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Rome is a city of wonders, with its historic and beautiful sites. However, if you don’t pay attention, your budget can run out quickly!

Here are some ways you can save time and money on your next trip to Rome.

1. Prep a Sim Card When You Arrive

Rome doesn’t have a city-wide wifi system, so prepare to buy a sim card when you arrive. 

You can buy one for $22-$33 at the airport, Roma Termini station, or the tabaccherie. You’ll get a month-long sim with unlimited internet. It is a cheaper option than using your mobile carrier’s international fees.

2. Never Lose Sight of Your Belongings

Avoid the nightmare of being the target of thieves in the subway or bus station. Bear in mind that it’s not only in Rome but other tourist spots that experts work in teams to target tourists. Keep sight of your belongings always, and stay alert.    

3. Save Money Taking a Shuttle From the Airport 

The two airports, Fiumicino International and Rome Ciampino, have shuttle buses that go directly to the town center. You can pre-book your trip or refer to the bus schedules at the counter. 

You can take a bus that makes a stop at the Vatican, Circonvallazione Aurelia, and Rome Termini for less than $15.

4. Avoid Surprises by Paying the Tourist Taxes Upfront

Rome has a tourist tax worth $4 per person for every 10 days where you stay. This means additional fees to your hotel accommodations. Set aside some cash to avoid surprises by paying the tourist taxes to your hotel or accommodation upfront.

5. Free Museums on the First Sunday of the Month   

When you finalize your dates, remember that museums and sites in Rome are free every first Sunday of the month. As part of their tradition, tourists and visitors can visit the Gallerie Borghese.

6. Don’t Pay for Free Water  

Like any tourist town, bottled water is sold everywhere. But why spend it when there are public fountains all over town? You’ll see many locals and visitors lining up to refill their containers from the treated water system of the city.

7. Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes 

Rome is best explored by walking the streets. There is also a hop-on and hop-off bus that will bring you to different destinations. 

By taking 20,000 steps in a day, you can walk through the different historic sites and attractions. You should wear comfortable walking shoes or sneakers as you’ll be on your feet for hours.     

8. Order Coffee the Roman Way 

There are two sections with different prices in a cafe. If you sit down at a table, you will pay a bit more while you enjoy your cappuccino and croissant. But you can order coffee the Roman way, which is to drink the espresso while standing in the bar.  

9. Pre-Book Tours and Entries  

Expect many visitors to be in the same places like the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and Borghese Gallery. Pre-book your tours and entities to avoid sold-out tickets or wasting time lining up. 

10. Rent a Car Only After Traveling to Rome 

Explore Rome by walking or taking the bus instead of driving around. You will pass through the beautiful sights of Rome as you move on to the next town or leg of your trip to Italy. If you intend to rent a car, it’s advisable to do this towards the end of your stay.

Apply These Tips to Travel Smarter, Not Harder

Visiting the historic city of Rome is an experience like no other. It doesn’t have to take a fortune to tour the different sites. Enjoy the city with the 10 tips above to save time and money. 

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