if it isn’t intentional? One photographer recalls giving a prompt to a couple on what they were proud of each other for. The groom was left speechless. Let’s hope he just had a hard time choosing from so many proud moments.

10. Take a Swim 

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“About halfway through the reception I hear the groom start laughing maniacally. I peaked [sic] over his way and could see two groomsmen hauling the thrashing and screaming bride towards the lake,” someone commented.

According to this user, the couple didn’t last six months after marriage. Why forcefully throw someone in the lake, though? This woman made the right choice in leaving this toxic relationship.

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