10 Life-improving Purchases That Are Worth Every Penny

There are times when we buy things and, many years later, we look back at that moment and smile and count ourselves lucky for making that decision. Sometimes, the items themselves don’t really matter; it’s the memories we’ve created with them that do. If you’ve never had that experience before, here are ten things that users in an online platform confirmed that improved their lives. Maybe they can do the same for you, too.

1. Universal Remote Control

Man watching TV holding remote
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Yes, you read that right. A universal remote control can save you the stress of having to switch between remotes or have an app open at all times. It sounds old school, but it’s a literal one-size-fits-all. One user confirmed that they travel with their universal remote control. Hotel remotes don’t get to all the television options, so the universal remote serves them well during their stay. Another user confirmed that their universal remote control is durable because it isn’t easily broken like some TV controls, so even if it falls on a tile floor, it won’t get broken.

2. Good Bedding

Woman sleeping in mattress
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If you live to 75, you must have spent 25 years asleep. That’s one-third of your life spent in bed. So, if you’re going to spend that much time snoozing, then you should invest in quality sleep. Good mattress, proper box spring, gravity-weighted blanket, and more. One user confirmed that after they bought a Tempur-Pedic mattress, they now go to bed early rather than hang out on the couch.

3. Instant Pot

Instant Pot
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An instant pot can make cooking a lot more fun. It cooks 70 percent faster than normal pots, so it can save a user a lot of time. It also uses 70 percent less power, making it more environmentally friendly.

4. Air Compressor

A car mechanic at the service station tries to inflate the tires on the car with the help of a compressor. A man in a blue work suit crouched next to a car in a workshop and works around car tires
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This can be helpful to fill up car tires and to clean out dust. A user said that they counted the pneumatic tires around their house, from cars to lawnmowers, and it came in around 45-60. They bought a little air compressor, and it was handier than running to the hit-or-miss air pump at the convenience store. Another user confirmed that they saved possibly thousands of dollars using compressors rather than canned air for all the computers they’ve owned and serviced. However, they state that it shouldn’t be used on sensitive surfaces or too close to whatever you’re trying to clean.

5. Gym Membership

Man listening to music and working out
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The benefits of a gym membership on a person’s health can hardly be overstated. It can help with illnesses like heartache and chest pains. The dopamine rush that can be received from completing workout routines every day can be really exciting. Also, things like good workout headphones, gym bags, blender bottles, and other gym-related products can help improve the experience.

6. Bidet

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A bidet is probably the coolest way for people to clean their bum these days. It’s easy to use. Rumor has it that if you get a bidet, you might not want to go back to the traditional way of cleaning your bum again. It’s that convenient. It also removes the cost of toilet paper from your monthly budget.

7. Waterpik

Blue home oral irrigator kit in bathroom, Waterpik for teeth cleaning, portable water flosser for dental care
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This can help a lot with cleaning your gums if regular flossing is difficult. Users confirmed that adding a little mouthwash in the water “seems to work really well to get everything clean and fresh.” A user also suggested flossing before brushing your teeth because doing so can build the habit of flossing since it’s now done as a prerequisite step for an existing habit. Also, mixing Waterpik and regular flossing works fine too, as they complement each other.

8. Cordless Vacuum

Woman using cordless vacuum
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A cordless vacuum might be the right item to gift a friend for their birthday or Christmas because it is such a joy to use. A user agreed that they just grab it to give their apartment a quick vacuuming. Now, they don’t need to drag the machine, plug it in, or get the cable caught around furniture any longer. They just take the cordless vacuum wherever they want and start cleaning immediately. The benefits to it are worth every penny spent on purchase.

9. Good Work Boots

Woman wearing Boots
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Good boots are always worth every penny. Warm, waterproof, and steel toe can be a lot of help if you work construction. Besides your job, it can also help if you want to do some “work in the yard or anything more heavy duty,” as a user confirmed. Also, since they are warm and cozy, they are good enough to do some work in the snow without any hint of cold creeping in. Another user said that they got a hand-me-down Sorels from their older brother in 1995 that they still use to this day. If it’s that durable and useful, then it’s definitely a worthy buy.

10. A Number Pad Front Door Lock

Number pad for door
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A number pad can be a lifesaver. No more locking yourself out, keys to carry, or wondering if you locked the front door. Not one of the fancy internet ones, though, as a user advises; just a simple number pad will do. One user said that they travel a lot and always had to make sure that they locked the front door and put in an effort not to lose the key accidentally. But since they got the number pad, they don’t worry about hiding keys again, and family members can easily get in once they know the code. The batteries also give a lot of warning before dying out, and they’re easily replaceable, so you wouldn’t have to worry about locking yourself out.