10 Incredible Travel Ideas if You’re Determined to Only Travel Affordably

It’s no secret that travel can break the bank if you’re not careful. However, there are solutions if you’re determined to travel on only the most stringent budget. Here’s how to have a satisfying vacation that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

1. Hitchhiking

Young man traveler hitchhiking in the city
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Not only is hitchhiking completely free, but it also gives you a great local perspective on the place you are visiting. Hanging out with and learning from the locals is a great way to get details about cheap and delicious places to eat, learn about odd job opportunities, and find out where you might be able to stay.

While hitchhiking is relatively safe in most parts of the world, be sure not to get into any suspicious car and be sure you are always able to protect yourself if need be.

2. Walking

Tourist Woman walking
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Walking is always great if you have plenty of time to get where you are going. Deciding to walk from destination to destination costs no money at all. It also allows you to exercise and explore the place you are visiting.

3. Bicycling

Man riding bicycle
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Traveling by bicycle is also an excellent way to save money. Yes, the initial investment costs something, but not too much, especially if you shop at a thrift store for a bike. If you know you will be biking quite a bit and have the money to invest the first time, some e-bikes travel quicker and fold up, so they take up less space.

4. Car Relocation

Couples traveling in car
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Something that most travelers with little money think about is car relocation. Car rental companies need their cars relocated from place to place to fill the demand. Most of the time, they also cover fuel costs and often pay a small fee to the driver. That means helping to relocate a car to a place you are already traveling to is free and will make you a little bit of extra cash.

5. Housesitting

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We all know what housesitting is — taking care of people’s houses and pets while they are away. The thing we don’t think about is that this isn’t just a job for the friends and family of the homeowner.

If you want a long weekend in New York City or a few weeks on a farm in Ireland, sign up for housesitting. Just be mindful that you will have responsibilities, especially if there is a pet you are to be looking after.

6. Cooking

Woman cooking in kitchen
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It is always cheaper to cook food instead of going out for a meal at a restaurant. If the place you are staying has a kitchen, purchase food from the local grocery store. Cook simple and cheap meals like macaroni and cheese or Ramen noodles.

7. Camping

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Camping will not only provide you with a wilderness experience at your destination, but it is also reasonably inexpensive. You only need a small pop-up tent and a sleeping bag.

8. Working In Exchange For Transportation

Cruise ship worker
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Another travel hack that some people might not think of is working in exchange for travel. For example, one savvy traveler recalls he did this “when sailing across the Indian Ocean. I didn’t have to pay anything; I just worked on the boat.”

9. Eating With the Locals

Woman eating in restaurant
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Eating with the locals is one of the best tips for cheaper food when traveling. Ask around, and they will tell you the best places to dine on a budget. But also, depending on where you are visiting, many residents will happily invite you into their homes for a feast.

My friends found a different family to eat with every night in Turkey. So not only did they end up eating some of the best home-cooked authentic meals, but they also met some great people and made memories they will never forget.

10. Volunteering

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There are a variety of volunteer positions that will take you to new destinations. One user who did this said, “There are all types of volunteer assignments all over the world on WorkAway from nanny to farm help to yoga teacher to social media consultant.”

It might be hard work, but you can get valuable experience while seeing the world.