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The good news is that you have many options to earn extra cash from your unwanted furniture.

But first, you need to learn what it takes to sell used furniture for money.

Used furniture is frequently oversized, heavy, and difficult to transport. However, when done right, selling used furniture can free up space in your house and make you a profit!

Below are some of the best ways to get rid of your furniture quickly and for good money.

Let’s go!

Easily Choose The Perfect Price

When thinking about pricing your furniture, consider its characteristics: age, brand, and of course, your time of sale. Also, feel any stains, scratches, tears, or dents, just as you should make a note of a well-maintained or mint-condition item. 

The easiest way to come up with a price is to slash 20% from the price you bought it for since furniture is very much like any other depreciable asset. 

For example, if you paid $600 for a cabinet that was still in good shape, with no scrapes and all of its shelves intact, you’d sell it for $480.

Today, there are many options for selling furniture online, but some sites stand out above the rest. Here are your five fantastic places to sell used furniture if you need to sell quickly:

MarketplaceListing FeeSales Commission
Let GoFREE$0.99 – $4.99
Offer UpFREE7.9% 
Shopify14-DAY FREE$29/month
TroveFREE10% upon the sale

Selling Furniture Online vs. Locally

The best place to sell used furniture depends on the type of furniture being sold, as well as the price and convenience you are ready to accept. 

If you run a Google search for “used furniture nearby,” you’ll almost certainly come across a slew of local and online used furniture stores. 

It can be antique stores or markets. 

These might work for larger pieces or ones that need to be flipped quickly. However, the days of limiting yourself to local consignment shops are long gone, and many astute side hustlers now sell used furniture online.

If you’re unsure where to sell your furniture, do some basic research on where similar furniture like yours is being sold.

Sell Your Furniture From Reputable Brands

Is your furniture from a reputable brand?

You will want to include these details as some shoppers prefer one manufacturer over the other. 

Reputable furniture brands are trusted by most buyers and will make the selling process much more manageable.

Here are some popular furniture brands:


Ikea is Swedish furniture, appliance, and home accessory retailer that designs and sells ready-to-assemble items. The iconic IKEA name results from the first initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, and the first letters from his farm and village, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd.

One thing that differentiates IKEA from other furniture companies is its excellent customer service. 

Every IKEA store includes a restaurant serving inexpensive traditional Swedish food. Come for the food, stay for the sofas makes IKEA’s model a unique experience for its customers.

Restoration Hardware

Stephen Gordon found this company in Eureka, CA, way back in 1979. RH sells a wide range of home furnishings through its online catalog and retail stores, referred to as galleries.

RH set itself apart from competitors who mostly create furniture in-house by forging partnerships with outside designers and artists to help manufacture their collections.

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture began as a furniture sales firm in 1945, founded by a man named Carlyle Weinberger in Chicago. It purchased goods created by local businesses and sold them in Chicago, the most prominent furniture market. 

Ashley’s specialty was occasional wooden furniture. They’re known as America’s second favorite room furniture and home decor brand next to IKEA because of their moderately priced furniture and its wide variety of products. 


Cousins Edwin J. Shoemaker and Edward M. Knabusch invented the reclining wood-slat chair in a garage in Monroe, Michigan, in 1927. La-Z-Boy has known the world for creating the recliner over 90 years ago. 

But they are much more than one iconic product. La-Z-Boy is passionate about bringing comfort and quality to every room of the house, from upholstered sofas, loveseats, chairs, and ottomans to solid wood bedroom and dining room sets.

Raymour and Flanigan

Bernard Goldberg and his younger brother, Arnold Goldberg, co-founded the first Raymour Furniture store in late 1946 in downtown Syracuse, New York. 

The brothers named their furniture store after an antique shop in Long Island owned and operated by a third brother.

Raymour & Flanigan is noted for its modern, high-quality furnishings and commitment to social responsibility through community donating and substantial in-house recycling. 

Take Amazing Product Photos

Taking great photos is critical to selling products online.

Now that most smartphones can take crisp photos, you have to find creative ways to make yours stand out!

Below are some tips to help you out.

What is Photography?

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that focuses on displaying a product in the best light possible. 

Proper lighting, backdrop materials, sharp camera focus with adequate depth of field, decent camera angles, and careful editing are essential components of excellent product photography.

Product photography is one of the most potent tools for selling your products, so don’t overlook it. Product photography also helps buyers with their fear of the products not meeting their expectations.

How Photography Increase Conversions

People hardly buy anything without seeing it. In reality, 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. 

As a result, a good product image on your website can help your clients decide whether to place an order and tell them what to expect when their item arrives in the mail.

Some ways include using high-quality images with alternate and detailed views. Provide context and let users zoom in. 

How to Set-Up Background

Keeping your background basic ensures that the product you’re attempting to sell isn’t lost in the photo. 

White is always an excellent option to guarantee your product is the star against a crisp and clean background. Other light hues like pale blue, pink, and yellow can also work well.

Get Lighting Right

When photographing a product, proper lighting is crucial. 

Wanna know how?

The primary light should be in front of the product, often slightly to the side, while the fill or backlight should be on the other, back, or above. 

Then, adjust the light’s angles and distances until you have soft, evenly spread shadows. 

Continuous lights, or “hot lights,” that are either on or off, are a go-to solution for those just beginning product photography.

Use Proper Photography Materials

Stay optimistic and try not to waste on gadgets that perform the same function illuminating your goods. You don’t need to spend a substantial percentage of your budget on high-tech equipment. 

Here’s what you’re going to need: a camera and a tripod.

You don’t need full-frame DSLR camera equipment to get the job done. If all you have is your smartphone, that will work too. 

The best camera for product photography is whatever you have handy and see what the results are. 

You can’t handhold a camera with a slow shutter, or the subject will be fuzzy. 

Therefore a tripod is your best bet. Tripods are used to prevent camera movement and provide stability in both motions and still photography.

Write Product Descriptions That Convert

Selling online and locally doesn’t end in great photos. 

A product description is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it’s worth buying. Most sellers typically use ‘preloved’ to describe something for sale to avoid calling it used or secondhand.

Product descriptions can also help your buyer learn more about the item. The product description provides additional product information that the image alone cannot provide. 

For example, you wouldn’t buy a dining table just based on the image. As a shopper, you’d want to read about the dining table’s condition, size, and features.

But for selling used furniture, you should not only write excellent descriptions but honest and transparent pieces of information too. Being honest doesn’t mean writing about all the flaws of your product but highlighting its strengths. 

For instance, if your furniture has a tiny flaw, you can mention that in your copy without drastically impacting sales. Excellent product descriptions give your customers an honest expectation of your product before they receive it.

Great Alternative Options To Sell Your Furniture

If you’re looking to get rid of your furniture, selling isn’t the only option. 

Free Giveaways 

Not interested in finding a buyer for your old furniture? 

Maybe you should consider giving it to a friend or family member! It’s an excellent option to ask around your inner circle to see if anyone wants your old furniture before you decide to throw it away. 

If it doesn’t work, try putting your old furniture on the curb. Most cities do this, and it is the most hassle-free way of getting rid of the furniture you no longer need instead of throwing it away.


Whether you can’t find a reliable buyer or you want to give another person the chance to love the furniture that once made your house a home, consider a donation. 

Other than the fuzzy feeling of the kind gesture, you may also earn yourself a tax credit.

It is another excellent option for disposing of your old furniture. What’s nice about donating your old furniture is that you rarely have to haul it away! 

Many charity organizations offer a pickup service that is super convenient for people interested in donating their items. 

Where to Sell Used Furniture Online

Below are some of the best places to sell your furniture online:


You might think of Etsy as a place to buy and sell handmade, artsy trinkets and craft materials. Still, it can also be a terrific place to sell used furniture. 

Your work must be one-of-a-kind to attract the attention of potential purchasers. 

Is your table homemade, antique, or vintage? 

It is the sort of thing Etsy buyers are searching for. To sell on Etsy, you must first create an Etsy shop, a simple process. 

Simply follow the instructions on their website before submitting your first listing (each listing costs $0.20). 

When you sell, you’ll be charged a 5% transaction fee and a payment processing cost of 3% + $0.25.


You have two alternatives for selling used furniture on eBay. You can start by selling stuff at an auction, and you can establish a preset price for the sale.

If you have large furniture, eBay offers a local pickup option where buyers have to pick up their item instead of shipping it. 

For more miniature furniture, you can offer shipping to buyers and still make a profit.

When you make a sale, expect eBay to keep 13% of the selling price.


One of the first apps to mind when selling furniture is LetGo, perhaps because it’s simple and free. 

Letgo is all about the images, and a nice photo is essential for attracting shoppers.

The better your images, the more likely someone will click on your item. 

And the best part is that once a potential buyer clicks, Letgo allows them to look at other products you’ve listed.

You may sell on their website or through the Letgo app, which is very handy. Simply enter your price and other parameters, and you’re ready to sell your used furniture for money!


OfferUp is a free website that allows anyone to offer furniture and other stuff for sale. It is giving Craigslist a run for its money. 

You can use your phone or email address to publish your furniture item on OfferUp in around 30 seconds.

The OfferUp website is also a little more buyer-friendly, with photographs of for-sale items prominently displayed on the homepage. 

Before utilizing the service, both buyers and sellers must create profiles, adding an extra layer of security for members.

Interestingly, hence the name, buyers can propose a counter-price for your items on OfferUp. You have the option of selling and shipping an item or seeing the buyer in person to exchange the item and payment. 

OfferUp may be a preferable alternative if you want to avoid additional expenditures such as delivery.


One of the best locations to sell furniture online is Craigslist because it’s one of the most popular online classified sites. 

Listings are completely free and take only a few minutes to complete.

Some postings, such as autos, are now subject to fees on Craigslist. However, you’ll still be able to list your furniture for free, and the process will only take minutes unless you live in Vancouver.

Remember that, like with many other online sites for selling old furniture, good-quality images of your things are required. Buyers want to see the items they’ll be purchasing–it’s reassuring to know they’re in good condition.

Facebook Marketplace

For a variety of reasons, Facebook Marketplace remains a popular site to sell furniture. 

For instance, it’s local, so when potential buyers in your neighborhood browse the marketplace, they’ll see your products.

Second, it takes just a minute to create a listing, and the methods are straightforward. It’s free to list products, and you won’t have to pay any fees if they sell, which is a HUGE bonus. You can also quickly increase the visibility of your ad by putting it on local Facebook garage sale pages.

As we all know, Facebook Marketplace has a sizable user base. It means that your ad will be seen by thousands of locals, increasing your chances of selling your furniture.


For individuals wishing to make a side income selling used furniture, Shopify is a great choice. 

With Shopify, you’ll handle payment processing from the items you sell and track your store’s analytics in the dashboard. Understanding your store’s analytics will come in handy when you’re looking to know how to sell your furniture quickly.

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, but you’ll have to pay $29 per month afterward.


With selling secondhand furniture online, Pinterest may not be the first site that comes to mind, but let me explain why it is well worth exploring. 

Pinterest offers the audience that every vendor dreams of, with roughly 1 million monthly users globally.

Plus, you can pin images from your website (or without a website), and it’s also a fantastic way to grow your brand. Pinterest is especially great for furniture makeovers.

It’s all about the graphics on this platform; the better your furniture appears, the more re-pins it’ll receive! And the more likely it is to find a new, enthusiastic owner who will gladly compensate you for it.


Another site where you’ll need to put up a storefront is Bonanza, although it’s not as difficult as it sounds. It’s Google-integrated (which means more visibility) and is frequently used to substitute for eBay or Amazon.

On Bonanza, you may sell any type of furniture. Bonanza, like Shopify, allows you to construct an online storefront with no personal website. Your Bonanza listings can show up on eBay or Etsy as well.

There are no listing fees, but if your products sell, you will be charged a commission. The amount you pay will be determined by the value of the item and the advertising option you select.


The safest, most straightforward way to discover and where you can buy & sell vintage or used furniture and more, as Trove claimed. 

Furniture isn’t the only thing you can sell on Trove; you can also sell electronics, paintings, kitchen décor, and more.

You may also post your stuff for free on Trove. However, they take a 10% fee on any sales, which is relatively modest compared to a few other sites.

Trove is unique in that purchasers may search for products by city or ZIP code, increasing the likelihood that they will be in your neighborhood. 

You decide on the price of your products and when you’re available to meet with potential purchasers.


Bookoo is a local Craigslist substitute that brings neighbors together to buy and sell stuff. There isn’t a Bookoo site in every city. However, there are active Bookoo sites in dozens of cities around the United States.

The setup is very similar to Craigslist, but Bookoo is local–and there’s more of a community spirit. But unlike Craigslist, you can’t see the buyer’s photo until the meetup.

To sell on Bookoo, you must first sign up for an account. Once your account is verified, you can list an unlimited number of items for sale, whether it’s furniture or anything else.


Despite its quirky name, 1stdibs is a pretty big deal. 1stdibs is an online marketplace that connects furniture dealers, galleries, collectors, antique shops, designers, and curators. 

It’s a terrific location to sell one-of-a-kind vintage furniture.

1stdibs is run by a group of high-end designers in Paris. And they are now one of the best online antique marketplaces. They have a showroom showcasing 54 designers.

It’s not cheap to list your stuff on 1stdibs, which makes sense because you’re only selling furniture pieces worth a lot of money. 

You must pay a monthly charge to become a merchant, and there will also be a 15% commission on each sale and a 3% transaction fee for credit card transactions.

Route 66 Furniture

Route 66 Furniture, hence the name, is a furniture consignment store that operates online. 

You must send images of your furniture piece to be included on the site (s). Before recording the segment, the firm will contact you with questions.

The items are then delivered to Route 66’s warehouse. You’ll receive 50% of the revenue from the furniture you sell.

If it doesn’t sell, you can pick it up, pay to have it brought back to you, or donate it to a charity through Route 66 Furniture.

Keep in mind that if the furniture piece does not sell within the first 30 days, Route 66 Furniture maintains the right to halve the agreed-upon sales price.


AptDeco may be a wonderful site to use if your furniture is in excellent shape. In just a few minutes, you can list your furniture for free.

If your item sells, they will charge you a 23% commission fee. After your goods are delivered, you will be paid immediately into your account within two to five business days.

AptDeco has assisted in the sale of approximately 25,000 goods so far. 

However, if you have high-end products, stick with a site like Ruby Lane, which specializes in selling high-end items. AptDeco’s extensive brand portfolio may not be suited for selling high-end items.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Apartment Therapy Bazaar lets you sell modern and mid-century pieces. The largest markets are in New York City, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, but you can sell from almost anywhere.

Another plus is that the platform makes it simple to import your Etsy listings. Meaning, you could sell on both platforms simultaneously; this way increases your chances of making a sale.

You can post your things for free, but it will cost you $1 to promote them. 

Your selling fees are small compared to other online furniture marketplaces. There’s a 3% transaction fee plus a payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30.

Sotheby’s Home

Do you have designer furniture that you don’t use or want? Sotheby’s Home is where you may sell well-kept, high-end home furnishings, ranging from new to gently used to vintage and antique.

To sell something at Sotheby’s, you must fill out an application and include images of the object. 

Additionally, you must meet specific brand and value requirements ($1,000 minimum selling price).

Once you sell your item, Sotheby’s will take a commission of between 40% and 50%. Your fee drops to 40% if you consign over 20 items. 

Most items are listed with a “Buy Now” price or buyers can offer an offering price below the “Buy Now” price.

Ruby Lane

If you’re seriously considering selling antique and vintage furniture as a side hustle, Ruby Lane may be the marketplace for you. 

Jewelry, fine art, collectibles, vintage apparel, silver, and even vintage dolls are all available here.

It is yet another online consignment company for people interested in selling used furniture for a living. 

You must always have at least ten items in your shop, and it costs $54 a month to have up to 50 items in your shop.

When you sell something, you’ll be charged a 6.7 percent service fee, up to $250 per item. 

In terms of photo editing, it doesn’t appear like the service provides much assistance. You’re primarily paying for the well-known brand and the protected environment.


eBid, an eBay alternative, has a competitive advantage over its opponent because of its low commission costs of only 3% and over 14,000 product listings. 

You can offer furniture at auction or a fixed price, just like eBay, and use the local pickup for heavier items.

Another prominent feature is the ability to rapidly import things you’re selling on eBay or Amazon, allowing you to reach more potential customers. It also improves the chances of your furniture finding a new home sooner.

For $50, you can get a lifetime eBid membership, which lowers your long-term selling expenses and comes with a complimentary t-shirt. 


Last but not least, Oodle is a classified website that allows buyers to search for listings in their immediate area. 

It’s free to list, and if a buyer expresses interest, you can agree to meet to finish the deal. 

Oodle aggregates over 500,000 new listings every day from over 80,000 different sites. And sellers can post everywhere. 

Oodle syndicates listings, published by local sellers across hundreds of locations in its partner network.

The site is relatively small–and if you don’t live in a featured city, you may have trouble making a sale. But it might not hurt to try.

Create Ads That’ll Skyrocket Your Sales

When done correctly, advertising can help you reach more potential buyers who’d buy your used furniture. 

But, what will make your ads stand out?

Although there is no secret formula, there are a few things you may do to help:

Describe What Sets Your Product Apart

If you are selling furniture from a reputable brand or well taken care of, mention this. 

Research similar listings and note where you can offer better value.

For example, offer free shipping if this makes sense, or bundle your furniture with other household items.

Use Powerful Headline

Your headline is the first line of copy your reader is going to see in your ads. 

A strong headline will hook the potential customer and compel them to read more about your products and services. 

Make sure your headline is short and to the point. Leverage this tool to determine your headline’s strength.

Include A Call To Action

Give customers a reason to click your ad right now and make them an offer they can’t refuse. 

Whether you’re offering unbeatable pricing, free shipping, or a bundled package, let your customers know what to do next.

Going above and beyond to provide a fantastic deal for your clients can help you succeed.

Learn How To Become A Pro Negotiator

The reality is most buyers will be looking for the cheapest deal with the best value.

However, this doesn’t mean you should get the short end of the stick. If you know your furniture is in excellent condition and you’re offering it at a great price, avoid lowballers.

Instead, think of negotiation as a tactic that can be a win-win for you and the buyer.

Tips for Negotiating Better

Make the first offer.

Research has shown that final prices are higher when the seller sets the opening offer, and prices are lower when the buyer offers first.

Use specific numbers when discussing money.

Don’t be afraid to say the actual price; if the other person wants to pay less, they’ll say as much.

Just say what you have to say. 

An effective negotiator will seize these moments and perhaps make a counteroffer that enhances their bottom line.

Ask open-ended inquiries and pay attention.

To make a back-and-forth dialogue work for you, ask open-ended questions that make the other party cede valuable information.

The best-negotiated agreement lets both sides win.

Stay honest, and don’t be the person who sells damaged goods or cheats someone out of money that is rightfully theirs.

Selling Your Old Furniture Can Be Profitable 

So, there you have it! 

It doesn’t have to be difficult to sell used furniture. There’s no reason to keep a large table that you don’t utilize in your home. 

You can sell furniture both locally and online, regardless of why you’re selling. You can even do both at the same time if you like.

Furniture in good condition usually sells quickly, and the more you sell, the more money you can make. You’ll also be decluttering your home and adding to your budget.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash, try selling your used furniture using the tips mentioned above. Every bit counts on your journey to financial freedom.


How can I sell my furniture fast?

If you want to sell your furniture quickly but don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions:

  • Research the competition.
  • Take great photos.
  • Write a fantastic description.
  • Be honest about your furniture.
  • Actively market your furniture for sale with friends, family, and online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, and Letgo.

What is the best place to sell used furniture?

The best place to sell used furniture depends on the type of furniture you’re selling. Whether it’s an online or local site, every platform has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Choose the ideal place for you to feel at ease and make more without paying high costs.

How can I get the most money for my furniture?

Before you sell any used furniture, research the prices for similar furniture that’s selling in multiple marketplaces. If you want to get rid of it quickly and get the most from it, price it towards the bottom of the range.

You’ll also need excellent photos, an enticing product description, and a catchy headline, and market it correctly.

How can I sell all my furniture at once? 

If you’re planning to sell your furniture quickly, consider listing your used furniture in multiple marketplaces. Here are some popular ones to consider: Etsy, eBay, LetGo, OfferUp, Shopify, Pinterest, Bonanza, and more. 

Spend some time researching each marketplace to understand the types of furniture that sell best.


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