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How To Gain More Time In Your Day Using These Time Management Skills - Financially Well Off
Financially Well Off

How To Gain More Time In Your Day Using These Time Management Skills

Morgan is the founder of Morganize with Me, a company helping businesses and homeowners declutter and organize their space. She's the host of Morganize With Me and the author of her latest book “Take Back Your Time."

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Key Takeaways

  1. Prioritize your day completing your most important tasks in your peak performing times.
  2. Be intentional with your goals to adopt positive habits.

Podcast Interview Notes:

1. How would you advise someone to find their most productive times each day?

There are different ways to go about finding your most productive time.

Some people can look back at a week or month to find their most productive times. If you have a hard time looking back at how you’re spending your days, I suggest you log your time for a week. This includes writing down everything you do hour by hour.

As you look back at how you’re spending your time, note when you’re getting the most work done.

2. What’s the three-color time zone system and how can people apply this to be more impactful with their time?

The three-color time-zone system is a simplistic way to think about your time.

Although managing your time isn’t always easy, this three-color time-zone system teaches people to think about how to prioritize their days. It’s easy to start working on a task, but not easy to work on important tasks at the right time. The green zone indicates focus, the yellow zone multitasking, and the red zone is your recovery time.

3. Do you have any tips on how to stay on track with your main goal and not get distracted with unimportant tasks?

First, your goals should align with your priorities.

Once you have you’ve set your priorities and created meaningful goals, set a timeline. This will force you to complete certain tasks that’ll get you closer to reaching your goal.

Although you may still get distracted along the way, you’ll know where you stand in reaching your an important goal.

4. ​What’s the biggest mistake you’ve seen people make with time management?

I’ve noticed many people lack intentionality.

For example, I’ve heard people mention they want a clean house but end up purchasing items they don’t need. If you know your priorities you’ll be in a better position to align your life around your goals.

Money Round

If you had to start all over knowing what you know now—how would you start making money in the next 12 months?

First is I would invest more in marketing. I think that marketing is something that I while I understand it and know, it’s not my top strength.

Second, I surround myself with mentors, since thye can help me save time with their experience.

What advice would you give to people who are currently struggling with their finances and feeling hopeless?

I’d recommend taking smalle steps to improve your finances.

First, I’d recommend finding accountability through friends and family. Aside from this, creating a vision board will be beneficial. This can help you visualize living a debt-free life, one where your finances are in order.

What does money mean to you?

Money represents a reflection of what I’ve poured my time and effort into.

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