From Side Hustles to Full-Time Gigs: 10 Realistic Ways to Earn Big Online

The internet has been making more millionaires overnight than any other technological invention. If you plan on slamming the door on your boring 9-5 for proven big-figure gigs online, ignore the envelope-stuffing jobs and the high-promising (low-yield) online surveys. They either don’t pay well or only have seasonal offers. An online community of entrepreneurs building empires from their living room recommends these online gigs if you’ve decided to go full-time online.

1. Sell Digital Skills

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Do you have a digital skill you feel confident about? Something in the range of graphics design to content writing or even remote consultancy? One freelancer advises that you offer your skills on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, adding that you don’t need capital to start. A second person tips freelancing as the honeypot of earning online, explaining that the more projects you complete, the higher you can charge prospective clients.

2. Dropship Products

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One user who expects you to have seen several advertisements from YouTube gurus about making six figures through dropshipping says there’s no such guarantee. “But if you put in the work and learn the best business practices, earning thousands of dollars a month is within reach.”

3. Publish Ebooks on Amazon

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According to one publisher who claims you can make a fortune writing and publishing ebooks on Amazon, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has changed the publishing game. “If you’re busy and have some bucks to spare, you can hire a writer for your ebook, a graphic designer for the cover, and a manuscript editor to eliminate errors. It may not make you rich, but you can make tens of thousands of dollars if you write great books and learn the technicalities of sales on Amazon.”

4. Create Edutainment Contents

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Someone explains that if you enjoy discussing a subject, sharing your views about trends, or anything, you can make money from blogging, podcasts, and YouTube content creation. Another forum contributor adds that although making instant money from content creation is not feasible, you can make hundreds or thousands in your first year if you stay consistent.

5. Make Money Transcribing

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Many famous and not-too-popular figures, including organizations like NGOs, want to have transcripts of speeches at events. Websites like Scribie offer transcription gigs, and you could make hundreds of dollars weekly if you can capture sounds and transcribe them to perfection.

6. Try Print on Demand

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According to a forum member, Print on Demand is another popular way of earning money online. It is easy to adopt because it has a lower overhead than most online businesses. “You print items as soon as an order is made. You can create and sell custom-branded clothing, housewares, art, and just about anything,” he explains.

7. Offer Translation Service

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According to a contributor on the thread, translation jobs are the best of all from his personal experience, and being able to interpret languages fluently makes you “a goldfish among mackerels. Translators are always needed, and you can make thousands monthly if you’re good at it,” he expounds.

8. Become an Affiliate Marketer

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Someone explains that affiliate marketing, although performance-based, can earn you a steady income in the long run. “Affiliates help drive traffic to a business. In return, they get a percentage of the profits,” he adds. Someone else says they’ve been into affiliate marketing in the last four years and love the freedom of not needing to create a product or service but still making money with a strong marketing plan.

9. Create a Course

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If you have a skill you’re a master at, you can create online courses in that niche and sell through ads, a contributor opines. A respondent adds that the potential of making five or six figures from course sales depends on the quality of content you’re putting out, the reviews of your buyers, and your advertising budget.

10. Become an Influencer

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Nearly anyone with a smartphone knows what a media influencer does, but one argues that becoming one in such a lucrative niche is not always easy. “It takes years of personal brand building and putting yourself out to your audience.” Responding, a person who claims to have made millions online says, “Once you’ve gathered enough active followers, you can expect brands to approach you with big sign-on figures. If you get it right, it’s like landing on a goldmine.”