10 Things Getting More Costly and Less Satisfying

Unfortunately, these days, costs are going up, and quality is going down. There are a number of things you might be paying more for while getting less than you used to. Let’s break them down.


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You will notice a price hike if you still opt for cable TV. However, you’re not getting any more value. You are getting more ads and more channels serving you those ads.

Health Insurance

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One user claimed to pay $300 monthly for health insurance that didn’t cover their blood work. Their insurance company didn’t support his blood tests, so he had to pay $500. 

Even worse, his health insurance billed him additionally for “services rendered.”

Fast Food

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If you’re old enough to remember the $1 menu, you can relate to how expensive fast food has gotten. Some fast food costs as much as food you’d purchase at a sit-down restaurant.

Streaming Services

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In the early days of streaming video, it used to cost less than $10 to stream without commercials. You now have streaming options costing close to $20 to be commercial-free.


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One user shared their frustration with washing machines lasting decades but now no longer. Purchasing a washer nowadays costs more, and the machine only lasts for a short time when compared to the past.


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“I pay almost $900 a month for a roach- and rat-infested duplex that is literally rotting and has the worst mold problem I’ve ever seen,” one user shared.

College Education

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Unless you’re getting financial aid or a scholarship covering most of your college tuition, it may be wise to reconsider going to college. 

Getting an education is as important as ever, but paying thousands for knowledge you can sometimes access for near-nothing isn’t necessarily smart.


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Tipping culture has shifted these past few years in the U.S. 

For example, many coffee or fast food places now ask customers for a tip, though nothing has changed in the quality of their service.

House Hotels

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We now can rent people’s homes, which used to be the cheaper option. However, the price is often just as much or higher than hotels. 

Renting people’s homes can still be more affordable when staying with a large group, but a hotel may be your best bet if just you — or you and your partner — need a place to stay.


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Movie prices will depend on your location and movie theater. However, tickets less than $10 are becoming more challenging to find. 

It could be the seat selection feature customers have or the food driving up the price, but if you do not care about these features, you will most likely feel like you’re overpaying.


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