Top 11 Secrets to Traveling the World Without Breaking the Bank

The best thing you can do as a young person is travel — see the world and figure out who you are as a person. It can get expensive, though, so here are some ways to travel as a young person without going broke.

1. Parents’ Money

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Some young people are blessed with parents who have plenty of money and are willing to share their wealth with their children. In such circumstances, a quick phone call to Mom or Dad will provide them with the cash flow needed for long-term travel.

2. Volunteer Work

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On the other side of the spectrum, you have youngsters who travel to perform volunteer work. While this may not be the most glamorous vacation, volunteers can see different parts of the world and make a difference — which brings its own kind of wealth.

3. Remote Work

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Remote work is a hot topic in 2023. Many people are turning in their 9-to-5 jobs for jobs they can do from anywhere. With that said, it’s easy to see why some younger individuals travel all the time — they have enough income to support their travel habits.

4. Saving Up Money

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Although it may not be the norm, some young people don’t callously spend their money. Instead, they work hard for several years, sometimes working multiple jobs. They save until they have enough to take off and travel for a few weeks or months.

5. Having Little/No Expenses

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Sure, living at home might seem like a bad thing in modern society. But it’s a good thing for young people with few or no monthly expenses. Instead of paying for rent and other costs, they can spend their paycheck on travel.

6. Living Below Your Means

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“Live below your means and prioritize traveling if it’s what you really want to do. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is most people don’t live below their means and dunno how to give up other things to open up some financials or time for travel,” said one comment.

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8. “I’ve seen people spend less in 6 months backpacking in S.E Asia than I spend in a week on my vacations,” commented another user. “It all depends on the type of travel you’re doing. More lavish excursions will be far pricier and, therefore, possibly unobtainable for younger people.

9. Credit Cards

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Although this certainly isn’t the best idea out there, some young people decide to charge up their credit cards with adventures rather than things. They will pay for it down the road, though!

10. Working For an Airline

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One great way to see the world as a younger person is to get a job at an airline. Whether you’re a pilot, a flight attendant, or somewhere in between, you can earn money while traveling across the globe.

11. Student Visa

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If you want to go to one country in particular, consider applying to a college in that location and getting a student visa. You can get a good education and travel simultaneously.


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