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Let’s face it! Mcdonald’s is everyone’s go-to for a midnight snack. But what goes on in the kitchen once darkness sets in? 

A McDonald’s nightshift worker posted on Reddit to answer some questions bugging McDonald’s lovers. In the Reddit post, the original poster (OP) clears any doubts about your favorite fast food. 

Why Your Local 24-Hour McDonald’s Closes When You Need It the Most!

A user asked, “Why does a 24-hour McDonald’s close for an hour when I need them most?”

The OP’s response to McDonald’s opening for 23 hours instead of 24 was “Changeover.”

According to the OP, the changeover happens around dawn when switching the menu. After the changeover, they need time to set everything up. 

The Shocking Truth About Asking for Fresh McDonald’s Nuggets and Fries

“Is it ok to ask for fresh nuggs or fries? Or does it cause you to throw out food?” another user asked.

When inquired about fresh food, the OP stated, “Absolutely! You’re allowed to.”

But fresh food comes with a wait which, according to the OP, is only 3 and a half minutes.

Food only gets thrown up if it sits for too long. 

What Really Happens Behind the Scenes of McDonald’s Drink and Ice Cream Machines

“How regularly are the drink and ice cream dispensers cleaned? Thanks for the hard work, I know it’s not easy,” remarked one user.

Broken ice cream machines always keep McDonald’s lovers on their toes, so the OP clarified that ice cream machines undergo automatic maintenance. 

They shut off automatically from 4 to 11 am.

For the drink machines, maintenance is manual and carried out by a maintenance person. 

Why You Should Think Twice About Ordering McChickens at Night

One user commented, “Do you guys also have McChickens that get rock hard at night? I used to bang the spicy McChickens on the table because they were rock solid.”

McChicken cravings at night are high as that’s when they get multiple McChicken orders, says OP. 

OP stated that they prepare McChickens in bulk, which is why some get “questionable” through the night.

You Won’t Believe How Long McDonald’s Lets Their Food Sit Out!

“What is the longest that a burger or fries will sit out before having to be replaced? In other words, worst case scenario, how old is my burger or fries?” one user asked.

OP clarifies doubts regarding food freshness by saying that fries stay out for 7 minutes and other items for 5 minutes.

If anything surpasses this time limit, it gets thrown out. 

Insider Reveals the Real Pay and Benefits for Workers!

“What’s the pay and benefits like?” one user asked.

According to OP, the minimum wage is $15.50, with an extra +$2.50 per hour on the wage. 

The major benefit is free food which you can get at night. 

The Shocking Truth About How They Really Feel About Their Job

“Do you enjoy your job?”

Like every other job, working at McDonald’s has ups and downs

The OP says the manager and crew can really make a difference about how you feel at work.

Uncovering the Truth About Asking for Individual Toys at McDonald’s

“Sometimes my kids want a set of toys but I don’t want to be that man asking for all the individual toys.”

If your kid wants extra toys, OP says it’s not a problem. You can pay for it.

Some toys might not be available, so it’s best to check at other branches.

McDonald’s night elves surely leave no difference in the services they provide. So after reading about McDonald’s behind night covers, is McDonald’s still your go-to midnight munching place? 

If you have more questions about McDonald’s midnight secrets, check out the original post on Reddit.  


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