11 Overpriced Things You Should Immediately Drop From Your Shopping List

Plenty of everyday things can break your budget if you let them. Luckily, many of them are avoidable. Here are 11 things that will often cost more than you expect.

1. Weddings

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Someone on an online forum said, “If you say ‘wedding’ to any vendor or business, the prices go way up. It’s ridiculous.”

Weddings are a special day for couples, but mindlessly spending money is a recipe for disaster. There’s no one-size-fits-all for the appropriate wedding size, but if you’re taking out loans to pay for your big day, you’re most likely overspending.

2. Funerals

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Unfortunately, we will all eventually need to think about how to take care of family members after they pass away. People looking to make a little extra money often take advantage of grieving families, so it’s crucial to stay vigilant. One user said:

“Private mortuaries rely on returning families so they have to do a good job to survive. NEVER go to an SCI location: I worked for that company for 2 years too long and it’s astounding how little they cared about people. They had NO issue nickle [sic] and diming everyone while doing the bare minimum, if that.”

3. Groceries

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If you don’t make a grocery list before heading to the grocery store, be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars.

“Even if I just need a short small list specifically for the dinner I’m making that evening, it’s always $50-75 dollars for just a few items. I feel like in the past two years groceries have just skyrocketed,” somebody commented.

4. Housing

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The housing market was rough during the recent pandemic. If you were lucky to find a house for sale, you’d pay $50,000–$100,000 over the asking price. With the current high mortgage interest rates and high home prices, many homebuyers are still paying more than they want to.

5. Airport Food

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With or without inflation, airport food is overpriced. Like buying popcorn at your local movie theater, the food here will be average at best and will cost you double or triple what it should. You’re better off buying water and snacks before heading to the airport.

6. Healthcare

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If you’re lucky to have good medical insurance from your employer, your costs may be appropriate. However, paying for healthcare outside of an employer will come with a high price tag.

“Yes! Even with insurance I have a bill for my child’s birth at around $30,000,” a user recalled, “and my OB didn’t even pick up the phone when I went into labor. Nor did her backup. I had to get an emergency c section so I was charged accordingly.”

7. Higher Education

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Education is essential. However, the way we learn is changing.

Free education online is more readily available, so it doesn’t always make sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to college. To align with this trend, some companies are removing college degrees as a job requirement as long as candidates have relevant experience.

8. Coffee

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If you’re paying more than $5 for a cup of coffee daily, you’re spending over $100 monthly for coffee alone. Paying for coffee daily is extremely expensive, especially when you can make a month’s worth of coffee for one-third of the cost. You can still treat yourself to premium coffee, but doing it daily will quickly drain your wallet.

9. Car Insurance

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Car insurance can cost a few hundred dollars if you’re a new driver, regardless of age. Additionally, your premium will go up when you file a claim or are in an accident.

10. Being Single

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You’ll get fewer tax breaks if you’re unmarried and have no kids. Additionally, you’ll pay more expenses by default since you don’t have help from a partner.

11. Concert Tickets

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It can be fun to see live music once in a while, but all the fees ticket services tack on can quickly add up. Before you sell your soul for that band you like, see if you could better spend that money elsewhere.

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