The 11 Quickest Ways I Know to Make Money Online

If you’re looking to make some extra cash in the new year, we’re here to help! The digital realm offers myriad ways to earn money, from educational opportunities to passion projects. Dive in and learn how to maximize your earnings!

1. Follow Your Passion

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Before you embark on your online money-making journey, figure out what you enjoy doing. Making $100–$5000 per month will feel a lot better when you’re enjoying it, versus making $30,000 feeling miserable.

This is the most important and fastest way to make money because it creates consistency. Once you figure out things you like, find ways to integrate them with a blog, podcast, or video platform.

2. Get a YouTube Channel

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A video content producer suggests starting a YouTube channel to post about products you like. This could include makeup or other beauty products, that you can add affiliate links to earn commissions.

You can upgrade and get your website, where you can get leads and send them your offers. To get more leads, you can use a click sales funnel that helps you get more leads.

3. Start Freelancing

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The greatest thing about the internet age is you can commercialize many things. Another respondent says you can get work from freelancing platforms if you have graphic design, web development, or writing skills. Start with small projects, then build your portfolio over time.

4. Be an Online Tutor

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Several answers acknowledge that online tutoring is a viable way to make money online. You can share your knowledge in particular areas through tutoring platforms. Other websites allow you to become an online instructor.

5. Answer Questions

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A thread contributor adds that you can earn cash by participating in online surveys for market research companies. There are websites on the internet that offer such opportunities.

6. Play Games

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Another responder says they’re desperate to make money online without losing self-respect and going against their morals. They affirm that the selling your body route is not the way to go. After trying to sell feet pictures online, they did not make a substantial amount, so they tried playing games to win real cash.

They had to earn a specific amount to cash out, but there’s a catch. You do not win the exact amount in real life. In one instance, the game said they’d won $400 but got $4. 

7. Start Chatting With People

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How cool is getting paid for talking to people? One says the adult industry offers people opportunities to get paid via dating apps. You only need to verify yourself; the opportunity is open to males and females. Other apps offer the option to do video chats for more payment. It becomes easier over time.

8. Try Telemarketing

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While telemarketing may not be fun, one suggests that it offers schedule flexibility. You can work from home since you only sell services and products over the telephone. Look up platforms that offer such opportunities on the Internet.

9. Start Writing

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A freelance writer suggests writing blog posts. It allows you to share your knowledge about your hobbies and interests. Some websites pay people to write or buy already written work.

10. Make Apps

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An individual notes that you can make money by being an app developer. You can put your programming skills to good use and create apps for mobile devices. Once the apps are on the Play Store, you can make money from the sales of the apps.

11. Forget About Your MBA

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A contributor says an English degree and an MBA may not help you much. MBAs help middle managers and other corporate workers. Outside that, there are very limited practical applications.

If you want to make money in the current job market, develop a skill that solves a problem that a person is willing to pay for. Many people spend years in school only to learn this the hard way.

They advise that you look at your interests and abilities to decide what skill to develop. Go with something you enjoy and have a natural attraction to.