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Ever wondered what triggers a person on the very first day of work to get up, take everything, and yell, “I quit?”

Someone online wondered the same thing and asked this question on a popular online forum: stories of people who quit on the first day of their jobs.

The responses are very eye-opening toward work culture. 

1. Improper Training

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To be good at your job, you need proper training. 

One individual shared their experience of getting a job at a famous fashion store. On the first day, the floor manager disappeared mid-training, which puzzled the individual.

Upon explaining the lack of training to the store manager, the individual was blamed for the management’s improper training, to which the individual responded, “I spent the rest of my shift putting clothes in random places then never came back.”

2. False Promises

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Were you promised a specific job during the interview but got the opposite? If so, then you need to hear this story.

One frustrated individual was assured he would not have cashier duties but was placed at the cash register on the first day. His employer mentioned they had “found someone else” for the position the individual had interviewed for. 

Annoyed by this deception, the individual gave customers 20% off on everything and never went back. 

3. Unsafe Workplace

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Everybody wants to feel safe and protected at the place where they work. Cries of “Run!” at the workplace and unexpected fire breakouts are enough to scare someone off on the first day. This scenario is exactly what happened to one individual.

He shared his experience working at a teen detention center and how a simple walk through the courtyard turned into “doctors running, flailing their arms and screaming.”

He added that many employees were “yelling for everyone to run outside because a fire had broken out.”

4. Unusable Equipment

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Some workplaces are very ignorant about the unsafe equipment they have for employees. So instead of renewing the equipment, they shake it off, which results in fatal accidents. 

One user shared his story about how his supervisor asked him to climb a rusty ladder on his first day at work. The user refused. The supervisor ignored the user’s concern and climbed a few steps before his foot snapped.

In response to this situation on the first day at his job, the user “called an ambulance and walked to my car in the parking lot.”

5. Unsanitary Restaurant Shifts

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One user shared his story of calling it quits after his first shift as an assistant cook. His job was simple: He only had to assist the senior cook.

The user revealed that the senior cook was unbothered about the orders and left him alone in the kitchen. And his contempt for the workplace grew when he learned about the rats in the kitchen.

“I never came back and I’m glad the place got shutdown,” wrote the relieved user.

6. “No Breaks” Break

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Some companies want to extract the maximum work they can from their employees on their shifts, even during breaks. 

One individual shared his experience working at a warehouse where a 15-minute break was calculated. The individual was bewildered when the manager broke down the break to each minute to ensure the employees didn’t spend a single second over that time.

“It took me 2 1/2 minutes to walk to my car and I took a forever break,” the individual responded.

7. Hidden Job Requirements

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A user shared his story of working for a landscape architect. The user explained how on the first day of his job, his boss told him to dig a hole in the rocky dirt with his bare hands.

He had no shovel or digging tools, and he clarified that bringing your own tools was not specified in the job description. These absurd work expectations prompted the user to write, “I wasn’t going to work for somebody that expected folks to dig through hard, rocky soil with their hands.”

8. Toxic Management

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For companies to thrive and take care of their employees, the management must ensure a healthy work environment. Healthy management and happy employees equal a happy company; this is the ultimate equation for success.

But if the management is conflicted, the equation gets unbalanced. One user shared how the management started arguing during the interview — in front of the interviewee.

This display was enough for the user to get a hint of how toxic the work environment must be. 

9. Mistreatment of Newcomers

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Discrimination toward newbies at work is common; one individual shared a story on this topic.

One individual revealed how discrimination toward newcomers occurs in renowned organizations as well. He shared his experience of going through an interview with the Executive Chef, who was arrogant, but the individual chose to ignore it.

When the individual was about to leave through the dining hall, the chef yelled, “‘No not that way, go through the kitchen, you’re not good enough to go through the dining room,’” which was enough for the individual to call it quits.

10. Unfit Job

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Sometimes, it takes the first day at work to realize that the job you chose is not the right fit for your skills. This is a blessing as it enables you to figure out which job will give you peace.

An individual went through something similar and shared the experience of how he left his telemarketing job on the first day after just one hour. The individual explained how calling people and reading from a script while sitting in a dull cubicle was not his cup of tea. 

“I got up, went to the manager, apologized, and said it wasn’t a good fit for me,” was how the individual reacted.

Hunting for jobs is exhausting, so the reward must be worth it. At the end of the day, a job that enables you to put bread on the table without costing your peace and sanity is a keeper.

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Have you ever experienced something similar at work? 

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