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You can get paid for writing about your favorite things and earn a sustainable income.

But the big question is, how to get paid for writing?

Even better, how to get paid for writing you love?

The key is to find the quickest platforms to get discovered in your niche and to hustle!

Writing can be a lucrative side-hustle, but as with anything worth doing it won't be easy.

But, if you're persistent you'll unlock a lucrative side-hustle for as long as you choose.

Here are seven legit ways on how to get paid for writing you love. If you apply any one of these tips I'm confident you'll be on your way to landing your first writing gig.

Let's go!

How Mindfulness Is Essential to Earn a Living With Freelance Writing

Earn a Living With Freelance Writing

Many people have tried their luck with freelance writing and have succeeded at earning a sustainable amount of income from the comfort of their homes.

And the best part is they've worked at their own pace.

But as they say, nothing good in life comes easy; there are certain things you need to be mindful of before stepping into the world of freelance writing

Set Realistic Timelines and Expectations

You can not expect to write today and get paid for it tomorrow.

Like everything, getting the hang of writing and earning from it takes time.

The more you write, the better you get, and the greater are the chances of you getting hired or finding the perfect client.

If you expect to get paid right away, you might meet a disappointing end and give up too soon.

Therefore, set realistic timelines and expectations.

Set Boundaries

The key is to start with small, even less-paying jobs. 

Initially, the entire focus should be on building your writing portfolio if you apply for writing jobs on freelance websites.

Once the work kicks in, you will have a better chance of getting hired for the next job you apply.

That is where you can set boundaries for yourself.

Apply on the jobs better catered to your niche and requirements.

Try to work your way to make a long-term working relationship with your ideal clients.

It will give you a better chance at negotiations later on. 

Another very significant factor to keep in mind is to specify your work hours not to distort your work-life balance.

This is something that you are entirely in control of in freelance writing career. 

Choose Your Niche

Choose your niche for writing

Decide what topics you love to write about and build your portfolio around them.

Apply for more and more jobs that demand writing in your niche. 

When the work is related to your niche, you can do more work in less time while enjoying it. 

It is one of the utmost benefits of freelance writing; you can choose to work and write about the things you shine in. 

Build a Portfolio

Your writer portfolio should reflect your niche, tone, and unique voice.

The type of written work you include in your portfolio will also reveal the nature of your desired job 

An academic writer hunting for scholarly work will include research papers, essays, and analysis reports in his portfolio.

There are two simple ways you can approach your portfolio:

1. Use Medium (easiest option)

Medium blog

2. Build a blog using WordPress

Build a WordPress blog

You can either choose to build your portfolio on the platform you are working on.

For instance, Upwork allows its freelancers to build their portfolios on their Upwork profile. 

Alternatively, for bloggers and content creators, WordPress is a fantastic tool to portray their writing expertise. 

Be Open-Minded and Accept Smaller Jobs if the Opportunity Arises

It never hurts a writer to expand his writing experience and niche. 

Therefore, if an opportunity for a smaller or different job arises, be open-minded about it and gradually add to your skillset. 

Guest Post on Popular Blogs in Your Niche

Guest post on popular blogs

If you stick to your forte and work within the topics, you are more adept in, you can search for popular blogs relevant to your niche and write a guest post. 

Now you have to be very considerate that not all popular blogs may pay you for a guest post; however, some do.

Do your research, talk to different bloggers and see which blog suites you best.

Google “top + Your Niche + Blogs” and create a list of the top ten most relevant blogs you can reach out to.

Build Authority on Social With Your Writing

Build authority on social with your writing

Another top trending way these days is to use your social network sites to endorse your writing.

There are immense chances of someone reaching to you over LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can use these platforms to promote your writing services. 



Alternatively, you can benefit from your social circle as well.

Attend Local Meetups

If you are a blogger, a content creator, or a writer, you might have a social circle of people with similar interests or even mere connections.

Use these connections to attend local meetups and grab the opportunities that come along the way. 

Attend Writing and Niche Blogger Conferences

There are multiple writing and blogging conferences held all around the year if you have an eye for it. Be a part of these conferences and look for fair chances for yourself. 

Here is a list of blogging conferences you can check out.

Similarly, you can also discover many writers conferences too and try your luck. 

Now, let’s jump to the seven ways on how to get paid for writing you love:

1. Build a Blog and Do Affiliate Marketing

Build a blog and do affiliate marketing

For any talented writer who wants to earn, blogging is a great way to start.

However, monetizing from blogging is a time-consuming process and will only happen when your blog has grown with organic traffic. 

Make sure you keep writing for other blogs and applying for relevant gigs simultaneously. 

Write about the things you love in your niche, but make sure that whatever you are writing adds value to the readers and allures them to stay on your blog and return later for more. 

Encourage interactions on your posts and focus on marketing while you can. 

To speed up earning, use your blog for affiliate marketing, which almost every blogger is doing these days. 

In simple words, affiliate marketing is the practice of using your blog as a platform to promote the products and services of other people. In return, you earn a percentage commission on every sale you make.

Once you build a community that trusts you, you can use your platform for marketing products and services to benefit your audience.

Of course, every sale is leaving you with a monetary benefit too.

Start with this; first, be very particular and pick out the right product to sell your audience and help them make a wise decision. 

The next step is to set yourself as an affiliate either directly through a merchant or via an affiliate network. 

The merchant will provide you with an affiliate link and some essential tips on marketing the product. 

Now it’s your job to sell the product smartly through your blog to benefit yourself, benefit the merchant, and the audience. 

To boost up your confidence, here are real-life examples of people earning from affiliate marketing alone:

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earned over $2 million in 2017, and John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire earned $25,865  in June 2020, all by affiliate marketing alone. 

2. Write for Popular Blogs

Anyone looking for answers to “How to make money writing from home” should know that they can always resort to popular blogs with their guest posts. 

All popular blogs, magazines, and journals are always in a hunt for unique and engaging content; otherwise, they are good as dead in no time. 

The content fatigue drives them to be constantly on the lookout for raw talent, and many of them pay as well.

You can easily search for websites, blogs, and magazines that pay you for writing and then cut it down to the ones related to your niche.

Take your time to understand and scrutinize the publications of the website of your interest. 

Once you have grabbed the idea and figure out the content they desire, write a focused and clear pitch and reach out to them at their given address for correspondence.

Here is a list of 55 blogs that pay writers $100 for guest posts.

You can skim through the list, pick out the ones that attract you, and directly reach out to them with your clear and concise pitch. 

Another fantastic way to find a suitable writing gig for yourself is to use Craigslist.

Craigslist can be tricky to find writing jobs directly because it does not have a search tool.

You have the option to go for an advanced search after adjusting the location on Craigslist. It displays a section on jobs, where you find writing jobs somewhere towards the end.

Go through the ads and apply for positions that appeal to you. 

3. Write for Local Businesses With an Online Presence  

Write for local businesses

There are several local businesses in the market, but not everyone is flourishing how they wish to. 

What is the reason behind it?

They do not have an incredible story to sell and connect with the audience consistently.

For creating a loyal audience, a business needs well-written and captivating content to allure the customers into buying their product.

This is where most local companies seek outstanding writers to get this job done for them. 

With several freelance writers competing for the position, it may be tricky for you to get the part; however, it is not impossible.

Hit them up with the right pitch.

Understand and offer what these companies are seeking through your writing. 

Don't solely pitch businesses from a writer's perspective.

Instead, show them how your writing can help increase revenue and ultimately their exposure.

Many local businesses turn to platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Craigslist, Freelancers, etc., to hunt the right candidate.

It is always wise to make a writing profile on at least one of these platforms to look for the appropriate gigs. 

Alternatively, you can search google for all the local businesses around you with a freelance writer’s vacancy. 

Look for the owner’s email address and reach out to them with your offer.

You can use hunter.io to search the email addresses instantly if not mentioned. 

Keep in mind to target the right audience.

For example, you don't want to target new entrepreneurs as they most likely won't have the budget for your services.

Instead, target established companies earning 200K-10M in annual revenue.

4. Write for Popular Magazines and Journals

Write for popular magazines and journals

If you are creative, witty, and fanciful with writing, becoming a copywriter and aiming for popular magazines is an excellent idea. 

But before deciding which magazine or journal you want to work for, it is pertinent to define your copy niche first and then target the magazines or journals accordingly. 

The most significant advantage of writing a piece for a magazine is the amount they pay, but be clear in your mind of what you want to charge as well. 

Many consumer magazines pay $500 or more per assignment.

How exceptional does that sound?

But you need to be keen about where to find these $500+ assignments. 

Here is a list of 21 magazines that pay $500 per assignment

Find the ones you think will provoke your creative side and study their submission guidelines carefully.

Do profound research, interview others if you have to, and develop a sound idea to pitch to the editor.

5. Write Best Selling Kindle Books from Home

Write Best Selling Kindle Books from home

Anyone who has a thing for writing has once given a thought to writing their book. 

But what held them back from going for it?

Of course, the tremendous and never-ending process of getting it published. 

But there is good news for you!

Thanks to places like Amazon and Kindle, it is easy and practical to self-publish a book and earn money.

However, I would not recommend you to rely on it for consistent income solely. 

Take this option along with others, and when you finally start giving a practical shape to writing a book, you can not just write one and expect to retire on its profits.

It takes time and several publications to build an audience and solely depend on this option for earning money. 

Writing a book starts with a prominent picture in your mind about writing fiction or nonfiction.

Fiction generates more outstanding sales, but non-fiction is easier to start with and comparatively less demanding.

Pick your option wisely.

Once you have decided this, it’s time to work on your themes, storyline, plot, and characters.

With a rough sketch in mind and on paper, start planning your chapters. 

When you finally write your Kindle ebook, you will have a clear vision of where each chapter ends and the next starts. 

You can also choose to add an appropriate call to action in your ebook. 

Now it’s time to decide where to publish your book.

74% of ebooks are sold on Amazon since it’s easier to buy kindle books.

However, you can also go with Apple iBookstore and GooglePlay books. 

According to the website Author Earnings, only 3% of the Amazon authors consistently make $10,000 a year.

This stat isn't meant to discourage you. Instead, it's aimed at setting realistic expectations that you'll have to work hard to earn a sustainable income from Kindle ebooks.

With consistency, dedication, and hitting the audience at the right spot, you can make your place in the reader’s heart and pave the way for full-time earnings. 

6. Write Persuasive Copy as a Copywriter

Make money from copywriting

A copywriter is anyone who writes to market for assigned products and services that includes things like:

  • Sales pages
  • Email funnels
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts/articles
  • Social media posts
  • White papers
  • Case studies

The more experienced you are, the better chances you have of earning well.

It means, the more you work, the better you will get, and the more money will start flowing in.

However, it’s essential to know what it takes to become a skilled copywriter. 

The initial step, like in all others, is to pick your niche. 

While a copywriter can write about anything, it is better to pick your niche depending upon your interest and knowledge.

If you are serious about taking up copywriting as your profession, get your knowledge up.

There are many great courses on copywriting available online; always choose to polish and gain new skills.

Now start looking for clients to work for and copywriting jobs available on freelance websites.

It’s okay to start with smaller projects or low-paying jobs initially. The key is to practice and polish your skills so that you can earn from them better.

The earning potential with copywriting varies, depending upon the level of your skill.

You can expect to make at least $10,000 each year if you are moderately skilled. 

7. Proofread Other People's Writing

 If you are adept at writing, you have a great shot at becoming a talented proofreader as well.

But what is a proofreader, and what is proofreading?

Proofreading is usually the last step of an editorial process. It means to go through the text vigilantly and look for errors in the text before it can be published. A person who can do this is called a proofreader.

Mistakes that a proofreader usually corrects includes:

  • Typing errors or typos
  • Punctuations and spelling mistakes
  • Inconsistency in style and layout
  • Formatting

A proofreader also corrects everything that will make reading an overall incredible experience. 

So how can you sharpen your proofreading skills and consider it from the point of view of earning?

Here is how:

As with writing, it is also best if you define your proofreading niche first.

Proofreading a thesis will require a unique set of skills than proofreading a novel or a blog.

Once you know what your proofreading forte is, it’s time to master your skills, which happens with a lot of practice. 

A proofreader has to be very careful of even minor glitches in the document.

Their concentration and scrutinizing power can take them way ahead of the game.

And this happens when you adopt a practice of reading.

Look for excerpts, pieces of blogs, or journals and read them as a proofreader.

Find mistakes and do this regularly. You can also pick up a proofreading course online and get a certificate to add to your accreditation. 

Now it’s time to look for proofreading jobs. 

At first, you might have to settle for less-paying proofreading jobs on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork with many relevant jobs daily.

You can also find remote proofreading jobs on various Facebook groups, and if you are thinking of proofreading books, you can try your look at Reedsy

Once you have gained some experience and can call yourself an established proofreader, you can quickly expect to charge as low as $25 per hour for proofreading. You can raise it to $35 per hour with more experience and skill. 

The Opportunities Are Endless if You Opt the Freelance Writing Career

Freelance Writing Oppertunities

If writing is where your interest and skill lie, you will not go penniless.

There are many opportunities you can explore related to this skill. And the good news is; all by working from the comfort of your cozy chair at home.

Another significant thing about freelance writing is defining your work hours, rate, and clients. 

Creating your blog and using it together with affiliate marketing is the best option to earn a fair amount by writing.

You can also opt to write a guest blog on popular blogs or hunt for big magazines and journals that pay well.

So pick up your laptop, look for opportunities right now and let the magic of your words bring you the income you desire.

Financial freedom doesn't have to happen when you're 65, it can happen much sooner.


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