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TikTok, Instagram, and even shopping malls – Gen Z is taking over and confusing Millennials everywhere.  

How are Gen Z’s outfits always on point? What’s with the casual emails? What is ‘okurrrr’? 

A few aspects which Gen Z has normalized have Millennials completely lost. How? Let’s find out! 

Hoodies for Summer Are All the Rage

Cast Of Thousands // Shutterstock

One Millennial commented, “why Gen z wears those hot hoodies in the summer”

Hoodies are the fashion staple of Gen Z. Millennials understand that hoodies are crucial for the winter wardrobe. 

But wearing them in the scorching sun? Why! 

Gen Z comments that hoodies make them feel less insecure about their bodies. 

Fashion-Forward and Fearless

Ground Picture // Shutterstock

Many Millennials are still struggling to find their ‘style,’ but for Gen Z, it seems like they were taught in preschool.

One Millennial mentioned, “It’s like they came out of elementary school knowing how to coordinate outfits and drink Starbucks.”

From grabbing Starbucks to exam day, they have the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Gen Z Is Ditching Texting for Emails

pathdoc \\ Shutterstock

One Millennial remarked, “Instead of sending one email with the information. Three separate people emailed one person random piecemeal information with ZERO context.” 

Gen Z has normalized casual emails. They won’t hesitate to send multiple emails in a row, all without context and full of emojis.

Meanwhile, Millennials proofread every email at least three times before hitting send. 

Bold and Edgy Hairstyles Taking Over // Shutterstock

Someone commented, “How do all these young guys get their hair to look that way that’s super in right now, are they out getting perms?”

Millennials woke up one day and decided on one hairstyle for the rest of their lives. But with Gen Z, every day is a new look!

How they find the time and how they slay every hairdo is what confuses Millennials the most. 

Cracking the Code of Their Complicated Humor

Mix and Match Studio // Shutterstock

One user said, “My Gen Z kid tells me that to get their humor, you have to sort of follow it because one thing will get referenced over and over and over until it’s unrecognizable “

Gen Z’s humor is like a code language only they can understand. Gen Z says it’s all about their common relatable reference. 

It takes a Millennial multiple Google searches to figure out these complicated jokes.

Social Media and the Millennial Mindset

Deliris // Shutterstock

Though social media emerged in 1997, Gen Z is its pioneer. 

One person said, “Some of them act like they pioneered the social media/influencer boom or look at me surprised because I have Snapchat”

Making a career from TikTok is something only Gen Z can excel at, while the Millennials are still struggling with Snapchat streaks. 

Gen Z Believes They’re the True Innovators of Our Time

Always Say YESS // Shutterstock

A passionate Millennial commented, “A teenager the other day said “afk” then said, “Oh, you probably don’t know what afk means.” I was like, “My generation INVENTED afk. Put some respect on our name…”

Gen Z takes great pride in being Gen Z. They believe they are the experts in everything from fashion to using the slang of the 90s. Ironic, right?

Out With the Long in With the Short

Monster Ztudio // Shutterstock

It’s their world, and we’re just living in it. 

Gen Z gives short content with all the hype.

“I don’t understand the rise of short-form content like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. I will happily have a 4-hour video up in the background while I do things”, one user commented.

Millennials were used to watching hours-long videos in the background as they did chores, but 

Gen Z, they live in the TikTok era.

Does Growing Up Technology Confuse You?

MDV Edwards // Shutterstock

Gen Z is not good with technology, especially in the workplace.

“For a generation that grew up with internet 2.0 and was handed an iPad at age 5, I’m baffled by how unsavvy they are with very basic/useful tech functions”, remarked one user.

Millennials are shocked at how Gen Z is unfamiliar with basic tech functions.

Is the Pokemon Craze Going Too Far

Best smile studio // Shutterstock

A Millennial mentioned, “To be honest, I stopped caring after the first generation, some of these new Pokémon just don’t make any sense to me.”

Gen Z has a different type of taste which Millennials need help comprehending. 

For instance, Gen Z’s love for labeling. They adore giving labels to every state, psychological or physical. 

These are just a few things that baffle the Millennials but are a part of the normal routine for Gen Z. 

With changing times, we can only be confident about one thing – the confusing era of Millennials is just beginning! 

Source: Reddit

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