10 Lifechanging Products for Under $100

We all see ads every day for products that will supposedly improve our lives—often with a hefty price tag attached. However, you can upgrade your life significantly for under $100. Here are some things to consider investing in in the new year!

1. Gym Membership

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Taking care of your body should be one of your first priorities as you get older. Gym memberships can be pricy and hard to get out of, but they can also be lifesaving.

“If you have gone totally bankrupt and those are your last 100$, a gym membership,” one user commented. “Gives you a couple of months of access to a locker and a shower for you to find a job in the meanwhile.”

2. Uber

The next time you go out and have drinks, avoid the drive and take an Uber. Your future self will thank you.

3. Sunrise Alarm Clock

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“So much more relaxing to wake up to a slowly increasing light than jarring noises,” someone said.

These clocks are designed to wake you up naturally and are especially good for people with seasonal affective disorder or anyone who lives in a climate with little sunlight.

4. Library Card

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A library card can be nearly free and can keep you busy for years with all its great resources.

“Gets you access to a ton of books, movies, all sorts of things and they’re often free,” a passionate commenter chimed in. “Just need to live in the area.”

5. Screen Monitor

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Whether you work from home or use your computer frequently, having a second monitor is a game changer. You can be more productive viewing more screens without constantly opening and closing applications.

6. Panini Press

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Sandwich enthusiasts unite! There’s an easier and cheaper way to get your morning breakfast sandwich.

“I bought a George Foreman grill – 8inch x 18inch I think?” someone else said. “Fantastic for doing quick breakfasts and about a minute to clean. Fabulous stuff.”

7. Foldable Clothes-Drying Rack

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If you live in an apartment without a washer and dryer, you know the hassle of lugging your clothes down to the basement or to a laundromat. A clothes rack can help alleviate this struggle—and it folds right up when you’re done!

“I have a loft-style second level in my place and found a clothes rack that hooks over the railing so I can dry clothes while taking up zero floor space. It’s incredible,” a user raved.

8. Screen Projector

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This is a simple investment that is guaranteed to up your movie night game. One person online put it perfectly:

“I’ve seen TVs broken from throwing toys, toddlers thinking TVs are touch screen, climbing on furniture, etc,” someone else commented. “I bought a cheap $50 projector that sits up high and a white bedsheet and it’s **** indestructible.”

9. Blood Pressure Monitor

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Blood pressure monitors may not appear life-changing, but having quick access to your blood pressure can make all the difference. According to one user, their doctor expects to have two weeks of daily readings ready to go.

10. Electric Toothbrush

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Many cheap out on their dental hygiene, hurting them in the long run. The best part is that many decent toothbrush options are under $100.


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