11 Most Dangerous Places Across the World You Should Avoid at All Costs

You never know what you’ll discover while traveling, but when in unfamiliar territory, you must be careful to stay safe. These 10 places around the world have a reputation for being especially hostile to visitors.

1. Australia

Gold Coast, Australia
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Aside from crocodiles and venomous spiders, one user unlocked a new fear with stonefish. He mentioned living in Australia as a toddler, but quickly adopted the habit of wearing shoes anytime he stepped into the ocean.

2. La Modelo Prison, Colombia

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This prison is located in Bogota, Colombia, and was initially known for its notorious violence and poor conditions.

3. Svalbard, Norway

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Norway offers beautiful landscapes and the northern lights, but many people go there ill-prepared for the cold conditions. Before hiking a remote Norwegian trail, be sure to do your research and have the proper equipment.

4. Myanmar

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This country faces political and social issues, including military rule. Soldiers will even come to people’s homes at night to arrest them.

5. The Alps

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If you’re looking for a remote location, the Alps are for you. The huge mountain range offers exciting climbing opportunities—but watch out. Even a quarter mile from a main road, you can get lost and end up stranded, battling the elements.

6. Thompson, Manitoba

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Don’t let the tranquil scenery fool you; according to the crime rate, this town is one of the most dangerous in Canada. Tread carefully if you ever find yourself in Thompson.

7. Snake Island, Brazil

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As the name suggests, this island is home to a high concentration of venomous snakes. It is one of the deadliest islands in the world.

8. Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

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This mysterious lake attracts tourists every year, but locals try to avoid it. It is cold all year round, and nothing grows around it.

9. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

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Mexico offers huge amounts of history and delicious food. Unfortunately, this city makes it to Mexico’s top five dangerous cities due to its high crime rate.

10. West Baltimore, Maryland

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This neighborhood, located in the west part of the city, faces poverty and a high crime rate. People working and living in Baltimore know to avoid this area of the city.

11. Budapest, Hungary

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There is a street in Budapest called Hero Street that tourists should avoid at all costs, according to locals. Luckily, other areas of the city have beautiful architecture and culture to explore.


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