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Love can be blind.

It can keep anyone from seeing obvious red flags. Someone online shared the story of a friend who was willing to leave her husband and kids behind for an “international celebrity.”

Was she blind, or had she found true love?

Let’s dive in!

Friend or Fraud?

Rommel Canlas // Shutterstock

The original poster (OP) had a friend, Eva, who was talking online to someone she believed was an “international celebrity.”

Things escalated quickly. Eva’s lover wanted to send Eva a check for several thousand dollars for her to deposit into a Bitcoin account so that he could donate it to charity.

A Tale of Suspicion

Masson // Shutterstock

What should Eva do with this money?

Eva told OP that her lover wanted to use this money to donate to a charity. Most would see this as too good to be true, but Eva felt different.

Unusual Request From an “International Celebrity”

Dean Drobot // Shutterstock

Eva believed her lover was sending her the money as a trust test she needed to pass. 

Eva thought her lover was looking to purchase a house and would eventually need her help to facilitate this purchase. She thought he was simply using the charity as an excuse.

Willing to Risk It All

Alex_Maryna // Shutterstock

Eva and her lover had only been talking for about a month, but she was already willing to risk it all in the name of love.

“She is going to leave her husband and up end [sic] her kids lives for this guy.”

When Love Meets Doubt

antoniodiaz // Shutterstock

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, and Eva’s lover knew this.

He asked Eva to help him arrange a trip to visit her and spend $10,000+ with his agent.

Unraveling the Mystery

fizkes // Shutterstock

OP said this situation “screamed scam right away.”

However, Eva had already sent her lover the money. After thinking things through, Eva asked her lover why he couldn’t book the trip instead.

“He has trouble visiting because he has security concerns and he is famous where he lives.”

Examining the Intentions Behind an Unusual Request

Khosro // Shutterstock

Apparently, Eva’s lover was famous where he lived and couldn’t book the trip himself.

Fortunately, Eva stopped sending money and started voicing her concerns.

Friend Navigates Between Trust and Skepticism

pio3 // Shutterstock

OP wants to support Eva but doesn’t know how to break the news to her.

At least Eva has started to be cautious and is now questioning who her lover is.

What People Really Think About These “Celebrities”

Jacob Lund // Shutterstock

“She’s about to potentially lose her marriage, kids, and money because of some fake celebrity romance scammer.”

Scam Radar


“Your friend will receive a fake check. They will deposit it. They will think it worked. They will then send money to the bitcoin account, which actually belongs to the scammer. There is no charity.

“Then, later on, the bank will reverse the deposit of the fake check, but they are still responsible for the money they deposited into the scammer’s account.”

Trusting Intuition

My Ocean Production // Shutterstock

“This is 100% a scam. People including me scambait scammers like this for fun. I had a fun exchange with ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ recently. Why would a big celebrity want to be with some random woman they’ve never met before?! 

“Ask her if they’ve video chatted. Im guessing this celebrity somehow can’t afford a phone with a good working camera on it or is too busy for a video chat or can’t for security reasons.”

Decoding the Signs in the Face of an Unconventional Proposal

Paul Biryukov // Shutterstock

It’s unfortunate that Eva likely lost money the moment she sent it to her celebrity lover.

Love can make us blind, so we must always surround ourselves with people who will support us. Fortunately for Eva, OP has prevented her from sending more money.

In the meantime, OP is searching for a way to let Eva know that her lover isn’t who he claims he is.

Source: Reddit

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