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Currently, Arizona bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. However, things could change if progressive groups pull off getting the required signatures to qualify for the 2024 ballot.

Arizona’s Key Role in Presidential Elections

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According to Politico, Arizona is expected to be again one of the handful of states to sway the presidential election.

Biden’s August Visit

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During the first week of August, Biden visited Arizona to preserve 1500 square miles of land that will now be classified as a national monument.

Republican Battle for Senate Seats

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Republicans are currently battling for seats in the Senate for next year.

Abortion Rights: A Priority for Voters

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According to a CNN poll, abortion rights remain a priority for American voters.

2022 Grassroots Efforts and Future Plans

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Arizonan’s grassroots efforts in 2022 fell short, collecting 175,000 signatures out of the 360,000 required. However, the plan was to resume their effort in 2024.

Support from Planned Parenthood and Allies

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Arizona’s Planned Parenthood and other organizations plan to support Arizona’s 2024 abortion ballot campaign.

Anticipating Success for 2024 Ballot Campaign

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With the current support, will Arizona finally get the votes required to qualify for the 2024 ballot?

Empowerment of Arizonians

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A passionate user said, “I love that Arizonians can create ballot measures and force our will onto the legislatures.”

Questioning Involvement of Politicians and Courts

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“Hey AZ… why do you want your politicians and judges and courts involved in this issue? We don’t have a law covering abortion in Canada,” someone commented.

Hopeful for 2024 Ballot Inclusion

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One user said, “I hope we can get it on the ballot for 2024.”



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