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Morning Habits You Need To Start If You Want To Get Rich

If you’re like most people:

You’re not a morning person.

You work best in the evenings.

And, you “think” you’re accomplishing a lot without a morning routine.

But, if you want to reach financial success, you need a great morning routine packed with good habits. Ones that’ll take you one step closer towards your goals, and help you grow.

Starting your morning the right way can make all the difference in your life. You’ll have more money, improve your relationships, feel happier, and much more.

It’s that important.

Otherwise, you’re leaving your success to chance.

So, how do you know which morning habits to adopt?

By trying a handful of good habits and seeing which ones stick. For the past few years, I’ve adopted many different morning habits. Although I’ve stopped doing some habits, I kept going back to ones that provided great results.

Because my morning habits have made a difference in my life, I’m confident they can do the same for you.

Here’s how to build your own morning routine–one that’ll help you reach more financial success.

How do I start a morning routine?

If you don’t have a morning routine you may be wondering how to start one.

Sure, you can pick a few things you’d like to try and see what works, but that can take longer. Instead, try ones that are already working for others and have science-backed benefits.

Start by waking up earlier. Most morning routines can take up to one hour. So, go to bed 1 hour earlier so that you can wake up earlier the next morning.

But, if you’re looking to also get some work done before heading out to your “job”, wake up an extra hour or two earlier. For people who have kids and other distractions–working in the evenings is challenging. Check where you’ll have the best opportunity to consistently get work done and block out time.

Your morning routine should help you plan your day to complete your most important tasks.

Morning routines of successful people

Morning routines aren’t only for fun.

Most successful people have some type of routine that helps them get more done each day.

Here are a few morning routines of successful people:

morning-routines-of-successful-people (1)

Notice a pattern?

Most successful people workout in the mornings. Health should be your priority because without it you’re not able to do anything else. But, besides working out, notice how varied morning routines can be.

Some entrepreneurs prefer to be on social media. While others prefer spending time with their family.

There’s not a right or wrong answer. A morning routine that helps you get the most work done is the right routine for you.

If most successful people have a morning routine then why shouldn’t you?

Here are some habits that’ll help you build your morning routine:

Sleeping well is the foundation of your morning routine

Without sleep, everything falls apart.

You won’t have the energy to complete your tasks, and will most likely take a nap to recover (as I’ve done in the past.)

Sleep will vary for everyone. Some people are fine with 5 hours of sleep, while most will need 8 hours. Find out what works best for you by tracking your results.

  • M: 8 hours–feeling: good
  • T: 7.5 hours–feeling: good
  • W: 7 hours–feeling: good <– Sweet spot
  • T: 6.5 hours–feeling: not so good
  • F: 6 hours–feeling: not good

Data shows that the average person needs at least 7 hours of sleep. Good sleep will leave you feeling energized and help you produce more quality work.

Eliminate choices to save energy

In the morning many times, you’ll be half awake.

And, if you’re adding new morning routines to your schedule, you’re going to need all your energy.

To cut choices, prepare your work and gym clothes ahead of time. Have a glass of water next to your bed to drink first thing in the morning. Set your goals for the next day the night before.

Your goal is to make your morning as easy as possible to reduce decision fatigue. Use most of your energy in the morning to complete your most important tasks instead.

Think of your brain as a muscle that’s using energy when it thinks. Each decision you make depletes your brain’s energy. Imagine how much energy you waste overthinking which clothes you’ll wear each morning.

Although these tasks don’t seem like much, they’re robbing energy from your brain. It’s no surprise why by evenings most people are too tired to do anything.

You need a fitness plan

I get it, waking up early to go to the gym isn’t sexy.

I’ve been going to the gym for years and I still have days during the week when I ’d rather stay in bed. But, I do my best to get up anyways.

By working out first thing in the morning you’ll be more energized and reduce your stress levels.

The harsh reality is that without good health you won’t be able to do anything. You’d spend more time in the doctor’s office when you could ’ve spent this time being productive.

Carve out 30–60 minutes to go to the gym each morning, three to five times per week. If your schedule is tight then substitute going to the gym with a home-workout. Don’t spend most of your days sitting down.

Sitting for long periods of time can be fatal for your health. Around 3 million people die due to lack of physical activity.

Use this tool to write down your goals

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

No matter how bad you want to get wealth, it’ll never happen if don’t write it down.

Goals are a crucial part in achieving any type of success.


Because data says you’re more likely to reach your goals by writing them down. But, you don’t need science to understand why. If you’re not tracking your goals there’s no way of knowing if you’ve reached them.

Your journal acts as a report card for where you stand with your goals. Here you’ll write down your daily tasks and review them at the end of the day. More important, your journal tracks your results.

Having a journal allows you to view the areas where you’re struggling and succeeding. And, you’ll be more productive, instead of checking off items from a “to-do” list.

Be thankful for what you have

If you can’t appreciate the small things you have then you won’t appreciate the bigger things.

Becoming rich isn’t an overnight task. Most likely it will take years to build wealth. Learning to love the journey is necessary but being grateful for what you have is also important.

Think about it:

Will you appreciate earning 10K per month if you can’t appreciate 5K?

And, when will you ever have enough money?

That’s why practicing gratitude is important. When you write down your goals each morning, write 3 things you’re grateful for.

Things to be grateful for:

  1. Have clean water
  2. Having an internet connection

The list goes on.

When you stop and think about the things you have that millions of others don’t, you become grateful. It won’t happen overnight, but eventually, you’ll feel the positive effects of gratitude.

Stop procrastinating by completing your hardest task first

We all have tasks that we don’t enjoy doing.

And the best time to complete these tasks is in the morning.

It’s said that if we had to choose to complete two tasks that we should complete the most challenging one first.


Because this is often the one that we’re most likely to procrastinate on. When you complete your most challenging task first, the rest of your day will feel easier.

Writing is something that I enjoy doing but only once I start. Because I know that I’ll procrastinate on my writing I do this first thing in the morning. Most days I’m able to write an hour before heading off to work, and when I’m lucky I’m able to write for two.

Now, think of which task you dread doing the most and carve out enough time to complete it.

Start listening to experts

On Friday mornings you have to listen to your favorite music commuting to work.


But, Monday through Thursday listen to Podcasts when you’re commuting to/from work. On the weekends listen to Podcasts whenever you’re driving to the grocery store. Listen to Podcasts as much as possible.

This is free knowledge that experts share and where interesting guests get interviewed. If you’ve never listened to a Podcast start by listening to five minutes of one that’s on a topic that interests you.

If you want to be successful you need to be in constant learning mode. Not only learning new money strategies but also ways you can improve your well-being. When you understand your mind, health, and relationships you’ll have more financial success.

If you have a smartphone there’s some type of app that would allow you to listen to Podcasts. Make it habit to spend 30–60 minutes listening to your favorite Podcasts daily.

Quit coffee, drink this instead

Caffeine is a staple drink to most of the world.

Although it helps you wake up, rely on good sleep instead.

But, what if you were able to get an extra boost in the morning with health benefits?

The good news is that it’s possible with green tea. As a previous coffee addict it was hard for me to quit coffee, but after drinking green tea I haven’t looked back.

Here’s why:

Green tea doesn’t give you any crashes as coffee does and it has health benefits. Benefits like improving your blood flow, and having antioxidants–which help prevent cell damage.

Green tea also helps the brain run smoothly and repair neurons in the brain with gallotannin. Without a strong and healthy mind, it’s hard to build wealth. And green tea is a great drink to have in the morning to improve your well-being.

Sample morning routines you can try

These 7 morning habits are great but without implementation they’re useless.

Here are some sample routines that you can incorporate in your mornings:

Morning Routine 1:

Time Needed: 90 minutes

Workout: 60 minutes (includes driving to/from gym + 40-minute workout) Meditate: 5 minutes Read: 20 minutes Journal: 5 minutes

Morning Routine 2:

Time needed: 60 minutes

Tabata home workout: 15 minutes Meditate: 10 minutes Read: 30 minutes Journal: 5 minutes

Morning Routine 3:

Time needed: 30 minutes

Tabata home workout: 10 minutes Meditate: 5 minutes Read: 10 minutes Journal: 5 minutes

Be financially well off using your new morning habits

Financial success isn’t rocket science.

But, it’s one of the hardest things for anyone to achieve.

Getting rich is great but it’s only half the battle. You need to aim for true fulfillment instead.

Imagine not having to work at a job you hate. Or, traveling more than 6 times per year. You’d wake up and not even think about your finances–at least no the way you do now.

No stress. No unhappiness. Just pure joy.

Okay, maybe the above sounds like a Utopian dream. But, you’re capable of achieving something similar with financial success.

It won’t be easy and it will take a long time. But, it’s worth the effort if you want the happiness that’s on the other side.

It all begins with how you start your mornings. Instead of winging them, get intentional. Adopt one of the morning routines mentioned here and make it yours.

Now, start your next morning with intention. Your successful future-self is waiting.

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