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Overwhelmed by the mess of the daily grind? 

Bullet journal ideas might be what you need to help you organize your life and boost productivity, especially when juggling dozens of tasks. Bullet journals can help you concentrate on accomplishing your goals, and to-do lists can act as a diary.

Let’s cover a few bullet journal ideas to improve your life. 

Create a Monthly Spreadsheet

Setting smart goals throughout the year is important, but how do you know if you’re getting closer to reaching them without reviewing them?

Use a bullet journal to view an entire month at a glance. You can break your month down into a single page or use two. 

Keep daily goals here at a high level to fit them into your calendar. For example, on Fridays, you can have “write one blog post.”

Plan Out Healthy Meals

Health is wealth. Seriously, without our health, we can’t do anything else. Although most people know this, they get caught up with work, kids, and life. 

To avoid losing track of your health during those busy days, use a bullet journal to plan healthy meals you’ll have throughout the week. You can even cook them in advance.

Track Your Steps

If you work from home, you’re often sitting down. Nowadays, you can track your steps with your phone or with smartwatches. 

Still, you can benefit by jotting down your steps daily in a bullet journal to see your progress visually. If you’re falling behind your daily goal, you can try to make up for it the following day.

Set Your Daily Tasks

Goal-setting is essential to increase your odds of reaching your financial and personal goals. 

After setting a smart goal, break it down into smaller goals. Use a bullet journal to help you organize your smaller goals and ensure you accomplish them throughout the week. 

Celebrate Your Wins Daily

Each day you work hard to care for your family and accomplish other goals. It can feel exhausting at times.

Success isn’t always about what you accomplish but more about the journey to get there. To stay motivated, use a bullet journal to celebrate your wins. 

However, be sure to give yourself credit for the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Jot Down Your Business Ideas

You may have your best ideas at the gym or shopping. Here’s where a bullet journal for collecting your top business ideas comes to the rescue.

You can use a to-do list style to keep track of your ideas or make them visual. 

Create Financial Goals

We all have financial goals, whether we know it or not.

At the very least, we all can agree that not stressing about money is something we’d want. Use a bullet journal to set and track your financial goals.  

Track How You Sleep

Similar to tracking your steps, tracking your sleep is beneficial. 

We all have experienced “bad sleep.” However, visually seeing where you’ve fallen short in a bullet journal can push you to prioritize good sleep.

Track Where You’ve Traveled

Want to travel the world? Or travel to a few countries?

These are all dreams until you write the places you’ve traveled down. A bullet journal can help you track places you’ve been to and plan to travel next. 

No more wishing. Jot your progress and watch how much more you’ll travel.

Reflect on Your Progress

By reviewing your progress daily, you’ll see your improvement. A bullet journal will visually let you see if you’re improving week over week. 

Look Forward to Vacations Days

Are you experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out) when you see your family or friends take off work while you’re stuck grinding?

Instead, use your bullet journal to plan out vacation days. You don’t necessarily need to travel, but having time off from work is vital for your well-being.

Nothing is wrong with Netflix and chilling at home or taking a long nap outside to recover.

Shower Yourself With Affirmations

Studies have shown that one’s attitude and actions mirror the people they associate with regularly. 

Listen to inspiring podcasts, read positive books, and surround yourself with positive people.

Then, consider using a bullet journal to jot down positive affirmations you can tell yourself each morning. It might feel odd at first, but these positive thoughts will eventually shift your mindset for the better.

Track Bills

Most people dread paying bills.

Why not make them a bit fun? Use a bullet journal to list all your bills and note which recurring expenses may not be required. Add pictures or quotes to make paying your bills easier.

Track Fitness Goals

Ever seen people at your local gym carry a journal?

They’re not carrying a journal because it’s a fashion trend. A bullet journal can help you track individual exercises and plan your workout before arriving at the gym.

List Your Next Books to Read

A bullet journal can help you quickly track your collection of the next books you want to read. Whether you heard about a good book from a friend or browsing the web, you’ll no longer have a shortage of new books.

Remember Important Dates

Facebook is great at remembering people’s birthdays, but what if you forget to log in one day?

Jotting down important dates like loved ones’ birthdays in a bullet journal is necessary if you never want to miss these critical days again.

Never Forget to Clean

Time is money.

And when will you have time if you’re working hard to build a business while caring for your family?

A bullet journal can also help you remember to clean your house.

Even if it’s hard to dedicate a day to cleaning your house, maybe 10-30 minutes daily will help you avoid having a messy house.

Show Gratitude

Being grateful for what you have is easier said than done.

It doesn’t make you a bad person. Still, most of us don’t appreciate what we have or could understand a bit more.

Instead of forcing ourselves to be grateful, jot down 1-3 things you’re thankful for each morning in your bullet journal. If you consistently count your blessings and give thanks, you will naturally be more positive and happier.

Review Annual Goals

Everyone is working to achieve a goal (or goals) — a better job, better relationships, self-improvement, etc. Remember to review how far you’ve come as you track your purposes daily or monthly.

This process shouldn’t feel like a “performance review.” Use your bullet journal to track where you stand with your annual goals and not what you will do differently next year.

The Final Step: Unleash Your Potential With Bullet Journals

Can you achieve wealth, health, and more? Only you have the answer.

Achieving individual goals is no easy task, but bullet journals make the process easier. You can customize your bullet journal with pictures, lists, and dates. You can even use bullet journal 

ideas not mentioned in this list.

Choose a bullet journal idea that interests you and put in the work daily. When you start seeing your dreams come true, you will thank yourself for making this list and sticking to it. 


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