12 Overlooked Investments That Could Boost Your Wallet

Most of us think of the stock market when we hear the word “invest.” However, there are smaller ways to invest in yourself that will pay dividends. Consider one of the following options if you want to make your money work for you.

1. Education for a Higher-Paying Job

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Investing in yourself is a great way to invest your money. One way to do this is by spending your money to expand your education. This investment can easily lead to a higher-paying job, which equates to more money in your bank account in the long term.

2. Ambitious Projects

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If you prefer to be your own boss or dream of becoming your own boss, consider investing your money in ambitious projects. If you have extra cash, you might as well go for it. Who knows how big your business will get?

3. Help With Everyday Tasks

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Most people don’t enjoy things like cleaning or shopping for groceries. These are tedious tasks that can take away from your financial goals and make you feel stressed. That said, paying someone to do these everyday tasks is a great way to invest your money. (It also helps other folks out in the process.)

4. Buying Land

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Land does not depreciate over time, which makes it an excellent medium- to long-term investment. However, ensure you thoroughly research the property and area before buying. 

5. Stock Market

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The most obvious way to invest money is to utilize the stock market. The stock market can be hit or miss, but many people have been lucky. Professional consulting may achieve better returns, especially if you’re new.

6. Self-Education

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Working on yourself is the best investment of all time. Instead of spending money on frivolous things that don’t improve your life, consider spending it on things that can make you a better person. For example, read books about other successful people. It’s cheap and effective!

7. Real Estate

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Real estate does incur some volatility, but not nearly as much as the stock market. Whether residential or commercial, you will almost always see an impressive return on investment.

8. Bonds

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As one commenter described, “You are essentially lending money to a firm or the government when you buy a bond. Over the course of the bond’s lifecycle, the government or firm who sold you the bond will pay you interest on the ‘loan.’ Bonds are ‘less riskier’ [sic] than stocks, but their prospective returns are also significantly lower.”

9. SIPs

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Finally, one commenter says, “Investing in Equity Markets through SIP (systematic investment plan) is one of the best way [sic] to invest your money. We all know that returns on Equity investment always beats any other investment option in the long run.”

10. Crypto

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Crypto often gets a bad rap, but it’s mainly because most people don’t take the time to learn how it works. Bitcoin allows you to perform transactions over the blockchain, a decentralized online ledger. This opens the door to more control over your money and better protection against inflation.

If you’re curious, read the Bitcoin Standard by Michael Saylor.

11. Dividend Kings

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What’s a better track record than 25 years in a row? Dividend kings is a term for companies who’ve increased their dividend payout for shareholders for 25 consecutive years.

12. Make Your Money Work For You!

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Whether you spend your money to improve your education or take your dollars to the stock market, these investment options have all proven to be excellent ways to expand your bank account.


Author: Christopher Alarcon

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