12 Insights From Men With Financially Successful Partners

As times change, financial expectations shift. In the 20th century, it was common for men to be the main income earners. Now, it is often expected that couples will share and trade off work equally.

These eye-opening perspectives from men who earn less than their partners show that times are truly changing.

1. Happy for Her

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According to one member, his partner’s financial success is not a concern but a celebration point. Here’s what he believes if his partner were to make more than him: “I want the best for my partner; if she got a raise like that, I’d be over the moon for her.”

2. Teamwork Is Dreamwork

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Relationships aren’t competitions. A commentator doesn’t see why he should have any problem if his partner earns more than him. He believes the two are a team, and he’d instead help with her work and make things easier: “We are both equal in this relationship and a team together.”

3. Spending Power

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From a strictly financial point of view, one man shares that his wife makes twice the money he does, but he doesn’t have less because of it: “Together, our spending power is much more.” A better quality of life is more accessible with two financially stable partners.

4. Turned Tables

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Many mention going through different financial situations with their partners. One is currently making a fair bit more money than his wife, but that hasn’t always been the case. Another comments, “During our marriage, I’ve sometimes earned more than my wife, and sometimes vice versa. Not a problem either way.”

5. A Learning Curve

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A user recalls that he would not have gone for a partner earning more than him when he was young. His first girlfriend’s family had a ton more money than his, which led to many issues in the relationship because he couldn’t handle it. Now, he wouldn’t care if a partner earned more or less.

6. An Unbridged Gap

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One user wonders if he could get into a relationship where the gulf between his income and his partner was wide. To support his view, he shares his teenage horrors: a well-off stepmother who used his dad’s early retirement as an excuse to abuse and hurl constant threats of walking out left him too fearful of dating anyone with such financial power.

7. New Year, New Me

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According to one, times have changed, and he is no longer paying for everything every time. “I’m not a bank,” he adds.

Another says that none of it matters “as long as you are responsible and you take care of yourself and your loved ones. Bar none.”

8. Masculinity Mishaps

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“Honestly, I find it absurd that some people are offended by this as if it somehow affects their masculinity,” comments a user. Numerous men echo the sentiment, thinking that a partner’s earnings shouldn’t impact one’s sense of identity or self-esteem.

9. Silent Success

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For one member, he’d want to be more financially well off—but only because he wants to make his partner proud. “It feels like a silent achievement when I’m able to offer her something,” he explains. He wishes to be able to buy his partner gifts in return, but half of the time, he is unable to do so.

10. Stressed Out

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Being the sole provider is a stressful ordeal. A member shared thinking he had to be the provider but later realizing how much he missed out on his kids’ lives. Only after dating a woman who made more than him did he notice how much of his stress was removed.

11. Dependency Debacle

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A commenter doesn’t think he should make more than his partner, but he believes that he needs to make enough that he is not dependent on her to help with his bills. It’s about being self-sufficient rather than engaging in competition. Alternatively, many want their partners to be independent enough to provide for themselves.

12. Well-Deserved Success

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A user would be more than happy to have a financially successful partner “because she fought hard for [it] and deserves every bit of what she makes. Women are discriminated against way more than men, and she still came out on top.”

Money aside, the important thing is to have someone you’re proud to call your partner!