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Reddit has once again sparked an interesting debate, this time over a woman’s decision to publicly expose a teenager who tried to purchase boots with her dad’s credit card. 

It’s noble to try to do the right thing, but when does it go too far?

Let’s dive in.

Woman Eavesdrops on a Conversation

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It all started when the original poster (OP), who we’ll call Ava in this story, went shopping with her husband at a popular women’s apparel store.

Ava was doing her shopping when she stumbled upon two teenage girls browsing the boots collection.

Everything was going well until she overheard the girls’ conversation.

Woman Sparks Controversy

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Ava noticed that the girl’s friend was staring at the price tag of a particular pair of boots these two girls seemed to like. The friend asked the girl if she was going to buy them.

“It’s fine I have my dads credit card I’m not paying.”

After hearing these words, Ava instantly concluded that this teenager was planning on purchasing these boots on a credit card that didn’t belong to her.

Personal Responsibility vs. Public Shaming

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“I’ve told my son multiple times he’s never allowed to use my card so I’m interested to see how this girl thinks she’s going to get away with fraud…”

Is it anyone’s responsibility to raise someone else’s kid?

According to Ava, it is. Here’s what she did next.

The Ethical Dilemma of Calling Out Strangers

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It was time to pay, and as luck would have it, Ava was waiting in line behind the two teenagers.

As both teenagers approached the cashier, Ava noticed that the boots totaled a few hundred dollars. As the teenage girl was about to swipe her dad’s credit card, many thoughts raced through Ava’s mind.

“I can’t let her get away with something like this and someone has to parent this kid if no one else will.”

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In the nick of time, Ava yelled at the cashier, “‘That isn’t her card but her father’s and I’m not sure she has permission.'”

Immediately, both girls looked back and gave Ava a dirty glare.

Quickly, the teenage girl about to purchase the expensive boots told the cashier that her father let her use his credit card. 

According to the teenage girl, her father’s credit card had store credit and would help her father rack up store points.

However, the cashier wouldn’t let the teenage girl use her father’s credit card.

How Customers Should Handle Suspicious Activity

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“I tell her it’s still fraud,” mentioned Ava.

The teenage girl told Ava it wasn’t fraud and to “mind my own business.”

There was a bit of back and forth, and the teenage girl got upset. She paid with her own credit card and left crying.

“I tell her that it is my business that she’s doing something illegal she needs to pay with her own card or I call the cops.”

What People Really Think About Credit Cards

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“Did it ever occur to you that she was telling the truth and her dad had given her his credit card? Mind your own business.”

A Closer Look at Public View

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“The girls dad probably makes money and she’s spoiled and it absolutely isn’t your job to parent her and embarrass her like that in a store. You also aren’t a federal law enforcement officer investigating fraud, just buy your s*** and go home.”

More Truth From the Crowd

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“I would be so embarrassed if my girlfriend came home telling me this story acting as if she’s the hero.”

Looks like Ava might have landed on the wrong side of this argument.

What Can We Take Away From This Viral Incident?

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We all want to do what we think is right, but sometimes, doing the right thing means not doing anything.

The truth is, we don’t know what most people are going through, so it’s best to assume positive thoughts and good intentions.

It seems like the crowd is against Ava. What do you think?

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