20 Things to Be Grateful for in Your Life

In the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman philosopher and statesman who lived more than 2,000 years ago, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” People are perpetually unhappy because they do not appreciate what they already have.

As we saw with affirmations, gratitude plays a significant role in developing mindfulness. So, we have compiled a list of 20 things you should be grateful for.

1. Good Health

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In how many instances have we failed to appreciate our good health? Some say often, while others say they always feel grateful. Our present situations would be very different if we suffered from any medical emergency. So, if you are in good health, be thankful that your predicament is nothing compared to that of others.

2. Your Mind

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Our imagination, decisions, memories, new ideas, expressions, and more cannot exist without the mind. This way, you can make sense of the world and avoid being overwhelmed and confused by irrelevant information. The mind is something we should be thankful for.

3. Your Body

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Your body is a sacred vessel that deserves to be treated with respect and care. It’s your loyal companion who has been with you since birth and will stay with you throughout your lifetime. It’s also easy to take for granted.

Countless processes are happening in your body that allow you to live and experience life to the fullest. Your body can rejuvenate and heal itself without your conscious awareness. It’s important to look at it with kindness and give thanks for getting you this far.

4. Your Senses

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Our five senses enrich our lives by allowing us to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste the world around us. While we can always compensate for losing one of our senses, losing our sense of touch is the most debilitating, according to scientists. We wouldn’t be able to sit up, walk, or even feel pain without it. Our sense of touch is paramount to survival, and we should always practice gratitude toward it and our other senses.

5. Your Parents

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For many people, parents serve as our first teachers and knowledge providers throughout our lives. No matter our relationship with our parents, we must never forget that we would not exist without them. The fact that we were born into this world is reason enough to be grateful for our parents.

6. Your Family and Friends

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Life is all about experiences, and our loved ones are a big part of them. Our family not only teaches us about people but also teaches us about ourselves. Friendship is good for health and well-being, stress, dealing with trauma and losses, and poor self-esteem.

7. Your Pets

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Our pets are our faithful soul companions. The joy they bring into our lives cannot be overstated. Not only do they provide us with companionship, but they also have a positive impact on our overall health. Having a pet can lift our mood, reduce stress, alleviate depression, and increase our capacity for compassion. 

Researchers say that pets fulfill our basic human need for touch, significantly contributing to these therapeutic effects. Next time you pet your beloved animal, take a moment to appreciate the special bond you share with them and feel grateful for it.

8. Your Pain

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There is nothing wrong with feeling pain and grieving—it’s our mind’s way of telling us we have been hurt and need healing. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings, process them healthily, and take time to reflect on such experiences cannot be overstated. Most of all, it helps give meaning to the positive emotions we experience alongside it. 

9. Nature

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Nothing compares to the beauty of nature. Whether you’re hiking, walking around the park, having a picnic, visiting a national park, or exploring a foreign country for the first time—nature is beautiful. 

Nature can help bring clarity and perspective, and taking time to appreciate it can help us feel more connected to the world. This connection can then help foster a sense of peace, gratitude, and improved well-being.

10. Freedom

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Not everyone in the world enjoys the same liberties and privileges as you. Some live without freedom. Be responsible and enjoy your freedom—respect the rights of others and be mindful of your actions. Take time to feel appreciation for the freedoms you have in your daily life.

11. Learning From Mistakes

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Learning from mistakes is a privilege we as humans often take for granted. By understanding what we’ve done wrong, we can avoid repeating the same mistakes. Failure can truly be a blessing in disguise. Embracing failure is an opportunity to grow, so be appreciative when it happens. Learn from it and use it to improve your future actions. Take responsibility and move on.

12. Access to Education

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Education offers us some of the most valuable knowledge of the world, and we are fortunate to be able to take advantage of it. It also gives us the skills to learn and adapt to changing situations and the tools to become successful and productive members of society. Feel grateful for having the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the world around us. It’ll help you develop both critical thinking skills and creativity. 

13. Books

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In the same way, education provides much knowledge and learning, books offer an escape from reality or a mountain of knowledge on every page. The knowledge gained from reading books has contributed to the success of many successful people. Our society would be very different without them. We should be grateful for and greatly appreciate books that we can enjoy!

14. Time

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Take a minute to appreciate your partner, kids, family, and friends and spend time with them. Also, the time you spend working or doing what you are passionate about helps you provide for your family. Instead of complaining about having less time, learn to be grateful for the time you have and practice optimism instead.

15. Music

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Music brings people closer together. It helps us feel connected and inspired. It can bring joy and comfort. It can heal. Music is an important part of our culture and should be cherished. We should all take the time to appreciate the power of music.

16. Medicine

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We should be more grateful for the improved quality of life modern medicine has also brought us. Our physical health is better overall, our communities can stay healthy, and many incurable diseases have become curable thanks to the hard work of medical professionals.

17. Love

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Genuine gratitude for love can sound cheesy, but where would we be without it? The human race depends on connections and experiences. Love can teach us multiple lessons, whether we’re in or out of it. We keep these lessons for growth, maturity, and shaping our personal story

Feeling grateful and showing love to others can make us feel better and improve the world. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to bridge divides and create harmony.

18. Fresh Air to Breathe

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Breathing fresh air is akin to drinking a glass of water when you are thirsty. It provides a vital element that is essential for life. We would quite literally die without it.

If you can step outside and breathe in the fresh air, consider yourself fortunate—it is one of the most special things to be thankful for. 

19. Doing What You Love

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Being able to do something you love provides a sense of joy and satisfaction. It may also lead to greater productivity and success, maybe even a more optimistic outlook on life. 

Finding something that gives you purpose is essential because it can make you happier. Being able to do something you love daily is something few have the opportunity to do, so if you’re doing what you love, be grateful.

20. Your Home

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Having a place to call home is something we all cherish. Unfortunately, many people don’t share the same luxury. 

A home provides warmth and shelter, a place to sleep, and a space to create memorable moments and share accomplishments. It’s integral to our daily life and routine. We should be grateful for having a space to call our own, even if we share it with family, roommates, or partners. Having a home is a blessing that we should always be thankful for.

Feeling Grateful

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Developing an effortless habit that creates a strong foundation in our daily routine takes time. Expressing gratitude is a valuable virtue we should all strive to cultivate toward ourselves, those around us, and the world. Perhaps most importantly, it makes us feel good to show our gratitude.

Internalizing this ability to understand, care, and appreciate can provide peace and inspiration. This mindset helps us remain grounded, focused on our goals, humble, and grateful for what we have. 

Practicing gratitude also helps us maintain a positive outlook and stay motivated. This attitude can also help us nurture stronger relationships, discover purpose in our daily lives, and develop strength and resilience. Showing gratitude can improve your life—you just have to get started.

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