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Apparently, the younger generations aren’t as different from Baby Boomers as one might have thought. In fact, they share some surprisingly boomer-like views! 

We’re not here to shame or judge anyone.

Let’s dive in and see why we’re not all so different after all.

Kids Don’t Need Smartphones

guruXOX // Shutterstock

A user said, “Five year olds don’t need Smartphones.”

Although kids are smart enough to use smartphones at a younger age, should they really spend their youth glued to a phone? Let’s encourage kids to go outside instead.

Smart Refrigerators

Gorodenkoff // Shutterstock

When is technology smart enough? It seems like the fridge maintaining a proper temperature is our baseline.

“I don’t want my da** refrigerator connected to the internet. It has one job,” another user remarked.

Physical Keyboards Trump Digital

Roman Samborskyi // Shutterstock

A user commented, “Physical keyboards are better.”

It wasn’t that long ago that most of our phones had physical keyboards. Will our desktop keyboards also go digital one day?

We don’t know this outcome, but one thing is for certain: Physical keyboards have their place in our hearts.

Overwhelmed With Too Many Options

Just Life // Shutterstock

“It’s nice to have access to unlimited movies and TV, but like. For the most part I wind up just watching the same sitcom over and over to decompress after work. I wonder how much I could have saved by just getting B99 and King of the Hill box sets instead of paying for Hulu for four years,” one user said.

Data use is on the rise, and it’s safe to assume our options for movies, shows, books, and podcasts are only going to increase. The good ol’ days of limited options are gone.

I guess we can all agree that spending 30–60 minutes finding a good show to watch is time poorly spent.

Neighborhood Communities 

Monkey Business Images // Shutterstock

Another user commented, “Communities within neighbourhoods would be lovely.”

Have you ever asked your neighbor for sugar? With so much to deal with in the world today, it’s no surprise that we’ve lost the community touch.

Maybe this is something you can start fixing today by saying “Hi” to your neighbor the next time you see them.

An App for Everything

pathdoc \\ Shutterstock

Someone remarked, “Everything from kids toys to fr***** cars needs some sort of crappy app these days. Why!?”

The app craze is here to stay. About a decade ago, apps were the cool thing. Now, your TV and even kids’ toys require an app. 

But is this a good thing? 

One thing is for sure: At least this dilemma is helping the younger and older generations bond.

Not Built to Last

Cast Of Thousands // Shutterstock

How long does your iPhone’s protective glass cover last?

Or how about your white T-shirt? Odds are you’ll be replacing your items annually or multiple times per year.

Whether it’s profits or quality, it feels like most things aren’t built to last.

“Absolutely everything is disposable nowadays. Nothing is made to last anymore. If you find something you like, it’ll be worn out in a year and probably not made anymore when you want to buy a replacement,” commented a passionate user.

Back Pain

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

“My back hurts.”

Most laugh at people with back or knee pain until it happens to them. The truth is these are universal problems we’re all prone to, regardless of age. 

The next time you wake up without any pain, how about you call it a great day?

No Instant Replies Over Here // Shutterstock

“Just because we have access to instant communication doesn’t mean I’m obligated to message you back immediately.”

As young and older adults, we all are busy with life.

From school and work to chores, do we really need to be sending instant replies? How about a video or voice conversation instead?

Better yet, nothing beats having natural face-to-face conversations.

Get Off My Lawn

Virrage Images // Shutterstock

No, seriously, get off my lawn.

We all work hard at our jobs and enjoy peace and tranquility in our personal homes—until people get intrusive.

Looks like we all can agree that our personal space is “personal.”

“Get off my lawn,” someone commented.

Thank You

michaelheim // Shutterstock

A user said, “Sending out thank you notes when you receive a gift from someone. My mom was always big on that and I understand why. I bought an expensive gift for my friends birthday and she never messaged me or said thank you for the gift. 

“Saying thank you isn’t that hard and it means a lot to the person.”

No matter your age, feeling appreciated feels good.

Say No to Technology 

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Do you really need to take a picture of every food you eat? We’ve all been guilty of checking our email or notes app to avoid feeling dumb in public, but is it necessary?

Being present feels rare nowadays, but it is something to consider striving for as we get older.

“People use their phones too much, particularly for texting and social media. Getting upset because your girlfriend/boyfriend hasn’t texted you back for a few hours, or hasn’t liked your photo, is so unhealthy,” another user remarked.

Overprotective Parents

Yuganov Konstantin // Shutterstock

A user commented, “People are way too overprotective of kids these days. It’s making for anxious adults who aren’t confident in their own abilities.”

Every parent is entitled to raise their kids how they see fit. However, most can agree that being overprotective of kids can do more harm than good in the long run.

No Texting and Driving

Dragana Gordic // Shutterstock

“People’s driving is getting progressively worse. I have to honk at someone a few times a week to move at a green light because they have to check Facebook everytime they stop,” one user said.

It’s one thing to risk your life while driving, but you’re putting every driver’s life at stake when you text and drive.

We can all agree that no Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok message is worth risking the lives of ourselves and others on the road.

Spending Money Frivolously 

Nicoleta Ionescu // Shutterstock

Another user commented, “Quit spending money on stupid stuff that you won’t want in a year and put it towards saving for the future.”

The latest iPhone or fashion trend isn’t something we need to get each year. Even if we can afford to do so, do we truly use these vanity items to their full capacity?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing your personal finances, we know that keeping up with the Joneses is never a good idea.

You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something New

Roman Samborskyi // Shutterstock

Remember, it’s never too late to grow as a person by learning something new. So let’s embrace the younger and older generations’ views and use them as a source of inspiration to continue growing.

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