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Where are all the celebrities visiting this year? Is it the infamous Grecian islands with bright blue water and scenic cliffs? Are they popping over to Hawaii to zipline over beautiful forests and sand? Or are they opting for a more remote location void of many travelers? Check out these favorite celebrity hotspots so far this year.

1. Costa Rica

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The pura vida destination is a landmark among tourists and celebrities. Known for beautiful forestry, a slew of cute wildlife, and wonderful adventure activities. Hike among stunning waterfalls, take a beach trip and enjoy Costa Rican cuisine and libations.

2. Miami, Florida

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Mr. Worldwide’s hometown, Miami, Florida, is an eclectic southern city in Florida. The waterfront houses a multitude of cultures, housing some of the best museums, events, and food in the Southern state. Miami is also home to Star Island, a man-made, mansion-filled gated area where several celebrities live or vacation. You can drive through Star Island if you remain in the car.

3. Mykonos, Greece

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Although I’ve heard Greece is overrated, I’m hesitant to judge such an infamous city before traveling to the island. Mykonos earns its dazzling reputation for beautiful scenery, particularly its white-sand beaches and metropolitan shopping areas.

4. Orlando, Florida

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Besides Miami, Orlando is a massive destination for celebrities. Especially musicians. In Florida, it seems bands, if they stop in Florida, choose two destinations in Florida, Orlando and Miami, Miami and Tampa, or Orlando and Tampa. They never hit all three. Considering Disney and Universal both host stages and performers year-round, it makes sense this is a popular vacation spot.

5. Sydney, Australia

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Australia is a notorious landing place for celebrities, home to the beautiful opera house and riveting bodies of water. The wildlife stretches from koalas to crocodiles, entertaining all kinds of animal appreciators. Sydney hosts several surfers and sailors each year.

6. Maui, Hawaii

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Visiting Hawaii is a controversial trip for a few reasons. For one, the overpopulation of tourists negatively impacts the island and drives up the price of land for the native people; on the other hand, tourism provides profit to keep the state running.

Tourism continues to present its double-edged sword, but that ethical dilemma doesn’t prevent celebrities from basking in the Hawaiian sun or dining at local Hawaiian establishments.

7. Aspen, Colorado

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Aspen, Colorado, is another popping US vacation location. The western state thrives in the winter, hosting several ski and snowboarding slopes for those who can’t get enough of winter sports. In the summer, the slopes bloom into beautiful forests and mountains brimming with flowers and wildlife.

8. Paris, France

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Paris is one of the most visited destinations period. Celebrity or not, the Eiffel tower’s home ground invites millions of tourists annually. Something about having a notorious building in your city draws the interest of anyone and everyone. Hundreds of references to Paris pop up in pop culture each year.

9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai is a wealthy city. Even with low taxes on products, citizens live financial lives similar to those living in New York City. Celebrities love to flock to Dubai to relish in expensive offerings, upscale stores, and dining establishments. The tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa, decorates Dubai’s skyline, and the technology and transportation system in the emirate is more advanced than anywhere else.

10. Maldives

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The South Asian island, The Maldives, contains breathtaking beaches and access to unforgettable sights. You can scuba or snorkel and soak in the wondrous sea life and coral sprawling throughout the Indian Ocean. If you like the beach, take a break from swimming and enjoy the sun.

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