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Our idea of wealth is mostly defined by luxury cars, designer clothing, and flashy jewelry. But in reality, are these signs that someone is wealthy or broke?

We all know that money doesn’t define us as people, but let’s be real — we all have a natural curiosity about who’s got the big bucks. And there are clues for identifying someone who’s wealthy.

Excited to know what these clues are?

Let’s explore some of the indicators according to people’s opinions online. These may give you a glimpse into someone’s financial situation.

1. Feeling Entitled to “The Help”

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If someone is wealthy, it’s often easier to hire an assistant to help them get things done. 

A frustrated waiter in a fine-dining establishment narrated his experience, “A 100k millionaire will treat you like you’re just ‘the help’ and make you feel like less of a person.”

If someone treats the people who help them like they’re just objects to get things done and doesn’t show them any respect, it’s likely because they’re letting their money do the talking.

2. Extravagant Hobbies

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Often, the hobbies someone indulges in can signify privilege and financial stability. 

Most people do not go surfing, skiing, and golfing regularly. As one user remarked, if someone is “casually having expensive hobbies,”  they are probably rich. 

When someone is landbound in the middle of the country and has been surfing since childhood, you can bet your bottom dollar they come from money.

3. Tailored Clothing

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Let’s be honest, we have all judged people by what they wear. We all tend to draw certain inferences about a person’s socioeconomic status based on their clothing choices.

If it’s well-fitted, tailored, high-quality clothing, the person is definitely rolling in money.

Wealthy people can afford to invest in high-quality clothing that looks great and lasts longer. Plus, who wouldn’t want to look their best if they had the means to do so?

4. Keeping a Low Profile

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We like to believe that rich people drive fancy cars and show off their luxurious lifestyles on social media, but this isn’t always the case!

An eager user commented, “Real generational wealth keeps an extremely low profile. They have no digital footprint.” Yes, you heard that right — some rich folks have a digital footprint so small you’d think they lived in the 19th century!

They’re not just low-key online but in real life too. Instead of driving flashy cars that scream, “Look at me!” they opt for reliable vehicles that blend in with the rest of the traffic. 

5. Staying Away From Financial Discussions

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Picture this: you’re at a party, and the conversation turns to the ever-increasing cost of living. 

One person, in particular, is getting quieter and quieter as the discussion continues. They may even start to deflect the conversation away from themselves or nudge it in a different direction.

You may be in the presence of someone wealthy.

“These individuals may not be comfortable discussing the cost of living pressures that many people face on a daily basis,” one user shared. They might not understand what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck or struggle to make ends meet.

6. Studying at Prestigious Universities

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Individuals from wealthy families often have more opportunities to attend prestigious universities. 

They may have access to resources like private tutors and test prep courses that give them an edge in the college admissions process.

However, despite being in a reputable institute, they may not be very intelligent. One user’s experience with well-off kids was summarized as, “Went to a good university…”

Just because someone may not excel academically doesn’t mean they’re unsuccessful in other areas of life, like sports, career, or wealth.

7. Traveling Without Luggage

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Ah, the luxury of traveling without any luggage — it’s a dream for many of us, isn’t it? Well, it turns out that this may be a sign of someone’s wealth.

As one user explained, “Many wealthy people have multiple homes with separate wardrobes at each,” so they don’t need to pack or carry anything when traveling.

For those of us who can barely fit all our belongings into a single suitcase, this may seem like an unimaginable luxury. 

But for the ultra-rich, it’s just another perk of their wealth and privilege. They travel without lugging around heavy bags or waiting at baggage claim.

8. Vacations on Vacations

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Let’s face it, travel can be pricey — from flights and accommodations to food and activities, it all adds up. But for those with ample financial resources, the cost of travel is not a concern. 

They can jet off to exotic locations without batting an eyelash, stay in the best hotels, and indulge in lavish experiences. 

So when a user commented, “Lots of vacations,” he may be right because, for many people, the cost of travel can be a significant barrier to indulging in this pleasure.

Planning a single vacation can take a toll on someone’s financial health, let alone taking vacations on vacations; this is a surefire sign of financial privilege.

9. Minimalist Homes

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It requires a certain level of financial stability to afford high-quality — yet simple and elegant — furnishings and decor.

One user commented, “Rich people like simple aesthetics,” but what appears aesthetically plain can cost a fortune.

Additionally, minimalist homes tend to have an uncluttered and spacious feel, which can only be achieved with higher-end housing or a larger living space.

10. Perfect Teeth Alignment

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It may sound foolish, but someone’s smile can say a lot about their wealth status.

Have you ever noticed someone with a set of pearly whites so perfect they look like they could be the next toothpaste model? 

Well, chances are that person may be a secret millionaire! A perfect smile can be a tell-tale sign of wealth and access to expensive dental care.

One user remarked, “That is seriously expensive and usually is dead last on most people’s to-do list since it is so expensive,” and rightly so. 

While most of us are saving for a new pair of shoes, the wealthy are investing in their dental health.

Building wealth can be daunting, but small changes lead to big results. Believe in yourself, make small changes, and pay attention to your results. You have the power to build wealth and create the life you want.

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