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We all want a job that is enjoyable and keeps us financially happy. However, the reality is that not all jobs are created equally; some may not be as glamorous as they may appear on the surface.

People online shared which jobs seem fun but always keep them on their toes.

Character Performer

Konstantin Yolshin // Shutterstock

According to one user, working as a character performer has magical moments. Despite being grateful, there are times when the job gets exhausting.

“Guests are ridiculously abusive…I’ve had things said and done to me I never would have imagined.”

Forensic Scientist

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Forensic science is more about meticulous paperwork and data analysis than solving crimes in a flashy lab.

On top of this, if you are a forensic scientist, it is the only thing people want to talk to you about. They think your job is the way they show it on CSI. Disclaimer: It’s not. And it’s only downhill from there.

One frustrated forensic scientist stated that it’s the only thing people ask him about on dating apps.

Professional Photographer

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Snap, click, done? Think again. Professional photographers spend hours editing and retouching photos to perfection.

But that’s not the tricky part, according to one agitated photographer. Instead, the biggest challenge is dealing with demanding clients and their unrealistic expectations. 

One photographer said one phony influencer uploaded the photos he took with numerous filters and said her friend took them. Even more shocking, she did not even pay him — talk about fun.

Park Ranger

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Reality check: Being a park ranger involves more trash pickup and toilet cleaning than communing with nature. It requires a lot of physical and mental stamina, as confirmed by one of the users who happens to be a park ranger.

In his words, “It was less’ talk about cool animals while wearing your ranger hat’ and more ‘the toilets are overflowing again.’”


Ground Picture // Shutterstock

Roses are red, violets are blue, but working in a flower shop is only for a few.

Being a florist is mostly about trimming stems, sweeping petals, and dealing with demanding customers. On top of it, “[h]elping grieving families choose funeral flowers is not fun,” according to a florist whose work mainly revolves around this scenario. 

Marine Biologist

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Marine biology is a fascinating field that involves studying life under the sea. 

However, it’s not all scuba diving and swimming with the dolphins. Marine biologists often spend long hours analyzing data and writing reports in a lab. 

They also have to deal with environmental issues like pollution and climate change, which can be emotionally taxing. Sometimes, it can get a little gross when “measuring defrosted fish heads,” one marine biologist remarked. 

Pediatric Nurse

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Cute babies, but not cute germs — being a pediatric nurse means dealing with a lot of sick children and their worried parents.

While it is a highly noble profession, it requires a lot of patience, empathy, and emotional resilience, especially because a “pediatric nurse sees more cases of abuse and neglect than any other speciality,” according to one dejected nurse. 

Further, she talked about the challenges she faced in keeping the parents in the loop; unfortunately, doctors, nurses, and parents often are not on the same page when caring for these children.

Video Editor

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Video editing may involve high-end equipment, but it’s also about sitting in a room for hours, editing and re-editing footage.

While it is a creative job that involves putting together footage to create a story, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The “more you do it, the more you don’t want to,” a tired video editor posted.


santypan // Shutterstock

Honey, I’m home! But so are thousands of bees, and you have to deal with them.

While beekeeping is a rewarding hobby, it requires hard work and dedication; it’s not a job for everyone. 

Beekeepers have to wear protective gear to avoid getting stung, and they have to deal with bees that can be unpredictable and aggressive. According to a weary beekeeper, it gets more challenging when “a large number of beekeepers [are] allergic to bees…”


Dragana Gordic // Shutterstock

The sweet smell of success — but at 4 am!

Bakers wake up early and work long hours to create delicious pastries and bread, which makes the job not so frosty. 

One annoyed baker stated that she has to be at work at 4 am, so she has the baked goods ready by 6 am. That doesn’t sound too fun to do every day for the rest of your life. 

Flight Attendant

Hero Images Inc // Shutterstock.

This will depend on when you start and which company you work for. However, one user shared their bad experience as a flight attendant.

“1) You are on call (on reserve) forever, have a terrible schedule, have no life, and make no money for 5-10 years. 2) While you work for peanuts, you can’t afford to use your flight “benefits” in any substantial way. 3) Then, when you finally get a chance to use your benefits for a trip, you have to fly standby which means you aren’t guaranteed to get on the flight you want.”

Preschool Teacher During Covid

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Snot, tears, masks, and whatnot! Being a preschool teacher during a pandemic is no joke. 

Say goodbye to snuggles and hello to social distancing; as a very distressed preschool teacher said, “Ever try social distancing at 3 years old?” The thought itself is chaotic.

Preschool teachers have to ensure that their students are safe and healthy while also providing them with a conducive learning environment — a job that sounds more challenging than fun. 

Think Twice Before Pursuing Your Next Job

Cast Of Thousands // Shutterstock

It’s important to recognize that not all jobs are as glamorous as they may seem. While careers like professional photography, marine biology, and beekeeping may seem like a dream come true, the reality of the job can be quite different.

Ultimately, it’s up to each person to figure out what career path is right for them and pursue it passionately.

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