15 Side Hustle Ideas to Increase Your Income This Month

With higher costs of living, and spiking inflation, many people today are trying to make more money. The options range from something quick and easy like taking surveys to bigger commitments for something more lucrative, such as food delivery. All within that spectrum, these 15 side hustles could increase your monthly income. 

1. Sell Private Label Products Online and IRL

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Manufacturers create products for retailers to sell under their brand name through private labeling, which allows retailers to outsource production while collaborating on design, materials, and other manufacturing decisions.

Private labeling allows you to manufacture a variety of products, such as cosmetics and candles. Pietra is a one-stop platform that provides access to a global network of vetted factories, service providers, and software to manage purchase orders with existing suppliers worldwide.

2. Earning Money by Taking Online Surveys

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Filling out a survey won’t earn you the big bucks, but it can be a fast, easy way to get some chump change. This is money you can make while you’re lounging around watching TV. 

Both Branded Surveys and Survey Junkie offer different types of surveys, but you can earn between $0.50 and $3.00 per survey on both.

3. Add Some Cash to Your Wallet by Renting Out the Extra Space in Your Apartment

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If you have a spare bedroom in your home and don’t mind having an extra face around the house, consider renting out the room. Depending on local laws in your area, you may be able to be an Airbnb host, or you can rent a room as a sublet. 

Bedrooms aren’t the only rentable space in your apartment either; people are often looking for parking or garage space, and even closet space. We recommend the Neighbor App as a great way to rent rooms if you like to host and meet new people.

4. Earn Money by Selling Unwanted Items

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Whether you are an obsessive shopper or a collector of antiques, apps like Poshmark and Decluttr can help you find a new home for your unwanted clothing and collectibles. Selling used items is made easy through these services. 

On Decluttr, for example, you can estimate how much potential buyers will pay you by scanning the barcode of the product you would like to purchase or browsing the app’s database. If you agree to a price, you simply send your item to the buyer.

5. Walk Dogs and Earn Cash

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Did you used to walk your neighbors’ and friends’ dogs as kids to make a little cash? Now, some services allow you to connect with owners around your city.

Though the Rover app charges a one-time $35 fee, users can immediately start connecting with local pet owners for their needs. Depending on your location, dog walking ranges around $15-25, while overnight stays can earn you $25-70.

6. A Side Hustle App You Can Download for Free

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The beauty of living in the era of smartphones is you can get job recommendations on the go. With the Steady app, you can find side income opportunities, including job listings, grants, and sign-on bonuses. 

Steady has over 1.5 million job listings at any given time, and they claim that the average user makes $5,500 per year. Hourly jobs on Steady usually range from $15 to $25 per hour.

7. Make Extra Money on Amazon

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There are a few ways to make money using Amazon, but delivering local items is a popular opportunity. As part of Amazon Flex, you can provide packages or groceries on-demand. The average driver makes $18 to $25 per hour and works three- to six-hour shifts. 

One thing to remember, however, is that this system requires you to use your vehicle and gas to drive around. This is a great opportunity for cities or towns with ample parking.

8. Become a Tutor and Gain Some Cash

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Online tutoring is possible for just about any school subject. You can even charge more per hour if you cater your tutoring toward standardized tests, such as the ACT or SAT. 

Tutor.com offers a database of tutoring job opportunities. If you are a teen and want to make some extra money, you can apply to TutorPeers. Just remember that you must be able to teach what you tutor correctly, as this will affect your job consistency and ratings.

9. Earn $2,000+ Weekly Training AI Chatbots

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Are you a math expert looking for a remote job? If so, training AI chatbots may be the perfect side hustle to supplement your income. 

Signing up for Remotetasks takes less than an hour, and earnings are sent out every week once you start working within their flexible hours. Available only in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, this option is great for those who love code, math, and the future of technology. 

10. Earn Money by Completing Simple Tasks Online

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You can make money by completing online tasks, from labeling images to transcribing audio. With good internet access, these tasks should be simple and help you earn cash quickly.

The platform mentioned above, Remotetasks, offers tutorials to complete various tasks for online clients, and every time you unlock an opportunity, you can earn and quickly get paid via Paypal. 

11. Sell Used Books for Money

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If your old college books are collecting dust on your bookshelf, selling them may turn up a pretty penny. 

Sellbackyourbook.com provides fast, free quotes based on current valuations and free shipping of your books to their warehouse once the quote is completed. Upon receiving your books, the company checks them for quality and sends you payment via PayPal or check.

12. Sell Online Courses With AI

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Who said you needed experience in AI to create your online course? With Heights AI, developing online courses is easy. 

Using this tool, you can start your online course on any topic you wish, eliminating all the manual work, optimizing your website’s SEO, and even creating a title to attract students, users, and clients.

13. Create AI-Generated Digital Products and Sell Them Online

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AI is helping entrepreneurs around the world start businesses to earn extra cash or passive income. Using AI tools, you can now create digital products such as e-books and digital art. 

Once your products are ready to sell, you can start an online store on Etsy Shop and start marketing them. Your social media tactics can be used to promote your product on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

14. Design Coloring Books With AI and Start a Business

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You’ve probably seen many online content creators making fantastic landscape pictures and one-of-a-kind masterpieces using AI. In 2022, Midjourney launched its AI art generation service. 

This AI tool is ideal for quickly creating new themed coloring books, especially given Amazon’s popularity with adult coloring books. When your book sells, you will receive royalties through Kindle Direct Publishing and be able to turn this process into a lucrative online business.

15. Get Paid Helping Podcasts With Show Notes

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Did you know podcast show note writers charge between $25 and $100 per episode? If you use an AI tool to accelerate the workflow, you can provide a similar service! Melville App will take an audio file and deliver a transcription, an episode summary, and time-stamped bullet points of the most important topics. 

In addition, the app helps you with SEO keywords and provides a good starting point for updating show notes. Depending on the clients you find online, this system could make you extra income and take you little to no time. 

Start Your Side Hustle and Get Cash Now

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With so many online tools and platforms offering large audiences, starting an online side hustle is easier than ever. Start by researching your best options, finding a niche, and using the methods above to start making extra money.

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