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Ever wonder if you can genuinely get online freebies?

Freebies are an excellent way to experiment with new products and cut down your expenses using free coupons.

Everybody has probably tried looking for sites online that offer freebies, but the next thing they end up with is unlimited third-party sites. 

If you are skeptical about getting into these freebie sites, you have all the right to do so. Some sites are just a waste of time, and you have to be careful when clicking various links. 

Luckily, we got your back. Below are the updated, compiled, trustworthy, and working sites that offer online freebies you’ve probably never heard of before.

Best Sites to Get Online Freebies

1. Aspiration, Inc.

If you are wondering how to make $50 in an instant, then you must sign up for Aspiration, Inc. By opening your Aspiration, Inc. account, you’ll get a super easy $50. Within two months of spending $250 from your account, you’ll receive your $50 cash bonus, and more than that, you’ve helped plant 25 additional trees to save the environment. How cool is that?

Are you wondering whether this is legit? It is! But indeed, it is not your usual bank. Aspiration, Inc., to be more precise, is an online financial firm that offers various sustainable banking cashback experiences. 

It was founded in 2013 and is now paving its way towards establishing hybrid checking and saving accounts. 

Using virtual and online platforms, Aspiration, Inc. aims to lessen the environmental effects of traditional banks. It reduces the use of debit cards, carbon offsets for gas purchases and makes the interest rates higher because of the lessened company expenses. It is primarily a virtual operation.

So how do you register for this? You can start by signing up and verifying your email address. From there, you can open your own Aspiration Spend and Save Account and get it approved within seconds. 

2. Freestuff.com

Freestuff.com freebies

Want to get free stuff? The easiest way to look for online freebies is by going to a freebie site, of course.

If you are unsure which website to go to, start with freestuff.com and start browsing through their endless freebies from smartphones, money, beauty products, cookies, digital art, and dog supplements, even; name it all! If you join their site, you’ll earn free samples, giveaways, and even points to qualify for more freebies.

Freestuff is a popular site with an extensive list of offers. They share their sample links right on their page, convenient for curious minds who want to check it out before signing up. Most free samples will require you to be at least 18 years old to request to claim your item.

The best freebie deal just needs you to sign up, no more, no less. This website is user-friendly and requires little to no information at all, but of course, you must be cautious of third-party sites that ask for your bank digits or even your phone number. 

If you want to save money, you can also get that straight-up discount coupon from this site. Try out brands and get free samples of newly released products! 

Some effortless tasks you only must do are referred, answer random surveys, take part in polls, and then finally, take advantage of the sponsored offers.

3. FB Groups


Have you been scrolling through your Facebook every day yet never heard of the free stuff it can offer? 

Now you do, and it only requires little to no effort at all to claim your long list of FB giveaways. So you are probably wondering, how does this even work? Basic. You just have to start by using your social links and browse through groups like you usually do. 

To make it more specific, you can either:

Find free stuff on Facebook Market:

The benefit of Facebook Market is that you can get not just priced items but also free stuff. To get there, you just have to choose a filter on the “for sale” option and get to the “free” icon. This section will show you the list of stuff that most FB people want to get rid of and put up in the market for free.

It can also be free unused coupons, moving out or new furniture, old couch, extra clothes, gadgets, and a lot more. Check out posted free stuff near you so you won’t have to spend money on its shipping fee.

4. Join “Buy Nothing” and “Free Stuff” Groups

When checking out meme groups, probably check out freebie groups on FB as well. Every once in a while, flips and other deals can be found in your nearest “buy nothing” and “free stuff” Facebook groups.

To give you an idea of looking for a group, just go to that search tab and look for groups that offer free stuff within your radius. You can use keyword searches such as “buy nothing,” “free stuff,” or “FB freebies” in the group search tab. Some Facebook freebies out there that you can visit are Freebies Frenzy, Freebies 4 Mom, Free Sample Network, and yoFreeSamples.com, among many others.

5. Credit Karma

If you are trying to apply for a large loan and want to keep track of your credit scores, Credit Karma is your way to go.

Credit Karma is a free and legitimate online service that sells credit cards, financial and loan products to its users. 

Other than that, it helps keep track of your credit scores to check if you are eligible or not for your desired credit goal. So, how does Credit Karma work? 

Although several sites offer the same service, Credit Karma is more likely to be the most accurate and safest site to consult. It has over 60 million users and has been in the business for more than a decade now.

To start, you just have to visit Credit Karma and sign in to it. You’ll be required to share some sensitive personal information, but it doesn’t ask for your bank and credit details, so it’s safe. After signing up, you’ll be able to receive credit card offers grounded on your preferences and profile. 

Other than that, it will also provide you personal loan choices unbiased, even car loans! 

And it gives you your free credit score report based on VantageScore — a joint algorithm from the three well-trusted credit reporting agencies. It can also analyze your FICO Score, then track if you’re on the low or high sides of your credit rating.

While the other free sites on the list offer freebies like coupons and stuff, Credit Karma provides “free credit score, insights and reports.” It gives users a state of financial ease while keeping track of loan and credit opportunities.

6. Stash App

Stash App like Credit Karma helps to promote financial freedom and introduces an alternative way of investing. It is an investment app that allows you to invest for free, making everything more accessible and much more straightforward! 

Most traditional trading platforms require fees before you can sign in and start investing in several companies. 

However, Stash App has made their service free, and you can open your account anytime you want.

This app aims at making investing a user and beginner-friendly process. Some people wouldn’t even dare think about investing as it can be tricky, arduous, and complicated, but if you’re looking at Stash, you can start building that portfolio from scratch ever so quickly. 

It costs $1 per month for the brokerage account, but you’re probably paying a lot less if you compare it with other investment apps and companies.

What it does is, like Credit Karma, narrows down the investment risks and options suitable to your profile. It provides suggestions and recommends content ideal for your portfolio as well. It includes education content to help diversify more portfolios.

If you’re into the idea of investing but at the back of your head, you’re worried about the risks and want everything to be simplified, then start with Stash. It offers free sign-up features, and from then, you can start with the lowest subscription rate of $1/month with no hidden charges. 

Last, Stash is a safe app that uses “cutting-edge security features,” so what’s there to think further?

7. Swagbucks

You’ve probably heard about Swagbucks before; from ads, recommendations or blogs you have visited. It’s in the list of recommended legitimate rewards and loyalty-program sites out there. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’re missing out on something great! 

Although Swagbucks doesn’t instantly give off free cash, it's worth your tiny amount of time and effort compared to sites that offer enormous sums of rewards, but at the end of almost a hundred surveys, it turns out to be a scam.

Swagbucks is an online site where you can sign in freely with no hidden charges or. From there, you’ll have the choice to refer to the site to your friends and earn instant SB’s or Swagbuck points, which you can use in claiming cash or coupons posted on the site. 

Or you can directly answer surveys to make your SBs. You can probably play through this site during your free time or when you’re bored. 

Some people, who have trust issues with survey sites, might still question Swagbucks’ legitimacy but don’t worry. It never asks for your personal information, more so, your bank account details. It also doesn’t have any pop-up ads that’ll take you to harmful third-party sites.

The site has been up in the online community since 2008 and has already paid two million-dollar-plus to its users. Cool, right? So what are the ways you can start collecting those SB’s and claim the rewards? 

Here are a few tips and samples:

Answer quick surveys

Of course, answering surveys on a survey site is already given, but this is not your typical annoying survey site. Swagbucks doesn’t offer a long list of surveys nor asks a lot of questions. Most of the time, it will only ask you ten survey questions, and you already got yourself an SB point. Easy, right?

Send your referral to a friend.

This one’s much easier than answering a quick survey. You just have to send links to your friends’ emails and Voila, another SB point.

Watch video playlists

There are video playlists that Swagbucks has already organized for you to watch. Just by running the playlist in the background, you will also earn SB points.

Shop from participating stores and make use of Swagbucks Local.

Typically, survey sites won’t offer these kinds of partnerships, but since Swagbucks is not your “typical” survey site, it has this feature! It’s like an advantage card that earns points outside the site as well. When you go to partner shops, dine and buy things, you can link your account and claim available SB points from there.

Play games

Lastly, if you’re bored and want to earn SB points, you can always opt for their SB earning games.

8. DD Rewards

online dunkin donuts freebie

Dunkin’ Donuts is probably one of the most famous donut stores out there. They have franchise locations worldwide, sell various sweets, and are also popular with their beverages such as coffee. 

If you’re into Dunkin’ Donuts, then you’ve probably heard of DD Rewards before. DD rewards is a loyalty program introduced for all lovers of Dunkin’ out there. They are incredibly generous with giving out points, bonuses, and perks to their loyal customers.

Just by signing up online or on their app, you can already start registering any DD Card. And once you have set up your DD Card, you’re free to claim the rewards. 

Once done signing up, you’ll automatically get a FREE beverage for signing up and another FREE beverage of your choice on your birthday! 

The reward system works at earning five reward points for every $1 spent on their products, for starters. For every 200 points earned, you’ll get yourself a complimentary beverage. Other than that, you’ll also get the chance to claim exclusive bonus offers. 

What’s the only thing that can make doughnuts and coffee better? A rewards point along with the purchase that is.

Companies that Send Out Freebies

9. Freebies.org

Freebies.org is not a company that sends out freebies, but it is a site that compiles legitimate companies that offer free samples out there. So, you don’t have to go looking one by one for a company offering a freebie.

 You won’t have to go through the hassle of clicking the wrong links either. When heading over to their site, freebies.org, it directs you immediately into a tab where it answers your essential questions, such as how it works, tips and tricks, and is it real?

To sum it up, this site is real, and the catch is that the freebies being distributed over for free is a first-come, first-served basis — nothing to worry about here, right? 

So starting, you just have to simply click on as many “get this freebie” buttons as you can and answer the request form, filling out some details. The details are treated with confidentiality, though most definitely, it won’t require any highly confidential information from any user. It’s swift and easy. 

Now once you have done this, there are a lot more freebies waiting, so here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • The more the merrier, the more are the chances of winning. Since this is a numbers game, the more survey and freebie links you answer, the more opportunities they will choose as the first freebie recipients.
  • The earlier, the better. There are a lot of multiple users on this site, so better be early in answering newly released surveys and freebie forms so that you’ll get higher odds of winning your eyed freebie as well.
  • Use them AUTO-FILLS. Using this hack will save you a lot of time filling out forms from different companies with generic questions.
  • Be consistent. If no freebie has landed on your mailbox after a few tries of trying, don’t be discouraged. There are many regular freebie sites out there similar to this one, so you might simultaneously try several sites to land on that jackpot finally.

10. Freestufffinder

Hunting samples proactively is a great tip in getting the latest deals, samples, coupons around the clock. If you are eyeing Freestufffinder, then you are watching a whole site of various free stuff from magazines, foods, gadgets, cosmetic products to digital game downloads! 

This site is jam-packed with lots of the latest free stuff in the market and where you can save half off of your daily purchases -a wise and accessible site. 

This site has been up and running since 2011, and its 2.2 million users can swear by its legitimacy.

So how does this work? What it offers are three various deals:

  • Online deals – are sales and promotions where you can look for discounts on your area’s stores.
  • Free Samples – various brands and companies out there distribute these “freebies.” The site has a tab where a compilation of free samples and the dates for claiming is available.
  • Coupons – this deal is searching through every available coupon that your fave store has and maximizing its use to save a lot of money.

Like freebies.org, this site requires a first-come-first-served basis on most of its limited freebie and coupon offers. 

The good thing is that they offer text alerts to let you know about their site’s latest deals so that you won’t miss anything important.

11. Influenster

online freecycle freebie

Influenster is an online platform for product reviews and discoveries for both consumers and merchants. It is a large community of almost 6 million users who share their experiences for a particular brand or product. 

Influenster makes an informative site for consumers and open discourse towards their purchase decisions. It also offers sampling campaigns, which means users will get the chance to have “freebies” or sample products to review.

This site is a win-win site for both the consumers and the brand owners who want to improve their products before putting them on the market. It helps mobilize their engagement with a large community. The consumer review tactics that Influenster uses depend on the aim and in-depth reviews from trusted consumers. 

So if you are wondering how to get their sample products out for review? You can visit their site, register by email or via Facebook, then connect your social media accounts. 

You have more chances of getting a VoxBox (their sampling boxes) if you have more significant social media traffic. A VoxBox can comprise various products from fantastic brands; some are even worth hundreds of dollars!

This site implements an impact score to monitor the chances of you getting a VoxBox. So how do you increase your score? Well, it will only take several steps:

  • Link your social media accounts (the more, the better) – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Blogger, among many others. From here, it will calculate your impact score.
  • Invite friends to join the site
  • Add an Influenster widget to your sites.

Influenster circles around the “influence” each consumer has in creating a meaningful review for a particular brand. If you have a wider following or audience in your social media accounts, you will be highly likely to be given a VoxBox to review.

12. Smiley360

Smiley360 is another great way to discover free stuff for your honest reviews about the products that you try. It is like the algorithm behind Influenster, where they give out various test products for free. 

They give out these products to help particular brands improve their products. From then, they will assess if you are eligible to claim your free product test. Here are the steps in getting your free stuff at Smiley360:

  •  Sign up for an account. The first step in getting free stuff from any site is to sign up and verify your account. The only information it requires is the basics, no more, no less.
  • After creating your account, take surveys on your dashboard, which directs you to the product types according to your preferences.
  • You will also have to choose several missions and activities you would like to take part in and complete them. 
  • To finally get a free product to try, be consistent in taking surveys, update your profile, especially your linked social media accounts, and yet, give and take, take part in the brand review discourse.

The more participation you pitch in, the more chances they accept you for a Smiley360 Mission. From these missions, you’ll earn stars, points, and badges to try free products.

13. Pinchme

Pinchme is a site that also gives away boxes full of free products for consumer feedback. They allow members to interact with brands objectively and help contribute to making their products better. 

This site sends out boxes full of lovely samples and full-size products subject to consumer reviews. It is also a first-come-first-served basis, so you probably have to note some tips and tricks to get through the high-trafficked site traffic. 

After joining the Pinchme site with the usual basic information requirements, you will want to visit their home tab for the newly posted free samples. 

Make sure that you keep updated on the possible new listings so you get the chance to opt for your free box earlier than most users.

Pinchme will post product samples from reputable brands that they will send to several users, creating objective feedback about the piece. To get the most out of the Pinchme site, you have to:

  • Take note that there will be a ‘Sample Tuesday’ every noon EST at the site once a month, where you will have to register and keep up with the listing on time. During these peak days, the traffic can be heavy, ensuring a good internet connection and being there before the said release time.
  • Also, choose the sample product listing that you would want to review. Opting for any product sample can be a waste of effort because if you are a girl who does not love cosmetics but opted for one, you may not produce a great review on the product.

There could be several factors why it may or may not send you out on your desired product samples. However, like the rest of the sample sites, consistency is always the key.

14. Sample a Day

While previous samples have low maintenance requirements such as required surveys and information, Sample a Day is a site that offers freebies with no catch. 

Here, you’ll find genuine offers, but you have to check back daily to avail of their offers while it lasts. It’s a safe and legitimate site as it implements a stringent policy. 

It reminds its users to check the privacy policy of third-party sites, as they clearly state that they will not be responsible for any information losses in these cases. Like other sites, the site hosts contests but will only allow a single household entry. So there’s that.

To sum it up, Sample a Day is a great, safe and conscious site that offers a free stuff, especially in platforms that run cosmetic businesses, coffees, subscriptions, among many others. 

The best part of getting free stuff is not having to worry about being scammed or having your info sold out there. This site will surely help eliminate that fear.

15. Freecycle.org

online declutter freebie

Freecycle.org is a website that aims to reuse and trade free stuff. May it be furniture, books, or even collectibles, Freecycle has it all. You just need to sign up to their website and enter your city and state and click “Go” to push through Freecycle’s groups near you. 

People in groups can offer free items and request one. But before anything else, keep in mind that you have to make an account at Freecycle. 

Using this website is a great way to declutter, upgrade your items and get free stuff to reduce your expenditure. 

16. Sample That

If you enjoy beta testing products, Samplethat might be the best website for acquiring freebies. Free giveaways range from beauty, household, health, and baby samples available on their site within a duration of time. Follow these steps for getting hassle-free freebies:

  • Register on their site and receive daily emails about their product offers.
  • Participants need to be legal residents of the USA and are 18 years or older. 
  • To check out eligible products for testing, visit their product testing program page here.
  • Enter your information details to see if you’re eligible for product testing at the end of their promotion period.

Besides that, here’s the requirement for the product review:

  • Enter your contact details
  • Write a review of at least 300 words.
  • Review the product honestly.
  • Create a video of yourself using the products
  • Provide a picture of the product with its packaging open

17. The Republic of Tea

online the republic of tea freebie

The Republic of Tea is a purveyor of premium teas and holds a Loyal Community program for their customers. Registering to this program can earn your Tea Leaf rewards, which you can redeem later than their tea products. 

Also, referring a new citizen to register on their site can earn you $10 on your next purchase of $25 or more.

Regarding their giveaways and freebies, it’s pretty accessible to everyone to ask for their freebies to the Republic of Tea. Just click here, enter the information needed, shipping address, and click catalog request. The catalog that you’ll receive will have free tea bags with it!

Kickstart Your Special Day with These Birthday Freebies

18. Starbucks

online starbucks freebie

Starbucks is probably one of everyone’s go-to and looked-forward-to places to visit on their birthdays. Most readers are already members of the Starbucks Rewards system and own a Starbucks card. If not, then register now while your birthday is not yet here.

This famous coffee chain offers a birthday reward to all of its SB Rewards members but makes sure you still have seven days before your birthday when registering as a part of their rules. 

Once you have signed up, you can immediately claim your Birthday reward at any Starbucks branch. Here’s how you sign up for your birthday treat:

  • Buy your consumable $5 Starbucks card.
  • Visit their registration link, input the required details of your birth date. Ensure that you get everything accurately, especially your birthday, because it will be your Birthday Reward date.
  • Register your Starbucks Card.
  • Verify your email, and you’re ready.

Note you can only claim Starbucks’ birthday rewards valid on your actual birthday. It may seem restrictive, but signing up with multiple cards can also be a pro-tip. You can use your various cards to claim many birthday rewards as well. 

Talk about the hacks! Though it sucks that you can only use your SB birthday rewards on your actual birthday, their coffees and cakes make up for this bummer condition. 

19. Sephora

online sephora freebie

Sephora might be one of the well-known outlets in the cosmetics industry. This famous chain offers various kinds of related cosmetic products. 

May it be indie, luxury, and popular brands. Make-up, lotions, skincare, and fragrances are just some broad options that they offer. To all cosmetics connoisseurs, it’s pretty easy to gain freebies in Sephora. 

For you to qualify for their exclusive birthday freebie, you just need to become a Sephora “Beauty Insider. 

Follow these steps to redeem your annual birthday freebie quickly:

  • Visit your local Sephora store.
  • Provide your Beauty Insider card along with your address or phone number to the cashier. (no purchase needed)
  • Ask for your birthday gift.
  • This year’s options include Laneige, NARS, and Moroccanoil products.

Besides that, being a Beauty Insider member also offers many perks like their points system, seasonal savings, 10% off, and their year-end $15 discount dollar savings.

20. Red Robin

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews is a famous American casual dining chain that also offers freebies on their loyal customers’ birthdays. If you have visited a Red Robin restaurant and fell in love with their Gourmet Burger, then you have to sign up for their Red Royalty Card. 

Get the best out of their freebies, especially on your birthday, by registering for free and claiming your card. 

As a red robin member, you will automatically receive a Free Birthday Burger. Besides this free burger, you can also enjoy more perks like:

  • A free item for every 10th item purchased from their store
  • Exclusive Surprise Rewards.
  • Teacher and Military Rewards.
  • Get a $20 consumable on your 6th visit!

They’ll sing happy birthday when you celebrate with them! How fun is that, right?

21. The Honest Company

The honest company is an environmental-friendly brand that also offers birthday freebies for babies. Yes, for babies (mostly), but they also have beauty products. Jessica Alba is the founder of The Honest Company. 

This company is generous in providing offers and promotions weekly. They also offer free shipping for most of their beauty products.

If you are a mom and you are looking for a conscious brand and would want to purchase products such as diapers for your baby as well, then you’ve landed just on the right page. So how do you get that freebie? Easy. Just sign up on the site, and you’ll score an instant two free trial bundles

Though the shipping is not free, the freebies themselves will make up for it. From the design to the quality, there’s probably a reason it’s called the honest company.

Which of These Freebies Will You Snatch First?

Before getting into any freebie site, no matter the strict policies being implemented, you still have to give due diligence to the third-party sites that may pop up. 

By checking out the site’s features, you’ll quickly find deals that suit your needs, but you still (and always) have to keep your highly personal information out of the public reach.

While there are probably many more available sites out there that offer online freebies, including many consumer-tested samples mentioned above, this compilation is a great way to kick-start your online freebie game. Who doesn’t love free stuff, right?


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