11 Things That Many People Believe to Be Dangerous but Aren’t

You might remember hearing a lot of warnings when you were younger, and some of them may have stuck. We’re here to lay your worries to rest by debunking some of the most common things people fear that aren’t actually dangerous.

1. Bermuda Triangle

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If you don’t know what the Bermuda Triangle is, it’s a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where many aircraft and ships have allegedly disappeared. 

No one knows what happened to these vessels or how many suddenly disappeared, but with modern GPS, the odds of being found are now in your favor. Still, we don’t advise testing this theory out.

2. Stranger Danger

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Some users report growing up in an era where they were told not to get into a stranger’s car. The same advice still applies today, but with the internet making the world feel smaller, we know there are a lot of good strangers out there. In fact, Gen Zers and Millennials frequently meet strangers through dating apps.

3. Flying

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According to the Washington Post, flying is significantly less risky than driving. However, I understand how being in the air could make many anxious. We all have someone in our lives who would rather roll the dice traveling in a car instead. 

4. Swimming After Eating

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Many people have been taught to believe they should wait at least 30 minutes after eating to jump back in the water so that they don’t suffer a fatal accident. While extreme movement immediately after eating still isn’t recommended, you now know you’re good to jump into the pool.

5. Trick-or-Treating

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It’s true—you should check your candy if you take your kids trick-or-treating. However, isn’t thinking your neighbors are trying to poison or hurt your kids a bit over the top?

6. People With Few or No Friends

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Someone remarked, “Most of the time they’re either weird, shy, socially awkward, quiet, or simply just prefer to be alone.”

The stereotype used to be that people with a small social circle were somehow up to no good. The reality is that with social media nowadays, a person’s social circle may be virtual or strategically small.

7. Foot Hanging Out From Bed Covers

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This may seem like a joke to most, but some people insist on hiding under their blankets, even on hot summer days. The fear of someone or something touching their foot in the middle of the night is real.

8. Beekeeping

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Yes, bees will sting you, but most of the time, they’re not out to get you. With proper equipment and safety measures, beekeeping can reportedly be fulfilling.

9. Sharks

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With so many popular shark movies out there, it’s no wonder so many people are afraid of sharks. However, humans are not a natural part of a shark’s diet. They much prefer eating fish and other marine animals. 

10. Nuclear Power

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As with anything, too much of something is bad. Surprisingly, though, nuclear plants emit less radiation than coal plants.

11. Australia

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Have you ever wanted to visit Australia but felt too scared to do so? Apparently, it’s not as dangerous as some claim it to be. Some locals claim to have never seen or heard of a kangaroo beating someone up.

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