11 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Pope Francis

Pope Francis is known for his humility and his progressive views on life and religion. While he is often seen out and about in the world, not everybody knows his more human side. Here are some Pope facts you might not know.

Argentinian Roots with Italian Flair

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Pope Francis Bergoglio, a Sagittarius born on December 17, 1936, in Buenos Aires, grew up in a modest home as the son of hardworking Italian immigrants. 

From Bouncer to Pope

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That’s right, before his current role, he worked as a bouncer, a janitor, and a chemical technician in a food science lab. Talk about a career switch!

A Teenage Health Scare

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In his teenage years, Bergoglio faced a significant health scare and had a lung removed due to an infection. 

This setback clearly didn’t stop him from reaching the Vatican!

Nobel Nominee

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In 2014, Pope Francis was rumored to be among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. The winners were Malala Yousafazi and Kailash Satyarthi, and many familiar with Pope Francis’s humble ways believed he preferred not to win the prize.

Championing the Environment

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Bergoglio isn’t just about prayers. He’s a staunch critic of unchecked capitalism and an advocate for battling climate change. 

The Cuba Connection

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Remember the historic thaw in relations between the US and Cuba in 2014? 

Bergoglio was the divine diplomat behind it, ending more than half a century of hostility.

Empowering Women

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Making strides in gender equality, he also empowered women to become full members of the Roman Curia’s dicasteries. 


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Pope Francis is also now calling for the Catholic church to empathize more with the LGBTQ+ community. 

Globe-Trotting Peace Messenger

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From the United Arab Emirates to Myanmar, the trips Bergoglio takes are all about peace, reconciliation, and interfaith dialogue. 

The Pope Who Penned

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Pope Francis is a prolific writer, too. His works on faith, hope, and humanity stir souls beyond the church.

The Singing Pope

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Did you know he also has his own album? 

Released in 2015, Wake Up! features the Pope’s hymns and speeches set to groovy tunes. He is truly a Pope of the people.

The Unique Journey of Pope Francis

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There you have it: Pope Francis in a nutshell. 

He was a chemist-turned-Pope and a Nobel nominee, and he is now an eco-warrior, a diplomatic powerhouse, a champion for women and the LGBTQ+ community, a globe-trotting messenger of peace, an influential writer, and yes, a singer!


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