10 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter Without Running up the Electric Bill

In this brutal economy, it’s hard to fulfill all your financial needs, especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, paying hefty wads of cash to get those heaters running during the winter months can be pretty daunting. Don’t worry; here are ten ways you can stay warm without busting your bill.

1. Buy a Heated Mattress Pad

Heated Blanket
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Instead of turning up the heat, opt for a heated mattress pad, which will keep you much warmer and cost considerably less. They generally have heat settings and timers so they can automatically turn off when you’re blissfully asleep.

2. A Warm Drink

Woman drinking coffee near window
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What helps you be cozy yet doesn’t cause you to hemorrhage money? A warm cup of your favorite tea or coffee! While this may sound obvious, it helps make you feel much more comfortable, and you enjoy the delightful nectar from heaven itself. Trust me, a warm mug of coffee will cost you much less.

3. Wear Your Comfy Clothes

Woman wearing muffler
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If you’ve seen wearable blankets floating around on your Instagram feed, then I’m here to tell you that they are definitely worth the money. Once you invest in one, not only will you be snug like a burrito, but you can literally do anything around the house and not feel cold. The price point might seem a bit high, but it’s a one-time purchase that will prove its worth.

4. Hot Water Bottles

Man sleeping with hot Water Bottle
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While these bad boys are spectacular for period pain and cramps, they can also serve as a quick and easy solution to help you feel warm. If you’re prone to freezing hands and feet, then you can put a few under your duvet for maximum heat. You can also swap out your beloved teddy for a hot water bottle to hug at night.

5. Invest in Wool Items

Wearing wool socks
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Not only is wool warm, but it’s breathable, so you won’t feel like a stuffed turkey when you’re using it. The soft, cloud-like texture will make you fall asleep instantly. All the while, you get the much-needed heat you want. Be sure to get a high-percentage wool item to reap its benefits completely.

6. Large Sized Clothes

Warmly dressed man hearing song
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The best way to curb the grueling winters is to have a set of extra large-sized clothes to wear on top of your regular clothes. You can buy giant sweatpants and shirts to add multiple layers to your fit. It might not look aesthetically pleasing, but I’m sure it’s better than spending a fortune on keeping yourself toasty.

7. Invest in a Kotatsu

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Used in Japan, a Kotatsu is essentially a table with a large blanket spread across it and a heating source underneath. It makes working from home so much easier because you’re not freezing every step of the way. The blanket traps warm air that would’ve otherwise gone to waste.

8. Get Knee High Socks

Woman wearing socks drinking coffee
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You can buy a good pair of knee-high socks to get the most out of your clothing without having heaters running 24/7. These allow you to not only keep your feet warm and comfortable but also help spread that warmth to your thighs and legs. The best part about them is that you don’t need to sell a kidney for them.

9. Wear a Beanie

Woman wearing Beanie
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The gateway for the icy cold wind to seep into your body is your head. To prevent that, a warm beanie can help your head be toasty and, in turn, help your body stay warmer. Plus, the aesthetic part of it is a bonus that has to count for something.

10. Put Plastic Over Your Windows

Woman near window with dog
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A quick and easy fix that doesn’t cost much is to utilize plastic film for your windows. This keeps your house insulated by letting minimal hot air seep outside. So, buy some plastic film, cut it out according to your window dimensions, and use a card to smooth out those bubbles.