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Life seems fun when you’re young. You have opportunities, backup plans, and fewer responsibilities. But what happens if you have to start over at 40? 

A user online started an interesting thread on how to start over at 40 with a blank slate. 

The original poster (OP) questioned how to make it at 40 without a career and savings.

The responses may inspire you.

Showing Gratitude Is Key

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A user said, “I’d be thankful I was 10 years younger.”

Time doesn’t stop for anyone, whether you’re 20 or 40. Being grateful is all that matters. 

You’ve made it in life as long as you’re healthy and have supportive people around you. 

You’re Never Too Old for School

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Don’t let age hold you back. You can live your academic dreams even when you’re 40.

Returning to school after 40 has done wonders for anyone with a will. 

“I got divorced in my 40s, no work history for about 15 years, didn’t know anything about computers. I went back to school and got a paralegal certificate. Five years later I became a court administrator,” one user remarked.

Get Certified by a Trade School

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A user commented, “Go ahead and see if you can get yourself certified in something technical from a trade school or even university if they have cert courses separate from the degree curriculum.”

Trade certifications are cheaper than full degrees, so if you’re looking to quickly stabilize yourself in your 40s, get a trade certificate.

High-paying work opportunities are endless, irrespective of age!

Don’t Stop the Grind

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“I’ve been having to grind it out for a very long time,” one user said. 

Hard work always pays off, but it demands consistency.

Whether you’re 20 or 40, don’t get discouraged by obstacles. Jump right over them! Keep grinding, and eventually, you will succeed.

You must also be mindful of your health, get good sleep, and work hard on the right things.

Correctional Facilities – Not a Bad Idea

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Another user commented, “Buddy of mine worked in corrections. No degree required and so much OT you can write your own paycheck.”

Individuals with zero academic background looking to make decent money can opt for correctional facilities.

If you don’t mind challenges and hard work, unlimited overtime hours can make you a good income.

Never Give Up

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Another user remarked, “I was a mechanic but when I was 37 I broke all my fingers due to a cycling incident. After a lot of hard work and sacrifices, I now am a health and safety coordinator in the wind industry earning 3X what I was earning before.”

Sometimes life gives us unexpected turns that force us to start over.

The key to success in this scenario is to never give up. That one unexpected turn might be the best thing to happen in your life.

It’s Okay to Switch Careers

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If your career is not rewarding you, switch to a different one.

The years you have invested in your career don’t matter if you feel drained. Sometimes, a career switch can give you a mental break and a higher income. 

“Starting over was not easy. It is a major ego blow. Hiring managers… really don’t trust you, but it can be done. Find a place you can start that has mobility. You can do this,” one passionate user commented. 

Go With the Flow

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“Don’t worry about it….You could do everything right, save up [and have] a great career. But life happens and can take it all away.”

Life is a series of rises and falls. At times, it gets tough to push through.

But don’t let these dull moments hold you back. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of accepting tough situations and pivoting when you can.

Don’t waste all your energy wishing bad moments never happened to you. Instead, spend this energy on moving forward.

Traffic Control License

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“Get a traffic control license. It pays pretty well, despite being a **** job with long hours. And anyone can do a 2-day course and get hired straight away.”

If you’re looking for a decent paycheck as soon as possible, consider getting a traffic control license. 

It’s a steady job. 

Sure, it requires a little hard work, but what doesn’t? You’ll at least get decent money while planning your next move.

Just Relax

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Life doesn’t always have to be about the hustle. It’s good to take a break once in a while to appreciate its true meaning.

Just take a deep breath and be grateful.

“I guess have a glass of wine and go to sleep,” one user recommended.

So if you’re turning 40 and life feels a little blue, we hope these responses cheer you up.

What do you think your story is going to be?

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