How Safe Is Your Hard-Earned Money From These 10 Subscriptions?

Are you tired of paying for subscription services that aren’t worth your hard-earned money? We’ve all been there — you sign up for a service because it seems like a great deal, only to realize later that you’re not using it as much as you thought.

Joe made his intentions for supporting his daughter clear. He would only support her financially if she opted for a profitable degree. Instead, she opted for an English degree.

If you enjoy half-priced pitchers during happy hour and every fifth hour on the table for free, sign up for a student membership at a local pool hall. The best part? No expiration date!

In the 90s, Rolling Stone made a bold move and offered a lifetime magazine subscription for only $50. This deal seemed too good to be true, but for one lucky customer, it turned out to be the bargain of a lifetime.

A very pleased user narrated his delightful experience with the Circle K drink membership. Who does not want their “thermos full of coffee every morning?

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