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You might think rich and poor people have nothing in common. However, it might be the middle class that misses out. Here are some surprising things that unite the ultra-wealthy and broke but leave out the people in the middle.

1. Old Cars

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Rich and poor people tend to have old cars. 

Poor people most likely have old vehicles because they can afford them. On the contrary, the rich tend to have older cars because they either don’t drive as much, don’t find it necessary to purchase a new vehicle, or can turn something older/vintage into a valuable asset.

2. Cheap Watches

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The wealthy stay wealthy by opting for cheap watches. 

It’s hard to believe that the middle class is purchasing $20,000 watches, but such people are often accumulating debt by overspending. 

3. Debt

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Someone described rich people as “swimming in debt,” while poor people are “drowning in it.” 

Those in the middle class often have mortgages, car loans, and student loans.

4. Taxes

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Taxes affect everyone differently, but one user mentioned the poor being exempt from most taxes due to their low income, while the rich often end up exempt through finding loopholes. 

We won’t point fingers, but someone is paying taxes.

5. Crime

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One user mentioned rich people having more time to enjoy life while the less wealthy spend more time in jail. 

We all know that money doesn’t stop people from going to jail, but there may be some truth to this.

6. Kids

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The wealthy can have as many kids as they’d like because they can afford it. On the other hand, poor people often have multiple kids because they can receive government assistance. 

However, the middle class tends to have less because they can’t afford to do so.

7. Work–Life Balance

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According to one user, the rich and poor prioritize their family time. 

The middle class tends to always be on the “grind,” making spending time with their loved ones challenging.

8. Financial Help

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Like taxes, the rich find legal loopholes that benefit them financially, while people experiencing poverty qualify for government assistance. 

The middle class, on the other hand, tends to make enough money to not qualify for government assistance but not enough to escape the rate race, according to one user.

9. Cheap Clothes

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Cheap clothes vary for every class, but the wealthy and poor often don’t mind wearing logo-less clothes. 

However, many in the middle class love to spend money on brand names to show off to their peers. 

10. Affordable Health Care

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“Affordable health care,” one user said. “The poor can get free health care from the government. The rich can afford health care.”

11. Phones

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Using a specific brand of cell phone is viewed as a status symbol.

“[Phones] are viewed as a status symbol UNTIL you’re in a social class where your choice of phone has nothing to do with the cost of the phone,” another user said.

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