Brother Sees Red as He’s Asked to Match New Car Appraisal Offer After Months of Waiting

Here's the story of a man who tried to help his brother by selling his RAV4. However, this man quickly broke his promise when he drove it on a family trip and decided to raise the price.

Making a Deal

The original poster (OP), who we’ll refer to as Jack, shared how he agreed to sell one of his cars to a brother in need but made a minor adjustment at the last minute

New Car for New Beginnings

Lucas, Jack’s brother, who recently had a baby with his wife, was driving an old Honda Civic. Needless to say, Lucas needed a larger car for his new family.

Negotiation Begins

Jack offered to sell his RAV4 with 100,000 miles for $15,000 to his brother in need. He used a popular car appraisal website to come up with a fair price.

Things were going well. The problem now was that Jack needed a replacement car for his RAV4.