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How to Succeed in Today’s Multigenerational Workplace

Lindsey is a leading Millennial expert who advises young professionals and organizations wanting to succeed in today’s workforce. She's the author of a NY Times bestselling book “Becoming the Boss” & her latest one “The Remix.” And, has appeared in popular media like The Today Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC and NPR.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Ask people how they'd like to be contacted--never assume someone's preferred method based of their age.
  2. You can learn something from everyone--ask one thoughtful question to people you meet.

Podcast Interview Notes:

1. What type of mindset should one adopt to adapt in a multi-generational workforce.

I’m a Gen Xer.

The title of my book you’d mentioned describes the attitude and mindset I recommend people have– it’s borrowed from music. Everybody knows a remix song involves taking a classic song and mixing it with modern elements.  The mindset to have in the workplace is to combine the best of the strategies from each generation. 

Everything is better when we take a little bit from everybody else’s perspective.

2. What’s the best way to build knowledge with too many options available nowadays? 

I’m someone who writes and reads a lot of books.

The problem is there’s too much knowledge and information available. I like to ask the people I admire what they’re reading and learning from. Whenever I’m at a networking event I make a habit of asking “have you read any good books lately?”

3. What advice would you recommend to someone for overcoming fear?

The antidote to fear is practice.

You have to audition a hundred times. You have to do things that scare you on a regular basis. I know that sounds cliche but it’s the only way to get over the fear.

By the way, I’d tried out for acapella singing groups and was rejected by everyone.

I’d read about a woman who’s a writer and set a goal each year to get 100 rejections for her writing. She did this because it forced her to submit her writing to editors and make progress.

4. ​What’s the biggest challenge you’ve noticed in the multi-generational workplace and how can one overcome this?

There’s a statistic about 81% of people admitting their biggest challenge being communication.

There are many different ways to communicate so it’s hard to choose. Never assume because someone who’s older doesn’t want to use social media. I’d never seen that just as somebody younger, they don’t want to talk in person. That’s not true and everyone is an individual. 

To overcome confusion with communication ask people their preferred method of communication. 

Money Round

If you had to start all over knowing what you know now—how would you start making money in the next 90 days?

First, get really clear on what you’re selling.

I’ve received the most business from personal referrals. Rather than buying an ad to total strangers or cold calling them, start a business with the people you know. 

What advice would you give to people who are currently struggling with their finances and feeling hopeless?

I can relate to this feeling.

We’ve all been there. You have to start by tracking where your money is going, whether business or personal.

Write down every penny you spend for a week and see exactly where the money is going, Understand where you stand with overspending and search for new opportunities.

What does money mean to you?

Money means security and freedom.

I know if unexpected events occur I’d be able to face them. Money also allows me to do the things I enjoy and avoid things I don’t like.

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