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As unfortunate as it may be, hackers do exist. And sometimes, they score big. 

Recently a ransomware group claimed to have breached Sony’s systems, threatening to sell user data and causing hysteria.

Claims of Hacking

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A ransomware group claimed the impacted systems include the immensely popular PlayStation console. 

Threats to Sell

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The group claimed they stole data from Sony system users. They planned to sell it, causing users plenty of fear and outrage. 

Questioning the Validity

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However, not everyone is so sure of this ransomware group’s claims. 

Many experts are chiming in, questioning whether they genuinely hacked Sony systems.

No Word from Sony

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Surprisingly, Sony has remained quiet through this event. They have not addressed the hacking claim in the slightest.

Brand New Hackers?

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The ransomware group, Ransom DVC, was established in September. 

However, to their credit, they did share a small amount of evidence proving the hack did occur. Thankfully, it’s not compelling information.

Hardly Any Files

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Although Ransom DVC has claimed to have hacked all of Sony’s systems, its file tree contains less than 6,000 files. 

This adds to the question of validity, as there are far more than 6,000 Sony users.

No Proof of Contact

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The ransomware group said they are demanding payment from Sony to keep the data secure.

Yet, no evidence exists that Ransom DVC has ever been in contact with Sony. 

Posting Data Instead

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The group has clarified that they will post the data if nobody purchases it. Yet, they did not mention a price for the data, adding to the suspicion of truthfulness.

Potentially Unnecessary Panic

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Many Sony users remain unphased by the claims. They say that a disproportionate amount of fear is generated based on one group’s claims, and they don’t have a lot of proof to back it up.

Upping Security Measures

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Although some remain nonchalant about the threats, others are apprehensive. 

Regardless of one’s stance, it’s recommended to up the security measures on your Sony devices. For instance, enable two-factor authentication and strong passwords to limit potential hacks.

Not a New Thing

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“Sony gets ‘hacked’ every other year,” one user commented.

Curious about Sony’s Response

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“Well, if it’s real, it surprises me that Sony has been so silent,” another said.

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At this time, the hackers have not released any data or sold any of it. However, there is potential for this hack to become more severe as the days go on. 

The best thing to do is to beef up your account security and stay current with the latest updates.

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