Top 10 American States Where People Live the Longest

The US experienced a decrease in life expectancy following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some states still offer impressive longevity. Here are the 10 states that rank highest in life expectancy for their citizens.

10. Connecticut

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On average, Connecticut residents live for 78.4 years. This represents a noticeable drop from 2019, when Connecticut ranked sixth nationwide. The gender gap persists, with ladies reaching 81 and gents falling short at 75.

9. Utah // Shutterstock

The Beehive State buzzes in at ninth with a 78.6-year average lifespan. Their secret weapon? Mormon abstention from alcohol and coffee. 

Hearty females hit 80 years, while males linger around 76.

8. Oregon

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Also a freshman in the upper ranks, Oregon’s residents hold on for nearly 79 years. Portland’s bike-loving hipster scene likely powers the population’s vibrancy. 

Still, men lag at 76, unable to match women’s 81-year average.

7. Vermont

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With a one-percent decline from its former glory, the Green Mountain State clings to 10th at 78.8 years. Maple syrup’s magic was not enough to protect Vermont from slipping, but all its citizens remain ahead of the curve.

6. New Hampshire

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Residents of New England’s wilderness paradise live gracefully for an average of 79 years, despite braving bitter winters and paying no sales tax.

5. Massachusetts

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The historic Bay State held strong in fifth place nationally for two consecutive years.  Though they lost some ground in 2020, citizens still survive for almost 79 years. Near-universal healthcare and cutting-edge research centers aid their luck.

4. California

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The Golden State’s glow has faded slightly, dropping to fourth after claiming second in previous years. Still, Californians live to just over 79 years on average, with women reaching 82 years old. It seems that surfing and avocados help ward off the Grim Reaper.

3. Minnesota // Shutterstock.

This Midwestern overachiever climbed from its previous fourth place to snag the bronze.  Minnesotans boast a life expectancy of 79.1 years. Harsh winters can’t conquer their spirit, nor lutefisk their life force.

2. Washington

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The Evergreen State has benefited from its nature-loving brand of vitality. On average, Washington residents live for nearly 79.2 years, just shy of the ultimate prize. The rain never hurt anyone, right?

1. Hawaii

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For the sixth time running, the Aloha State captures first place for longevity. 

Hawaiians lead the nation with an average lifespan of 80.7 years. Pacific tradewinds, tropical warmth, and island calm continue granting them an enduring age advantage.

The Takeaway: Well-Being Boosts Longevity

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While quality medical care aids longevity, community, diet, environment, and attitude may impact lifespans even more. We can add vital years anywhere by adopting habits that reduce stress and nurture overall well-being. 

Though we may not all reside in paradise, purpose and optimism help unlock the possibilities of human endurance, for the fountain of youth begins from within.


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