10 Big Things That Will Die Out With the Baby Boomers

1. Spam

We frequently see pleas to text me! An anti-spam fan said, “Hopefully, making spam calls will become unprofitable once there aren’t enough people willing to answer random numbers.”

2. Whoooo?

With the rise of the third wave of feminism and #MeToo, a restaurant based on objectifying women doesn’t seem like an idea that has long to go.

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3. A Cabinet of Curiosities

Since neither traditional dinner parties nor family heirlooms are popular these days, the days of people having large cabinets full of China are numbered.

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4. Checkmate!

Debit cards and payment apps are kings now, and the once mighty dollar bill and checks are virtually unused today.

5. It Doesn’t Suit You

This person said, “Suits have already become a thing of the past at many workstations, and the workstations that still mandate them, such as finance, will abolish suits once the baby boomers have gone.”

Top 10 Things That Will Die Out With the Millennials


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