10 Odd but Fulfilling Careers You’d Happily Do if Money Were No Issue

We all have a passion, but we have limited time and money to pursue it. If you’re looking for a new hobby, read through these ideas for inspiration. One of them might even push you to quit your job and focus on your dreams full-time.

1. A Zamboni On the Ice

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Who doesn’t love the Zamboni? One individual took this to the next level by offering to live their dream of clearing the ice after an ice skating session.

It’s a charming answer, and the poster said they longed to be a Zamboni driver for the local ice rink. They would happily spend their days scraping snow and watching ice. They even offered to clean the skates to help out.

2. Hang Out With Your Cat All Day

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Several commenters expressed the desire to run a bookshop. Who knew that so many readers wanted to go into this business? Some had other motives for this career.

One commenter stated, “Own a bookshop, or how can I try to make hanging out with my cat a job?” While this is a funny answer, many bookstores have official bookstore cats that stay in the building, so it is not the first time someone has thought of this idea.

3. Teach The Children

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Among the civic-minded forum members, at least 11 stated they would become teachers if given the opportunity. Working with children and helping them learn was a priority, so the dream has not died, and one specified that they would love to teach art.

4. Community Minded

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This dream is more specific but has solid community-minded aspects. A person shyly stated that their dream would be to run a vintage game and trading card shop where locals could hang out and kids could spend time learning more about games. He wanted to make it a friendly and safe place for the community and said achieving that goal would make him very happy.

5. A Galloping Gourmet

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Quite a few people expressed the desire to roam the world and sample the cuisines of different cultures. Anthony Bourdain set the mold for the dashing traveler who tastes the world’s food.

Still, one user was particular that they wanted to center on the role of a food critic rather than a cultural ambassador who samples food. Usually, food criticism is centered in a city or geographic area rather than the entire world, so maybe there is space for this kind of dream.

6. Uncut Gems

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The question shows that many people still have dreams and have seriously considered their options. Many of the users were very specific about the hopes that they had for their dream careers.

As an example, who dreams of being a gemstone faceter? One guy does, and he stated, “I want to spend my whole day faceting gems and making jewelry in a small but well-endowed studio.”

7. Travel the World

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Another popular answer is the field of photography, but again, it is a specific kind. Two kinds of people long to work as photographers.

The first stated, “My ideal career would be to work as a professional travel photographer. I would travel the world, capturing beautiful images of different cultures and landscapes and sharing my experiences with others.”

The second is aspiring photographers who want to take photos of nature and animals. Some are so motivated that they already do photography as a hobby and take time to shoot photos of animals or landscapes. One particular man said that his fascination is shooting photos of sloths, the gentle and slow animals that fascinate certain people.

8. Farmer John

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Another more benevolent career that appealed to the forum members was that of a farmer. This user knew specifically the crops he wanted to grow and already had in mind the idea to donate to people less fortunate than himself.

Our potential farmer’s friend has already laid out a list of his crops, so he has given much thought to the enterprise, and he spoke of growing apples, oranges, and pears in orchards, as well as blueberries, corn, and pumpkins.

His ambition also includes keeping bees, raising free-range chickens and goats, and having a giant shire horse as a pet. Lastly, he said he would give away all the produce he raised to the people who needed it most.

9. Gimme Shelter

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What if someone had a combined refuge for humans and animals? That is a kind commenter’s dream, and they described it vividly. They said they wanted to create a shelter that housed animals and human beings.

The animals would be permanent residents who would also be up for adoption. People could sleep at the shelter, and the shelter would serve lunch and dinner. The plan would be to have staff on hand to provide food and services, but the poster was open to having volunteers help out if needed.

10. Historical Significance

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There is more than one way to be of service to humanity. This public-spirited wish is a job that would benefit everyone by preserving our shared culture. What is the job? As described by the forum member, they would want to become a historic building preservationist.

They said, “It would be a complete career change and require loads of student loans to earn the appropriate degree to pursue this career path, but man, it would be a fantastic job.”

Interestingly, many forum members chose dream jobs that would benefit the community or keep a specific art alive.