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Nowadays, having an online presence is essential to success in most industries. However, growing and maintaining that presence can be a challenging task. In a past podcast interview, Brendan Kane, a social media expert with over 2.5 million followers across various platforms, shared his insights on how to start growing an online presence and maintaining it.

Brendan emphasized the importance of starting with the “why” — understanding the purpose behind your online presence and the return on investment (ROI) you hope to achieve.

ROI doesn’t necessarily have to be revenue-based, but it should lead to some long-term benefit or growth opportunity. Without a clear understanding of your objectives, you may become easily discouraged and give up.

It’s also essential to consider the industry you’re in and what type of online presence will benefit you the most. For example, an ecommerce business should focus on driving transactions rather than generating followers. Once you have a steady revenue stream, you can then reinvest in your online presence.

When it comes to social media, Brendan suggests starting with content creation. Content is key to any success on social media, and it’s vital to create compelling content that resonates with your audience. Brendan recommends doing a competitive analysis to see what’s currently working for others in your industry. Look at the formats, structures, and themes that drive engagement and growth and apply those learnings to your content.

Maintaining a large following can also be challenging, but Brendan emphasizes that it’s more about what you do with the following than maintaining it. The key is to create valuable and engaging content that resonates with your audience. Constantly testing, learning, and experimenting with new content is crucial to keeping your followers engaged and growing your online presence.

In summary, growing and maintaining an online presence takes time, effort, and resources. However, with a clear understanding of your objectives, industry, and audience, and a commitment to creating valuable content, you can build a strong online presence that can lead to long-term success.


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