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Have you ever felt like your dream partner is impossible to find? What if I told you that it’s easier than you think?

I know this sounds like another “love guru” commercial. While finding your dream partner isn’t a walk in the park, here’s an inspiring story of a man who used visualization to manifest his dream partner. 

The strange part is that he didn’t manifest his partner in a traditional way.

Get ready to learn how to make the impossible possible.

The Power of Positive Thinking

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For the sake of this story, we’ll call this man Noah. Surprisingly, Noah’s story began about seven years ago when he saw a beautiful woman appear on television.

You’d think this is love at first sight, but nothing special happens yet. Noah remarked, “I didn’t noticed her. Or even remember her after it.”

Visualization Techniques

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Fast forward a few years later, and Noah sees this stunning woman once more on television. Except this time, cupid makes the connection, and Noah has an instant crush on her.

Sitting next to his girlfriend at the time, Noah didn’t say a word, but his girlfriend did: “Wow she’s quite pretty.”

Can You Really Attract What You Want?

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At this point, Noah was curious and did what most curious people would do in this scenario: look her up on social media.

It was all innocent searching for Noah until he casually admitted, “She’s exactly the kind of person I would marry.”

All these emotions surrounded Noah while he was going out with his girlfriend.

Here’s where things begin to take a turn.

The Law of Attraction

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“I had dreams about her two times though. The particularity of those dreams … They felt SO REAL. Like from another timeline or something. I have to admit after those two dreams, I felt a lot of emotion. After the two dreams episode.”

At this point, this mysterious woman was beginning to evoke strong feelings in Noah. She was no longer someone Noah causally saw on TV. Noah was now having vivid dreams about her!

Still, like before, these feelings would come and go. Noah eventually forgot about her until what happened next.

Is It Science or Pseudoscience?

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Things went back to normal for Noah; no more mysterious woman.

Noah took some well-earned time off and decided to travel to Africa on a spiritual retreat. During a ceremony, Noah received a strange vision. 

The mysterious woman appeared to him again. 

“During this night, I felt her with me all along it was like her two souls connected from long distance. I was almost hearing her voice inside of me. It’s pretty intimate so I’m a bit nervous to share that but during this night I received informations from this girl … It was some kind of telepathy where she was telling me stuff about her.”

Noah felt off after this episode. He remarked, “The Day after that I was feeling very weird.”

Skeptics vs. Believers

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Was the information provided by the mysterious woman real, or was Noah going crazy?

There was one way to find out. 

“I decided to look for the informations my crush ‘gave’ me during the ceremony on the internet.”

The Debate Over Manifesting Your Desires

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Two years after this incident, Noah received a promotion and moved to a larger city where he naturally met more people.

After a few weeks of settling in the new city, he was assigned to work on a new project where he’d collaborate with a few actors. Noah had previously worked on similar projects and didn’t think much of it.

“During this meeting I noticed a lady that I found pretty cute … yes i’m an idiot but I swear to you … I didn’t recognized my former crush.”

Noah couldn’t believe it; he was now working with his crush. The mysterious woman he saw on television and in his dreams was now sitting next to him.

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Noah kept going about his life but was excited to have met his celebrity crush.

He kept working on his project at work and had many opportunities to speak to his crush regarding work-related topics.

“At a moment during the third meeting she joked about Inviting me at her place and while an other dude commented she said she would invite the whole team then she wispered to me, ‘Or not.’”

Naturally, both Noah and his crush had chemistry. Shortly after finishing the work project, Noah’s crush invited Noah back to her place.

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Noah showed up at his crush’s place a few times until they got to know each other better.

Eventually, Noah and his crush kissed and started dating.

“To end about our relationship. Honestly? It’s awesome. On every corner. The complicity, the alchimy between us is just unique. It became obvious pretty fast that we wanted to be exclusive so it became serious quiete fast. The only issue was our planning cause we were both really buzy and often out of town with our jobs. But we kept this strong bond and everytime We were reunited it was just an explosion of joy.”

What People Really Think

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“Great story! It really cheered me up just now and turned my whole mood around. Congratulations to you!”

“This was so beautiful but also made my heart sink little because of manifestation and meeting my celebrity crush.”

A Closer Look at Public Opinion

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“Oh that’s a nice story too. You manifested him and those nice moments indeed.”

“Wow, the timing on this post is crazy. I’m literally manifesting the exact same right now. Thanks for sharing!”

More Truth From the Trenches

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“Thank you so much for sharing your story. You inspire me to start taking action towards my desires in life.”

“This Gives me hope honestly, I’m trying to see if my manifestation with my celebrity crush will work. If it doesn’t, I honestly won’t be hurt but this story does make me hopeful.”

One Man’s Journey To Harnessing the Law of Attraction

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Visualization can be a powerful tool to help manifest our desires. 

The power of visualization helped Noah land the woman of his dreams, but you can also use visualization to land your dream job.

Don’t be afraid to dream big and create a vivid mental picture of what you want to achieve. 

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Will you use visualization to find your dream partner?

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